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  1. I did say my memory was hazy in the footnote.
  2. BANGED UP SOME NEW CONTENT ON THE WEBSITE LAST NGHT AND THIS MORNING. Like the bad old days of fanzine production, was still tapping away gone 1.30am this morning. For those who like a bit of UGLY….. TAKE ME TO THE GOOD STUFF….. Remembering back to a whacky old day out at the end of the 1986 league campaign.
  3. Not necessarily true. Horses for courses. I’ve no affiliation to anyone. Always happy to assist local businesses though.
  4. Smiley

    Ipswich away

    I’ve been saying and thinking this for years! But do they actually exist anymore? With the powder-puff rules and regs these days, looking at an opposing player gets you a yellow card these days. Long gone are the crunching tackles where you took the ball and the man – moments that I felt were just as skilful as back flicks and mazy dribbles.
  5. Smiley

    Ipswich away

    We did it a few times last season. Evatt has told them its a long long season and everyone will play a part. For me, it’s got to be a horses for courses approach - especially with tough away games. He looked quite lively early on and they were definitely aware of him and unsure how to handle. I think that would have been an interesting scenario later in the game. With Evatt patting him on the back and telling him “go out there son and win us the game!”.
  6. Smiley

    Ipswich away

    Arse went a couple of times when they broke in the box and Santos won the ball off them. He is still looking a bit cumbersome and WILL give penalties away this season. But he was pretty immense when needed. Harping on and on like a broken record… he needs to be scoring half a dozen goals a season. That corner from Morley that was met by Dapo - it needed a “Big Sam” bullet header from our centre half. I really do think this is part of his game that could be pushed and pushed. Unless of course, the master stroke is for him to be the decoy for someone else to pile in with the header. Would love us to try the nearpost flick-on corner from time-to-time, used to be a great source of goals.
  7. Smiley

    Ipswich away

    It was never going to happen, but would’ve been interesting to see us start with either Baka or Bodvar up top and had Dapo on the bench. Brought him on after 60 to run riot with fresh legs.
  8. Smiley

    Ipswich away

    Watch today’s match highlights now…. https://www.whitelove.co.uk/videos
  9. Wife was telling me that “Feminine Hygiene” in supermarkets has now been replaced with “period products”. What the fuck!! Did it really need changing just to adapt to a tiny minority?
  10. Not just travel are you saying?
  11. Smiley

    Ipswich away

    Been to a gig in Manchester. Smashed an “Archies” on the train home. Sadly, for me, it’d be pushing it one-step too far going to Suffolk tomorrow. Proper gutted. And the sis-in-law is in Stanway just down the road, so could’ve tied it in with being “a family visit”.
  12. Smiley

    Ipswich away

    Got some new stuff due to drop on the White Love site over the coming days… but for now, ahead of the season opener at Portman Road, here’s a fresh piece about some of our memorable games with the Tractor Boys. https://www.whitelove.co.uk/july2022new
  13. Got some new stuff due to drop on the White Love site over the coming days… but for now, ahead of the season opener at Portman Road, here’s a fresh piece about some of our memorable games with the Tractor Boys. https://www.whitelove.co.uk/july2022new
  14. I still need to get with this! Especially as I can’t make it this Saturday. Point me in the best direction…. Can’t be arsed with hardware. I’ve got a Firestick that we don’t really use. I ain’t fussed about movies and shite. Just the cricket from time-to-time, the odd European match and any Bolton games.
  15. Just been reading up about Dinamo Kiev (Kvyv - however they are spelling it now!). Got some Putin chants aimed at them by the Fenerbahce lot in Europe last night. Not going down too well with the authorities. Funnily enough, there’s an article online about the Kiev team of old, most of whom actually made up the majority of the USSR national team. Funny how allegiances and all that start to waiver. Written by a Wanderers fan with Ukrainian heritage. https://www.whitelove.co.uk/july2022new/ukraine-1
  16. Back to 1989, mad to think that we fielded the same XI for the first three games, but then had to travel to Swindon for the 4th with Philliskirk, Reeves and Henshaw missing. Plus I think we’d just let Chandler leave for Cardiff. So was a bit threadbare. Such a shame as we’d gone toe-to-toe with them in the longest ever League Cup tie and still managed to match them until the 116th minute!
  17. 1995, I did the Ipswich and West Ham away games, sadly was away with work for the Swindon first leg and missed it. Both of those games were monumental victories in their own right. But always classed as the lesser of our cup upsets I reckon. Amazing how good we were away from home against these so called bigger clubs under Rioch, its like we had no fear at all.
  18. Probably mirrored my feelings. It was an amazing occasion and we felt we could have won either of the 1st and 2nd replays. Not sure how they decided where the 3rd replay would be played, but obviously it went our way. Crowds of 11k and then 14k, certainly grabbed the attention of the town.
  19. Found replays 1 & 2 from Burnden! Sure Barry Cowdrill was in his own half when he slammed in the disallowed goal!! https://youtu.be/B2TEyhmhUhI https://youtu.be/tgG5bwt4LDo
  20. Wanting to compile a piece for the White Love fanzine about our 6 epic league cup ties with Swindon in 1989 and 1995. What does everyone remember about… 1989 D3-3 at County Ground D1-1 at Burnden Park (AET) D1-1 at Burnden Park (AET) L2-1 at County Ground 1995 L2-1 at County Ground PP at Burnden Park W3-1 at Burnden Park I was definitely on the lash for the postponed game in 1995. Got called off pretty late if memory serves me right. Sure folk will remember us having a makeshift team in 1989 and Barry Cowdrill’s chicken run celebration after his disallowed long range goal!
  21. The bad outweighed the good by far. Every week was pretty shit. But it made the wins all the more enjoyable. And sometimes the draws!
  22. Is there still a cash machine opposite the club shop? Or has that gone now?
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