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  1. Thought we played really well first half despite conceding two goals. Thought we were more than capable of getting back in the game. Second half we struggled a bit and their constant time wasting and shithouse tactics made it harder for us. Just one of those games.
  2. 3-1 Doyle, Dapo, Sheehan 20,091 Come On You Whites!!!
  3. 1-0 Doyle Come On You Whites!!!
  4. Disappointed we didn't win.. But very happy with the performance. Dapo man of the match. And Gordon's best display yet. Come On You Whites!!!
  5. 1-0 Doyle 13,989 Come On You Whites!!!
  6. It's their supporters. Must've been something to do with the scorers name I'm assuming. No idea what it is tbh though.
  7. Decent game. We were a bit sloppy at times and gifted them their goals. Thought Tutte did pretty well. Isgrove man of the match for me though. Come On You Whites!!!
  8. 3-1 Kachunga, Thomason, Isgrove 3074 Come On You Whites!!!
  9. 1-0 Doyle Come On You Whites!!!
  10. Thought we controlled the game first half but didn't really create anything. They must've brought Dapo down ten times. Second half we weren't as good apart from in a couple spells. Terrible penalty by Delfonso. But predictable given his performance. Anyway.. not that arsed to be honest. A win at the weekend is more important. Come On You Whites!!!
  11. Not sure what the attendance was but the rest is a decent prediction.
  12. Great win against another good team. Their goal was clearly handball. Come On You Whites!!!
  13. 2-1 Doyle, Dapo 14,985 Come On You Whites!!!
  14. Great result against a very good team. Come On You Whites!!!
  15. 2-1 Doyle, Sarcavic Come On You Whites!!!
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