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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Travis Bickle/windsor White


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Which is your brother? As I know nearly everyone on that photo and now I'm wondering if I know you


I thought that.  If its his younger brother he'd probably be about our age.

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I thought that. If its his younger brother he'd probably be about our age.

The only one I can think of that has an older brother i know is the blonde lad wearing the scum top. Anything you want to tell us esco? ????????

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Beautiful send off. The local cricket team were holding his Silchester Whites flag up on the local green as we all went past. Jimmy did him proud with his speech as did his wife, Amy. The entourage from the boys and girls from work was heart warming. Only standing place in the church, it was crammed to the door. RIP Gaz


Thanks for coming Squidge.  It was indeed a great send off and was mindblowing how many people came - comforting to know how many people cared about him.  Crem was hard work, carrying my brother like that not exactly top of my list of things to-do.  It was a proper drink too after, he would've been proud.  


As stated somewhere else, there's a memorial at St Matts, LL this Saturday, 3pm.  It's only a short service and isn't a suited/booted affair.  Just a chance for those who couldn't make Friday to say goodbye.



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