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  1. He had a shocker, he kept letting play go on both teams when clear fouls have been committed. Which just led to worse challenges, revenge tackles and Cana/Cattermole clattering our players at every opportunity. Bennett is a dire referee, and he definitely holds a grudge against us.
  2. Done... Hull, Tranmere, Birmingham, Manure, Villa, Wolves, Burnley, Arsenal, Liverpool, Citeh, Wigan, Blackburn, West Ham and Sunderland tonight. Only one i missed and regretted was Pompey away.
  3. Horrible bouncers on that door outside Harvester after the Wolves match, I can't stand these people.
  4. Wow, a journalist with a bit of insight and understanding, who doesn't resort to lazy stereotypes to describe us. Good stuff.
  5. When Taylor went off, this 17 year old said something, and the guy in his forties in front of him turned round and gave him a load of threatening abuse. The teenagers dad/friend then punched the guy in the face, it kicked off and then I think it was the youngsters dad who smacked him in the face as well. Then the police waded in and chucked the first two out. Anyone see Taylor throw a hissy fit and kick a water bottle into our subs. Taylor has a got a seriously bad attitude.
  6. Worst atmosphere i've ever seen at a premier league game.
  7. I'll take that, home draw and a good chance against either team, Spuds don't like it up north.
  8. Any shit team at home to get through, from an away trip point of view: Cardiff please.
  9. http://www.premierleague.com/page/FairPlayTable I'm sorry but how the hell have we got the least points for respect towards the ref, Respect Towards Opponent and behaviour of officials? Compare to manure, or liverpool, you're telling me we give the ref more shit? We're not that dirty are we? Who assesses this shite? Also lowest points for Positive Play!
  10. Down in lundun now, snowing but not really sticking. Will be fucked off if they postpone now!
  11. Hope its a lower league club, preferably away from home.
  12. Next manager odds: Mark Hughes 7/2 Darren Ferguson 9/2 Alan Curbishley 6/1 Paul Jewell 7/1 Alan Shearer 10/1 Steve Coppell 14/1 Kevin Keegan 14/1 Gareth Southgate 16/1
  13. Oh yeh i know, but they all had reason to be there.
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