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  1. Was league 1 but I grant we looked like a league 2 side.
  2. Good man. Give you a buzz if and when. COYFWM
  3. Thinking about going as i need to be in London on wed. Is it POTD?
  4. See id say after us, Oldham are the least of the manc wannabes.
  5. Fair play to you that are going. I’ll wait for 2024.
  6. To be fair Mbappe is doing summat quite similar with French federation at the moment.
  7. Your I think it will be Brazil or Argentina this time.
  8. Pretty sure it’s being done.
  9. I was trying to work out why they were in Blackpool as I was reading that. Weirdos.
  10. Was it an Atherton first team? Did you go? Any info?
  11. Awful game, both teams were poor. I loved every bloody minute of it though. Something about winning games like that. Buzzing. The goal summed up the game perfectly. First win against a ‘top 6’ side this season. Bring on Lincoln.
  12. tomski


    There isn’t many things I’d pick having a real job over but being Thogden is one.
  13. Interesting one this. In principle completely agree with you. That saying That Wimbledon we’re dying on their arses and we’re going to the wall in my opinion. Over time I think it worked best for original Wimbledon and got them back to plough lane or a version of it. Wimbledon then did the thing they were appalled at by stealing Kingstonian to a degree. I get why the sets of supporters dislike each other but I don’t give it a second thought as an outsider. MK dons is a weird one as over time I can see them getting bigger. Ground and catchment area is there and I think in the next few generations they’ll dwarf AFC Wimbledon. They are odd bods though. I remember going to Mk away having a few pints in Bletchley and a bloke had an old Wimbledon top but supported and moved with MK. He tried to explain why he wears his old top but made no sense to me. Lastly some of the AFC youth were bellends in our game down there and for that my sympathy wains. For the alright ones (plentiful) I think the last 20 years have been far more interesting than if they hadn’t divorced as such.
  14. Touché, It’s not though. Rag twats. Also I think your across city rivalry is something different in how it’s laid across. I don’t see Everton fans mocking Hillsborough etc.
  15. The Liverpool fc v the rest of the country thing is proper tedious now. LFC clearly have some whoppers and the scouse not English thing is childish but that said the furore from the other ‘side’ mainly cockneys from what I see is somewhat embarrassing too. Desperate for it to fail last night so could they have a pop. You can tell from the well pointed out fact that Wrexham didn’t follow suit and no one seems arsed in the comments above. As for McLean the attention seeking tit he looks like he’s observing to me? Happy to be proven wrong. All will be old news next week anyway.
  16. Far more plausible in my opinion.
  17. Ah that’s a different kettle of fish I suppose.
  18. Man U fans being bellends will have helped that.
  19. The amount of Morecambe chat is starting to get concerning
  20. Goals are reversed now and reds could easily be done. I’m not fighting for shirts off by any means but why is it a booking anyway? If it’s sponsors then that’s daft. No one runs round thinking I wonder who Juventus are sponsored by or I’m not gonna buy a jeep now I can’t see The Juventus shirt sponsor. It’s moaned the current crop are greedy and they show a bit of passion, they get booked. Not really responding to your post @Zico more just how ridiculous the rules are. They should do a poll and ask fans on tv whether it should be rescinded sponsored by Jeep to keep everyone happy.
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