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  1. Ah fair. I thought I’d heard of said place but have no idea why and could only link him.
  2. Isn’t that where Mikey Carroll was from?
  3. Agree. Same division draws are boring.
  4. Seem to be diversions around Birmingham when they’ve been doing this. Will be slower than they advertise as an fyi
  5. I’m now out as I’ve just found out they will use VAR
  6. Great draw in my opinion. This will be distraction for them and we have a chance of getting a result. Not much to dislike.
  7. Any win. Portsmouth gets put to the side till 5 whenever it is after Oxford and Harrogate.
  8. 11 goal swing has blown my mind. Just doesn’t happen often
  9. Haha mad logic. Surely not going would beat the traffic altogether then.
  10. He’s another that’s at the top of his game. Think Simeone needs him but he needs Simeone and the work rate he demands because I think it makes him a better all round player which you sometimes don’t see on players of his talent.
  11. He’s an incredible player.
  12. Absolutely buzzing off that result. Couldn’t go into this double header any happier.
  13. Not sure what that is but it sounds Gay
  14. I may have done this earlier in the evening
  15. I don’t even want to get to the final
  16. Ha the move from terrorist sympathisers to strong and sturdy with a back bone has moved at some pace. What a turnaround
  17. Out with a couple of Exeter fans now. They think we will muller em
  18. Bolty literally just listed atrocities committed by Muslims and asked me what the common theme is😂
  19. I don’t disagree with some points but I’ll not be tarring everyone with the same brush unless they are Man U fans. Everyone deserves a chance
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