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  1. You survived the ‘Rona? Still going to games?

    1. Buford T Justice

      Buford T Justice

      Evening! Hope all's well.

      Yes. Don't think any of us have even had it. If you're running 20 milers, sounds like you survived too. I did a parkrun in Epsom before the game yesterday. Not quite 20 miles, but it'll do.

      That answers your other question. Definitely yes. I've not got a season ticket and will only pick and choose home and aways, but I've definitely got my mojo back with it. Disappointing yesterday, but not TOO disappointed. Great day out. We'll be a very good team once the defence settles down a bit. 

      I hear you made a catalogue of errors with going to the match yesterday.....?


  2. Yeah it was Ian Taylor from about 30 yards. Robbie Earle never played for Villa. Neil Cox, Bobby Taylor and Nathan Blake for us. I remember the bloke in the seat in front of me moaning because my knees were in the back of his seat when I sat down before kick off And they say it's bad now!
  3. It's from the 50s. I think it's called the United Calypso. As for the AIG logo, I wouldn't expect anything less from that club. All must be commercialised. Shameless.
  4. Correct. Not for the first time there either. I thought the stewards downstairs were nobs to be honest. Spent most of the second half telling us to sit down when City to the left and right were ALL stood up for 90 minutes and they were lobbing all sorts over every time they scored. A full bottle of coke narrowly missed hitting a little lad square in the face after Bianchi scored. Complete sh*thouses.
  5. You can take liquids upto 100ml in your hand luggage now so you should be OK with your contact lens solutions. As for shaving stuff, buy it once you've got through security or grow a beard. Sorry about the echo!
  6. I suffered with this once. We were going to New York via Gatwick and even though the journey was on one ticket the shuttle from Manchester to Gatwick was with BA and the onward flight to NYC with Continental. The outward flight was delayed so we got to check-in with Continental 5 minutes after the desk closed and they wouldn't let us on even though there was still 55 minutes before departure, they had our bags and knew we were at Gatwick!!! They were actually in the process of removing our bags from the plane whilst we were stood arguing at check-in! Dealing with a US airline probably didn't help us here I admit, but my experience suggests that they probably won't hold the flight. However, I think they'd be more likely to hold the connection if both parts of your journey were with the same airline. Even though our bags were checked all the way through, we had to check in twice. Maybe you could ask to check in for the connecting flight at the same time as your first flight? Again, with it being 2 airlines, I don't know if this is possible. Also, you'd have more protection from a missed connection if your flights are all on the same ticket as it officially counts as the same journey. In our case, BA had to compensate us. If you have 2 tickets (eg. Manchester to Gatwick as one fare then Gatwick to NYC as an entirely different fare) then you've got no chance as the time between connections is your responsibility entirely. The best bit of advice I can give you though is that if worst comes to worst and you do miss your connection but manage to arrange another flight to get you to your final destination, make sure that you re-confirm all of your return trip with the airlines. As we found to our cost, if you don't make a flight and then don't re-confirm the return, the airline will assume that you never reached your destination at all and cancel your ticket!
  7. The picture on the left is Borussia Dortmund. The terraces do still look like that in the main, so I have no idea how they convert them to seats, but they do. It's only at the very back of the Sudtribune (25,000 standing places) that the seats flip back into the crush barriers like in the second picture. I'd say 80% of the terracing at Dortmund was 'traditional' on a Bundesliga match day and I think it's this way at most of the other German grounds too.
  8. Mr Casino, how are you? Bayern's Bundesliga pricelist attached: http://www.fcbayern.t-com.de/media/native/...e09b1a04b1641c0 For most home games you can stand for 12 euros (?8.), which rises to a massive (!) 15 euros (?10) for the few top category games. A fair chunk of the seats are then either 20 or 30 euros (?14/?21) again for the vast majority of home games. When I went to Dortmund in February my ticket was 11 euros. That price applied to each of the 25,000 standing places. So, no, it ain't bullshit. It is probably more because they have to convert to all-seater and they see a European fixture as a higher category. Maybe. And, of course, we ARE a big draw.
  9. Mr Smiley. How's it going son? I've been to the Blue Jays and I'd honestly say just get the cheapest seats in the top tier. There's not really a bad seat in the house. I think it holds about 60,000 and there wasn't more than 20,000 there on our 2 visits. Yankees could be different though as they're the baseball equivalent of United so everyone might turn out. They're also equally hated I believe! Worth a trip as a one off but like others have said it can be feckin' dull at times. Enjoy.
  10. The Scoreboard Chavs. Their 'best' effort for me (at Spurs Fans) 'You're just a small town in Arsenal...' ;pp
  11. Impotent also means powerless, helpless or ineffective so HR's post makes perfect sense!
  12. That's me I know what you mean, but it seems pointless to issue a ticket with a stub AND a voucher. The phrase 'please retain your stub for future ticket applications' isn't a new one after all. As you know, I've not been a major fan of the ticket office in the past, but I don't think they're doing that much wrong at the moment. Anyway, you'll be alright, apart from travelling to Portugal on the same plane(s) as Smiley #-o
  13. point is, they don't have to defend themselves just accept they may miss out down the line why no vouchers are issued at home games is beyond me Mr Casino, long time no speak! The Zenit tickets have a perforated stub which says 'BWFC Vs ZSP Please retain'. If this isn't a voucher then I don't know what is!
  14. As embarrassing as the Reebok Rhythm are, I'd rather listen to them than the chavs in the corner singing 'You're just a small town in Arsenal / Chelsea'. Jesus wept! #-o #-o
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