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  1. From a purely selfish point of view I hope we go up, Sky Bet will owe me £3500 if we get promoted via the playoffs. With the momentum we have, I thinks theres a good chance we could pull it off...
  2. £650, would of been £2600 if we’d been champions
  3. They could be coming back in to take over the hotel. Businessman denies interest in purchasing Bolton Wanderers | Football League World
  4. If Shazza has any sense she’ll bring someone in on Monday to take Keith through a media training course, he needs to chill the fuck out.
  5. I smell BS, in a world of digital signatures etc this is a lame excuse
  6. If this is true, Anderson is going to be looking over his shoulder for a long time, he has had plenty of time to agree to a deal. He's definitely got an axe to grind against the club and its fans, I hope one day the whole story on how he's behaved in these dealings gets leaked.
  7. Poor review from the FSA as well https://ratings.food.gov.uk/business/en-GB/413904/Motcombs-Westminster
  8. Coming back from Wrexham after gaining promotion
  9. Wheater is attempting to justify his actions on Instagram just now
  10. Definitely this, their actions show how little affinity they have with the fanbase. They have been spineless all season hence the expected relegation, get rid of every single one of them and start afresh next season.
  11. GTF the fans would be on Basrans back from day 1 if that ever happened, Owen Coyle has been robbing a living for years
  12. Didn't ED leave 15 million of debt on the balance sheet also secured against the stadium ? With a requirement that the money was to be repaid on promotion to the PL ? At least if the worst does happen, this should stop Blu Marble/SS getting the stadium for just 5 million ?
  13. Hopefully it will be Nigel Pearson
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