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  1. Have we re signed Josh Vela?
  2. Hehe. Been a fair few times as well!!!
  3. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a win at Rochdale.
  4. I think it’s to actively discourage certain folk from going.
  5. Out for this. BWFC have ruined what was my favourite competition of them all over last few years for me. huddersfield plymouth they couldn’t of made it more obvious they weren’t interested. for what it’s worth I don’t think Evatt would do that but for me the damage has been done. Show me something else and I’ll be back
  6. Don’t even think that will be enough as he gets a kings ransom at Atleti
  7. Simeone is the best manager on the planet. Laughable to think he’d entertain them.
  8. Spot on. Also I think a clear out may take them by surprise of how many they would actually clear out. Slippery slope.
  9. Suspicious on this one. Only reason I can see them doing this is they want a clean out and regardless of what people think about others etc that’s a slippery slope.
  10. Couldn’t get past the first bit. Hoping someone had took control of your computer. Not a post I’d of expected from yourself!!!
  11. Give your head a wobble. He’s the most biased prick going. Only slightly dirty? Dark days down under
  12. tomski


    Always think we miss something not mixing fans. Admittedly there’s a couple games I wouldn’t want fans in but on the whole I think it makes us look a bit daft with what I consider outdated policy. @victor meldrewmakes a fair point that there isn’t enough places full stop but when they open up more again it should be looked at.
  13. That’s a £200m defence. Like it
  14. He’s a ww hero to some on here. He’s a pathetic biased rag who barely held the tears back. Great stuff.
  15. Alhambra is the king of Spanish beer. That Madri was excellent yesterday
  16. I rate Thomason. My concern is Evatt doesn’t going off appearances this season
  17. He used to go dressed as that nurse
  18. tomski


    Bury isn’t big enough for a team though as proven by bury people calling Manchester, town
  19. That bloke on twitter is a grade A crank. Evatt being banned from Blackpool’s casinos was probably to do with them worrying about him being bummed as that’s what they do in Blackpool
  20. tomski


    Ffs don’t go if that’s your opinion (which is fine) but they can’t do right for wrong sometimes
  21. Aye. Difficult who picks up the torch for this.
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