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  1. There's that much speculation I don't think anyone knows how it's going to pan out
  2. I don't see how they can do that, they are in NW Counties 1st Division, they will have to win that , win the premier league, win NPL West then win NPL Premier so that is at least 4 years of continuously winning leagues, unless they are going to get preferential treatment which will upset the likes of South Shields IMO
  3. good effort from Dapo, it's coming...
  4. Who the fuck was picking up at the back post?
  5. Saying you would like a non league jumpers for goalposts team
  6. Some on here won't thank you for saying that
  7. I think I know where you're going with this - the whole team were shit that night, fans had had a terrible night at the hands of the Croatian cops and we took our frustration and anger out on the players by booing them and Rooney reacted plus he's a cunt
  8. I'll never forgive the fat red scouse twat for giving us abuse in Zagreb when England lost to Croatia the mard cunt
  9. Wrexham home or away would mean they beat the cheating scouse cunts
  10. Aye I was on that, Plymouth came into the cafe on the bus station really early about 9.00am, most of us picked up the heavy glass ash trays off the tables to use/throw or whatever we were going to do with them, a few Horwich lads on it, C. H. and A.H. IIRC a Plymouth lad was stabbed (allegedly) but it wasn't serious. Again IIRC it finished 1-1 with Paul Mariner scoring both goals, I remember one lad going on the pitch for the corner flag to use when it kicked off
  11. cracking picture brings back memories
  12. Welsh tossers now 1-0 up, Ramsey
  13. Two great lads who have both mellowed over the years, I see Joe every time we go to Albania or Montenegro, I see Andy at the Remembrance Group Drop Ins on Thursday mornings at the Vulcan and at the various Do's there has been, a really good cause they are supporting
  14. They used to get stats from football grounds pre smoking ban as to how many were smoking dodgy fags with the empty packets on the terraces
  15. Why? Sunderland is a decent city for a good drink
  16. They are all decent blokes who have become ambassadors for BWRG
  17. He attends the Remembrance Group meetings, top bloke, he can't believe that we still remember him as a decent player
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