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  1. Yes mate, I didn't think cup matches were included
  2. I won tickets in one of Happy's competitions and they were for the South Upper (I'm sure Spider and Julie were also there)
  3. Brighton are pissing it at 'the Theatre'
  4. He (Bolty) was sat behind me at the match with Duncan Rothwell who's dad was Teddy Rothwell secretary at BWFC in the 70's and 80's, we had a good catch up
  5. ....and then his brother Cess for the rest of the week
  6. I didn't see the build up so missed that
  7. They are all at home playing catch up on the housework after the WEURO'S
  8. And no women commentators which is a bonus
  9. Great atmosphere at Palace tonight, Arsenal are looking a good side
  10. Also on Twitter that we are signing McLean on a 1 year deal for £1 million plus add ons @transferhubnow
  11. I was in the Manny Road that day, funny as fuck, good Walkden lad the perpetrator
  12. I remember someone chucking a banana at George Oghani when he played for Burnley, he was going mad until Leighton James walked up to him, took the banana off him and started to eat it to a round of applause from the Burnden Terrace, also V Liverpool in the FA Cup John Barnes was the target for a couple of banana chuckers
  13. I don't even ask for a free carers ticket, just that they let me in on my scooter and I can park it near the other wheelchair users places and walk up the steps to my seat, I can manage that
  14. It is only for the league games too, any cup matches are to be paid separately at £8 a time
  15. No choice really, it will be hip flask and not buying beer
  16. I've just paid for my season car park pass, I had to give the reg number of the car I will be going in, if I have to go in a different car you just email the parking people and you will be allowed in. £184 (£8 per game) I asked
  17. COYWM, up and ready to go, cans and butties packed In't football brilliant
  18. About time we got back to proper WW comments on women's football😛
  19. Pub next to the Station is a designated away pub, pubs near the ground aren't keen on away fans, their website tells you quite a bit about the local area
  20. Yes mate, cracking proper pub, food is very good too
  21. My local pub is cardless - cash only, luckily there is a cash machine at the petrol station across the road
  22. They did have some links with the club, they used to play their home games at Colls so I got to know them fairly well, their manager fucked off to manage a women's team in Malta, they then went to Atherton LR after we had a bit of a dispute with them
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