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  1. He helped us do some fund raising for Cols when he was Gaffer at Leigh RMI
  2. Took the shine off it for me, I don't usually get involved in other countries politics but this is a case of another 2 thick as pigshit footballers thinking they are on a moral crusade and using Leicester City's great win as a platform, total shithouses, gas chamber for the pair of 'em
  3. England get 3000 so who the fuck are getting the other 19000? It really is a shit show from UEFA
  4. It is a shit show by UEFA, the crowd will be 25000 but England FA only get around 3000 tickets, there'll be more slant eyed cunts with big cameras than anything as they always seem to get tickets
  5. England fans are getting 3086 for the Croatia game, 2968 for the Scotland game and 2855 for the Czech Republic game, as England progress we will get more tickets as capacities increase so hopefully should get tickets for every England game
  6. Just got email from England FA, I got a ticket for the Scotland game out of the 3 group games, fucking wankers I had tickets for them all before the fucking virus
  7. I love watching the red bastards get beat
  8. He was certainly instrumental in steadying the team, a great professional
  9. We're optimistically hoping for 2000 for the Bolton game
  10. We've got Stockport and Bolton in July up to now
  11. Anybody know how much it is to get in for a days racing at Wetherby, my daughter is riding there in October in a charity race and I'm looking at getting a mini bus/coach up for friends and family. She rode for Baldings in Newbury 10 years ago and they are sponsoring/supporting her for this, at the moment she's training at Kookash's rehabilitation yard in Knowsley, she's had to raise £2500 for the BHS to get in as well as go through all sorts of tests,
  12. It's only about 6 weeks to pre season friendlies
  13. Cardi B same day as me, I wonder if I sent her a card she'd send me one back with a naked picture (of her) on it
  14. Santos was the obvious one, and IIRC he played all of the game
  15. This was the squad that played at Colls on 1/8/20 First Half XI: Trialist, Trialist, Taft, Delaney, Trialist, Thomason, Comley, Gordon, Crawford, Trialist, Doyle. Second Half XI: Alexander, Trialist (Senior 83), Trialist, Trialist, Politic, White (Brockbank 81), Trialist, Trialist, Darcy, Faal, Trialist. Goals: Doyle (37), Trialist (60), Politic (82).
  16. Congratulations to all the family, welcome to the Grandad club
  17. They are coming to Colls Tuesday 13th July, they have promised a decent team
  18. Superb mate, glad you had a blast and got your flag back
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