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  1. Absolutely spot on . I would like to offer meldrew Hope that he will get better with age. But I’m not sure it’s true 🤪
  2. Cheers. I was planning on going to the pub to watch this. May now have to watch it on my phone in said pub
  3. Is this on the tele box? I thought it was but now not sure. Legal tele box?
  4. Take a prize from the top shelf fromage I also didn’t think it was very complex
  5. You would think correct. Top boy is H although not sure how he comes from the same gene pool as meldrew right enough
  6. All supporters who are not season ticket holders will need to become Official Members in order to purchase League and Cup match day tickets for the remainder of the season (starting from the Bolton Wanderers versus Stockport County fixture on Sunday 7th November).
  7. The glazers should read our match threads. If they want tactical geniuses that is 😎.
  8. Sadly this will be the end of him which means they may well get a manager who knows what they are doing which isn’t good news as it’s most enjoyable this.
  9. Clearly the board do as well. And that’s how it should be. He’s the boss
  10. No gossip as such. There’s the stuff doing the rounds on Twitter which have been for a while and I’ve also heard rumors of fisticuffs as well as other stuff which I won’t put on here. None of it substantiated and probably all bollocks but nobody can tell me that something serious hasn’t happened for him to be off at this juncture out of the blue
  11. Much more sinister than folk believe according to some sources and it has to be for our skipper to be off like that. Not even stripped of club captaincy first just gone. That’s not normal
  12. Agree with the bullying that’s my thoughts on this basically. She needs to stop the antics and being easily led and needs telling but folk need to lay off her. She’s behaving like a dick granted but the lads egging her on need a “word” whatever that may take.
  13. Is it only me that just lets the manager pick the team and not try and second guess it? There’s a good reason I don’t work in football as a career alongside the majority 😎 enioy the trek(trip) today gents and if you can stil speak/see by 10pm youve done it wrong
  14. We all know we will get something Crap like shrewsbury at home. It’s the hope that kills you
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