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  1. Taggart punching Steve Bull is the type of stuff I get out of bed for. Loved that team
  2. Was talking to some Derby fans last night at a do at Wembley. This made me realise how much I hate evatt. They also bought up Sheehan but not Gonzos £3m fee
  3. Can’t look at Tommo’s tweets. Makes me sad.
  4. Saw they were big fees but I suspect they’ll make that back and more as you say. They certainly have a good track record for turning them out. I saw we were linked with a forward a while back and as Peterborough were linked I instantly assumed he’d be good. May of been the northern Irish lad.
  5. tomski

    Euro 24

    Excellent first round of games. Thought they’d be some right duffers in it considering it’s harder to not qualify these days. I’m sure it will come but I suppose by the fact you can qualify by winning one game it keeps to the wire. Hopefully more to come.
  6. Sent mine thought I’m expecting a refund. Wallys
  7. tomski

    Euro 24

    Ffs. cheers. I think😂
  8. tomski

    Euro 24

    Thought Austria played well. Though we’ve not finished rnd 1 yet, looks like most teams mean business maybe apart from Scotland and Ukraine. Meeting moved early this morning so I can back home for some 2 O clock action today.
  9. I’m just glad you’ve stopped going on about voting Labour over half of your life😂 tiresome man.
  10. So they can make decisions that make them and their pals more money. That part is the only bit that makes sense
  11. tomski

    Euro 24

    It’s shite as I have Lukaku top scorer with a France win at 125-1
  12. tomski

    Euro 24

    See I sit on complete different sides on the Southgate and Evatt debate. I think in game tactics, yes there will be similarities. I think Southgate has them proud to be there and playing for England which is half the battle in a national team role. I also think he says all the right things and is quite humble and likeable. Hes shown he can adapt and drop his tried and tested. A Criticism that’s been volleyed at him numerous times. He’s the best England manager outside Sir Alf (and Big Sam) statistically. If he wins the Euros then he will be the best. It was interesting that the pool of managers he sits in with England are now all Sirs. I don’t think we have the best squad as others believe. I will say these lot are all committed to wearing the badge though and that comes from Southgate and his people
  13. tomski

    Euro 24

    Happy with the win yesterday. We rarely win an opener and groups are simply their to get out of. Felt with all Serbias huffing and puffing they were never likely to score.
  14. And Bryan Small😂 That team were nails and could play too
  15. I think Karl Henry gets sounded out as the pool to pick from us light in this department.
  16. Was wounded when he went. Especially to them smelly chicken shaggers. I’ve always felt he loved us. No evidence to back this up
  17. I don’t think Farage ever wanted to win the leave vote. He effectively made himself redundant there and then on his one policy ticket.
  18. They irritate me too. I’d punish them by making them drive diesel cars and have petrol mowers though as well as fly to Australia and back with no getting off the plane once a year.
  19. When I was repping for Coca Cola beer mats were gold dust and that was nearly 10 years ago
  20. Worst one is when you’re not sure who was first. Do the polite thing they go ‘4 pornstar martinis’ it’s happened and for a non angry man I found it a test😂
  21. Parkinson to blame. Clueless on CF’s
  22. One of the best prem goals to minutes ratio albeit 12 goals. A goal every 124 mins. I thought he was great for us
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