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  1. FLASH SALE AT 12 NOON!! Didn’t want to miss out on all the sale shenanigans yesterday… but with a slightly different slant!! HAPPY WHITE SATURDAY folks!! Go fill your books! (See what I did there). www.whitelove.co.uk IMG_1832.MP4
  2. Just found out I’ve got Argentina in the sweep! Now that’s created mixed emotions!!
  3. Smiley


    The olden day “Vlogger” equivalent use to write and sell fanzines. The perks of that back in the day… we ran a monthly competition where the prize was 24 cans of McEwan’s. Each time there had to be a for and against on each topic. So I’d receive 24 cans for myself and then 48 cans split between the two winners…. Sometimes the winner(s) ended up being me under a guise as no fucker had entered. We had a cloakroom in our house (ok the bit under the stairs in the kitchen) that was stacked high with the stuff. Every away game I had to take it on to get rid of it. No fucker paid for me to go to World Cups! Not jealous.
  4. We will never know how much that affected the final result. He bowls those 2 overs, we potentially lose a wicket, Stokes doesn’t get that 6 and 4… Ali doesn’t unleash. In the end, Stokes innings was magnificent… I just didn’t realise it at the time.
  5. Woke up at 7.47…. First thing I did was check my phone for the weather!! Game on. Been a decent Powerplay so far. Need to keep this last over tight. 80,000+ in the stadium. Majority are Pakistani’s. Just checked the demographics, they have 29,000 living in Melbourne. And over 100,000 in the country. Thought it was strange they were outnumbering England fans by so many.
  6. Changed again now. Looks like it will be storms, thunder, lightning and rain tomorrrow evening in Melbourne. And Monday only looks marginally better. We are sharing the trophy with Pakistan.
  7. Checked the Met Office site again. Looks like it might be ok between 7-10pm on Sunday evening in Melbourne. Down to 20% rain. Looks like the bad weather is shifting to Monday.
  8. Some phenomenal cricket this morning. What a game. Even when we had them on the ropes they smashed all those late runs. I did fear that if we lost a cluster of wickets around the 80-0 mark, that we might really start to struggle, but those two didn’t give any chances (apart from Buttler near the end). One of the finest batting performances I’ve ever seen. It was like watching Stick Cricket. Sunday sounds like it may be a washout with the weather and Monday not looking much better. Met Office showing 60% rain.
  9. The symbol is a belter for sure. The typography not so hot.
  10. Sri Lanka started too well here. Need a bunch of wickets quick style. Could be chasing 200+ if we aren’t careful.
  11. Vaguely remember being at this, was my first, we’d got beat 3-1 by United the day before. Sure Peter Reid sustained a bad injury in the match versus Boro. Was definitely a long delay. Maybe someone else can shed some light on it.
  12. Yep. Then we had a sit down protest on the Manny Road car park. Fat lot that did. The Warburtons and other board members stood at the windows with their glasses of brandy and Chardonnay looking down on the meek and the mild. Someone lobbed a brick up at the window, but 99% certain it missed. Trudged home with a dark depressing sky above my head, said bye to my mates as we got near my house, went up into my bedroom, shut the door and cried.
  13. The game we all had nailed on as a “banker”. And we drew. Quite a depressing day despite Gudni’s Exocet missile!
  14. Sorry if I’m mistaken, but haven’t Reebok disappeared off the face of the planet? Most certainly not a brand I’m in touch with any more. Hearing Neil Hart speak today, its clear that Reebok ARE NOT GOING TO BE THE NEW STADIUM SPONSOR. He couldn’t have been more clearer than that. However, he said some absolutely MASSIVE brands are in the running. Let’s hang on in there and see.
  15. Apparently we sold 100 half season tickets on day one of release. Quite possibly more will be sold as Xmas presents. 100+ Primary schools in Bolton. Family ticket (x4) means approx 400-500 extra people in the ground. So already possibly 600+ extra fans on the gate for the second half of the season. Some of those families on the freebies MAY come back for a 2nd helping and pay for the privilege or take advantage of the next discounted home match. It’s all good news.
  16. The boss man needs to go back to when he had things right… and why that was happening. What has changed so much since we whupped Wycombe 3-0 in the sunshine and everyone had a huge grin on their faces and contemplated a real shot at promotion? Forest Green was dire. Didn’t enjoy the game at all and whilst not booing the players off, also didn’t want them coming over to us at the end for some kind of gratitude. They looked embarrassed in doing so. However, when I’ve watched the extended highlights since, it seems to be almost one-way traffic and Charles could have had four goals. Even if he just pops two of them in, Sadlier scores his - then we are on for a rout… possibly winning by 3 or 4. Fine margins. The lack of goals is clearly creating huge pressure on the defence.
  17. @matty2094 @Mantra - anything from Cheltenham and Forest Green?
  18. After a short break…. The site is back again with more new and archived content. Been a tricky few weeks!! https://www.whitelove.co.uk
  19. Ashes tickets secured for the Friday (day 3) in the party stand!
  20. My first away since we got beat 3-0 at Fleetwood last season. I’ve been sparing you all the misery. But needs must.
  21. Didn’t mind him on the radio. Totally forgot about his “racist” conviction. Well, well, well. No way will he survive this.
  22. It’s like he decided to run to the near post for a header…. The ball has come in along the ground behind him and he’s thought “fuck it, I’m still going to jump in the air for an imaginary ball”…. Either way, looks odd!!!
  23. What is Baka doing here? Can someone explain? How many Charlton defenders has he taken out with this move?
  24. Dempsey was on fire when he came off the bench. That’s what you want to see from our subs. Really wanting to make an impact and impress the boss. That tackle in the 90+ minute upfield when he really didn’t need to bother, spoke volumes for me.
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