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  1. From an entertainment factor - would we prefer an edge of your seat 3-3 draw? Or a solid defensive 0-0 draw? Either way, I’ll be happy with a draw. But after Tuesday, I think some of those fringe players have now got their tails up and will fancy it today.
  2. Spotted you and did wonder. Pity we didn’t get chance to say hello.
  3. You sorted? If not, can help you out.
  4. Hoping for a comfortable 2-0 win, with both goals within the first 70 mins. Then I can feel relaxed to piss off early and beat the traffic. (Turning into an old fogey - flask coming soon!).
  5. Do we have our own wake? Astley Bridge CC? Pineapple?
  6. Made for great entertainment. Such as shame for Jordan. It mirrored that over from Stokes last time around. If he’d have only gone for 12-14. We’d have had a final over of tense excitement. I’d have actually fancied him to bowl it out for us. I did think Moeen trundled along far too long before letting go. That probably sounds like harsh criticism. But with Morgan and Billings in the wings, I felt we lost a bit of ground in pushing on earlier. Well done to NZ. I just knew when Neesham came in, that he was going to use the WC defeat to inspire him and his team to a great win. Good luck to NZ in the final.
  7. Called it right. Bairstow opening. Billings in.
  8. Reading the stuff on Rivals back at the very start. It was the funniest thing ever. All Bolton and BWFC related. The “Budgies in the Arndale” comment was from back then and became legendary for a while. Before long, posters started to arrange “meet-ups”, either at matches - or eventually on a pub crawl around town. And not long after, football teams were being established - a few one-off 11-a-side games against teams from other local forums - plus 2 sides from Greenock Morton that I managed to arrange games with - we still owe them a return visit!! The “Clackervalves” 5-a-side team was born soon after. And posters played. There was always a hardcore, but then we drafted in other posters from the site. We even had posters coming to watch us. The European away trips were obviously the cream of watching the Whites - and this site was a total buzz. “Fastest finger first” trying to book those cheap Ryanair, EasyJet, etc flights to far flung places. And whilst Neil was instrumental in arranging the more sanitised charter flights - the hardcore of posters on here always chose to travel independently at the cheapest price possible. To pay for luxuries on these trips was seen as failure. Budget flights, shit hotels, etc - that was the name of the game. There’s so much more to say. But meeting fellow posters to go to gigs with and to cricket matches - even England football games abroad - all because of this site. In fact, I’ve been to weddings and christenings of WW posters. And had WW posters at my own wedding. Neil was a miserable git! Let’s face it. He grumbled. And rightly so. We pushed the boundaries on here. How he never found himself doing a stretch inside for some of the libellous comments on here - not to mention racism, sectarianism, sexism and the likes. Thankfully, its all cleaned up now!! I did meet him a few times through the football. Travelled on that great Arsenal cup match coach. But I also crossed paths with Neil at breakfast networking events. He was establishing his IT business around the same time I was. Always felt like he kept his cards close to his chest. He even smiled on one occasion! RIP fella. A genuinely nice bloke.
  9. Mrs at work. Could be home for 2.30pm, but could be after 3pm. She doesn’t know. With that in mind, can’t make a decision. If she rocked up at 2.30 - I could still jump in the car and drive, park up and pay on the gate. Its a shame that option has been removed for a game that’s nowhere near a sellout. Anyway, that’s my excuse. Is it on any TV?
  10. Sorry to read this tragic news. Lost count of how many friends I’ve made through this website. Great times meeting up with other posters, European travels, WWs 5-a-side and 11-a-side matches, that memorable FA Cup trip to Arsenal, using folk’s trades off here, etc, etc. And not forgetting the Sportsman’s Dinners. They were legendary. Thank you so much Neil for all of these superb memories that you ultimately created. Rest in peace now. Condolences to his family. Take care. X
  11. But so will the teams above us. All of those who fancy their chances. I’m with Jules - again, Dixon does nothing for me. Looks too short. Doesn’t command his area. Doesn’t look to be instilling confidence in his defenders. I would have Gilks back in now - steady the ship. And he’d be captain.
  12. Not just fallen out over being dropped. Something else afoot here.
  13. Smiley

    Windies 2022

    Ta for taking my booking.
  14. Wetter than an otters pocket!
  15. Beat Wigan tomorrow, it might add an extra 100 or so. Who knows.
  16. Smiley

    SW away

    Not drinking again, ever. Bastard rugby fans had packed my train home to Flixton. Wouldn’t let any more on. So ended up having to have a couple more beers in the Salisbury. 15 hour drinking binges are the stuff of the devil. Kebab going spare in our fridge if anyone wants it! From Kings on Churchgate!
  17. Smiley

    SW away

    Haha. Yes. Surreal walking over the moors and hearing a bit of Bob ringing out.
  18. Smiley

    SW away

    Gene? If so, he was driving the support car. Nice bloke. Apparently another rum ‘un back in the day.
  19. Smiley

    SW away

    Meant to have been have a dozen lads doing this but one by one dropped out. Decided I’d throw my hat in the ring. Did 16.5 miles on day 1 (they did 23 in total). And then another 9 today (they did around 24). They’ve got 6 left to do tomorrow. Won’t be joining them as I’ll be doing shots by 10am by the sounds of things on the coach from Vulcan. If anyone spots me at the match - remember it’s just my body - my brain and mind will be addled! oh, for those that haven’t sponsored them - get chipping in.
  20. Any of you Bolton car drivers got space for one more - and able to do a pick-up / drop-off in Flixton? Can make my way to the Trafford Centre junction of M60 if necessary.
  21. I’ve read that today.
  22. 100% IPL related. Set of shithouses. Got a mate up from London today. Meant to be there all day tomorrow. Was even forfeiting my daughters birthday party. Oh well, 15 nippers running around screaming and kicking off could be better entertainment and at least I won't have a stinking hangover on Sunday now.
  23. I’ve been in touch with the BWRG. Think they may do something pre and post the inevitable.
  24. Gutted to read the last update. I think we really owe it to him & his family to get a Sportman’s (sic) dinner organised, and raise some funds for his loved ones.
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