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  1. Not required today. That is I believe lancs council that’s been asking for them not greater Manchester.
  2. We’ve been given the morning off by the company which was a nice gesture. But I won’t be drinking tonight after going out for a pint at 1pm yesterday and c15pints later getting home 🤢
  3. Anyway covid passports for pubs and no quarantine for double jabbed coming back from hols is just intended to get the youngsters and the anti vaxxers To get jabbed. We all know this. And tbf it makes sense I would do the same if asked how to get more folk to come forward.
  4. Strictest pub near me Is the flat roofer. Like a military operation it is.
  5. They are the reasons I Am going. But as always each to their own. Looking forward to the day out more than the game
  6. Ticket acquired for FCUM.
  7. I had a couple of blokes in the pub Sunday having a pop about the media this media that. I said it’s all irrelevant as we are playing for 2nd place. They asked why? I said you cunts won it the other week at wembley didn’t you. Embarrassing. both just muttered Supped up and fucked off ten mins later. Cunts.
  8. It’s funny as fuck.😎 But if we don’t win Sunday it will be unbearable. Life will be a misery.
  9. Said to the missus last night that the scary thing is we’ve got a bench of potential superstars (some already are) and there will be a long line of players ready to come through. for me last night was the best performance of the tournament. Ukraine were shite and duly dispatched but last night was a well drilled opposition with threat and we played well I thought. as has been said if it’s not this time it will be soon. And much like Bolton I feel like this group of players understands it and connects with the fans which is priceless. Plus they care. They really do care.
  10. And why is any one trying to find fault rather than just enjoying this. Bizarre mentality some folk have
  11. You are. Either that or you’re blind.
  12. I was nodding my head to that until you don’t get rice and Phillips. Wow
  13. I’ve missed this 🥰
  14. Seeing on bbc news that starmer is at it again. Wants this to never end it would appear. Bizarre
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