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  1. £650, would of been £2600 if we’d been champions
  2. They could be coming back in to take over the hotel. Businessman denies interest in purchasing Bolton Wanderers | Football League World
  3. I paid £200, then £60 for 2 x sidewalls, cheaper here https://www.purelyoutdoors.co.uk/products/coleman-coleman-event-shelter-pro-15-x-15ft.html?F1=1160&ID=21257&refid=plappc&utm_source=GoogleBase&utm_media=Product+Search&gclid=Cj0KCQjw6uT4BRD5ARIsADwJQ1_G4qTSrHKdIommaHbWmkPpWa9yjB4ug9yR80e1BeSh4b4iXxj_1p8aAiZeEALw_wcB
  4. We’ve got one of these, was a great buy https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/15900819/coleman-event-shelter-pro-14-x-14-15900819
  5. There won’t be another Scottish referendum for at least 20 years, the SNP have had their vote. I just hope they get voted out at the next election, they’ve brought in.... higher income tax, sugar tax, minimum unit pricing for booze, full stamp duty holiday not passed on, compulsory masks in all shops, and now a 2 week quarantine to look forward to if you go on holiday to Spain.
  6. Aye tell me about it, I live in Orkney and drive back down to Bolton a couple of times a year to see my folks and get to a game. I’ve also lived in Durness, Achiltibuie, Tobermory, Oban, Poolewe and Stronian so I know Scotland well. Happy to answer any questions. Also, @Escobarp good choice with the Tongue Hotel, if you were wanting self catering in the Eriboll/Hope area there’s http://www.lundies.scot/index.html and https://www.croft103.com
  7. It’s a follow on film, sets the scene for the next series
  8. Can still use EHIC until the end of the year https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-44850972
  9. Thanks for the heads up on Gomorrah, just finished series 4, surely there must be a series 5 to come. Now to track down ‘The Immortal’ on Kodi
  10. I’m in a similar dilemma, EasyJet flights and Sixt car hire paid for Bilbao in early July, doing a tour about and staying 10 days in a French campsite near Contis and a couple of nights in San Sebastián, paid £700 for the campsite and another £1700 quid due next week. Thinking I might change the flights and car hire to August and book a villa for a week and kiss good bye to the £700 deposit.
  11. Wahoo gear is the best, not cheap though, I went for one of these https://www.halfords.com/cycling/turbo-trainers/smart-turbo-trainers/elite-zumo-smart-interactive-turbo-trainer-244622.html
  12. I’m in the same camp as these guys, it’s just the flu, people die of it every year, and pressure is being put on Drs to blame Covid19 for a death to try and legitimise the strategy
  13. I held off taking my DB transfer value and buying equities, wondering now if to stay with the DB pension or buy equities at rock bottom prices. Have video call with my FA on Monday
  14. Cancelled 18 months ago and still watch all the channels for £50/yr via iptv
  15. A reality TV Junkie (allegedly) celeb takes her life and the country is in tatters, a veteran of Britain's war on terror takes their life, and nobody gives a fuck.. Just like Schofield the perv who has a thing for young boys, the British public have their morals and idols all wrong !!
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