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  1. Maguire is the best centre half we have currently. First or Second name on team sheet.
  2. Last seen in a skip outside a crack den on rishton lane
  3. As I’ve said. I’m not referring to grey. You are. Let’s just leave it at that and I will deal with it my way 👍🏼
  4. We can piece it together over a suitcase of bing at an away next season 👍🏼
  5. This is the strange thing. I’ve not mentioned Grey in respect of comments made about an individual yet you keep on doing. he’s big enough (well not literally) to fight his own battles should he choose. But listen if you think it’s acceptable that’s entirely your call. Clearly we’ve got different views on it and that’s ok. Not for me to tell folk what’s acceptable and what’s not. but let’s drop the top boy chat as a very minimum blood 😎
  6. Stop being such a nice reasonable guy please as it means I have to be reasonable in reply. I will let it drop. If…. Billy stops the incessant bullshit and the other makes his accusations to peoples faces instead of being a keyboard. Or when he does his usual then it gets moderated. Simple and I can get back to talking about football, bing and brasses which I very much enjoy sounds reasonable?
  7. One thing for sure. The truth is never far away thats a certainty.
  8. Beef? Are we in a spin off of top boy? If you think folk being called racist , Nonces etc is acceptable Zico then you’re not who I thought you were pal. Simple as that. some serious allegations made on this site about certain folk and nowt done. People behind them do it knowing they’re safe behind their keyboard. It’s sad. and if you think it doesn’t happen repeatedly and fuck all done then you need to open your eyes anyway it’s clear it’s tolerated behaviour on here so be it. and for the record billy bullshit has gone nowhere.
  9. 😂 You’re missing nowt. Same old same old. Rent free he is rent free.
  10. We can’t talk about it. Apparently
  11. I’ll drop it when they are fucked off. but likely will be me as that’s how it works sadly. that isn’t having a pop back at you by the way it’s a valid point you raise as is mine as to why it’s allowed to happen. But falls on deaf ears.
  12. This thread should be locked and need a mental health assessment prior to admission. Could well tip one of the bedwetters over the edge this
  13. You forgot the abuse and accusations and then being a massive shithouse 👍🏼 And protected 😎
  14. Good grief. Anyone listens to that advice please post pics when it’s grown in. But post it in the mental health thread will cheer folk up immediately.
  15. Sounds like a complete farce. The fact they’ve not just granted the banning order speaks volumes. Best of luck
  16. Nobody can touch the aussies on mullets. They do them properly. Even more so than rednecks in the States
  17. Cheers so it’s the club then. I always incorrectly assumed shows like usual I know nowt. if that is the case I would’ve thought the letter and character references etc should be sent to the club in advance so they’ve time to consider their position. hope he got the right result. Does anyone know yet? Just seen the next post so that answers my question. Hope he’s ok
  18. But the fact he’s in court means he has been charged? No?
  19. I believe he nearly choked to death. Finished him off with his mouth. horse wanted a 2nd date but handler wanted to press charges and here we are.
  20. Wanked a police horse off outside edgeley park. Allegedly
  21. He’s ace sorts everything with minimal fuss. A lost art in the travel world. A lot to be said for using a highly grumpy cunt sat in the back room at his home rather than booking online or in a high st shop.
  22. Escobarp


    If you know you know 😎
  23. Escobarp


    Noted 😬. It will be a back up for if/when my anal passage smuggled stash has gone. Hopefully it doesn’t at them prices though!
  24. I don’t think I’ve eaten at before at or after a match in about 10 years.
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