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  1. Pretty cnuty response, this. And because it’s a bit cnuty, I’ll answer. Your reasoning for being here - you told us - you’re a ‘snow plough’. Which is as vague, ambiguous and open to subjective interpretation as many of your recent posts and answers to direct questions. I’ll tell you this much - you AIN’T here for the good of your health, or our benefit. You clearly have an objective for continually posting - it may be genuine, positive for bwfc, or it may be downright disingenuous - but you still being here says to me that your objective is still not fulfilled - and sticking around a bit longer, stymying with occasional vagueness, one word answers and trading on the fact most people are too uninitiated about the finer points of M&A to call you out, enables you in some way to further progress your goal. I can personally make an argument for you working for any number of the parties involved in this Merry-go round (whatever you’ve ‘proved to the mods’). I’m not having a go - you clearly know your stuff about business. I just think it’s an overly romantic picture you’ve painted against a backdrop of the KA administration and the spectre of Bassini. And that could be to support a number of gains. At times delivered with a bit of a ‘fuck you if you don’t believe me’ attitude. As for the language in your last post - classic narcissism, almost test case. Fact is, I don’t care. I bought into it at first, but the message nuanced, and then shifted, and then contradicted itself, to the point where it got slightly incredulous. And now the overriding feeling is ‘look what you could have won’. And none of us need that. Especially when it comes with a self-appointed superior air of cuntiness. (And it’s ‘one’s shoulder’, mate.) Mustard
  2. Thanks Casino/Howard - appreciate that the extra bidder is another factor
  3. OK thanks. So Howard - if there's no obligation to sell over liquidation then it's a simple game of risk for KA, and he holds all the aces? So his recent actions suggest he's chasing a higher price from Bassini, accepting that Bassini may fail and that he may be forced down liquidation route. This risks alienating your bidders and him being forced into an awkward legal inquiry uncovering dodgy dealings. That says to me Ken's either got cast iron guarantees on the Bassini money and/or he's prepared to go the liquidation route rather than sell to your bidder. Which also says he was never prepared to sell to the Bahrain consortium, for whatever reason (but probably financial)? What am I missing?? (I'm sure I am missing something by the way :))
  4. I've been following this, like many others, with extreme interest - and add my thanks to Howard for his insight. The bit I'm missing in my head is - if we assume Bassini doesn't prove funds/pass FPP tests (if appropriate), then if liquidation is a better option financially for KA than selling to Howard's bidders, what would possibly sway KA to go with H's mob other than an improved offer from Howard's bidders, or a rare moment of conscience/PR concerns on behalf of KA? Howard - is there any legal obligation for KA to accept a lone bid from your mob rather than force the club into liquidation? Apologies if this has already been spelled out, and others have grasped it - but I've read the whole thread and I can't see it!
  5. Went to the York game, in philosophical mood, and came away reasonably positive. Plus points were: - The centre backs - although not exactly tested I saw enough to believe that Beevers (especially) and Finney will be solid; - Mavies looked interested, lively, and trust he can display that he's a cut above at this level; - Reckon Pratley will be a massive player for us this season, assuming he stays; - Yep it was only York, but certainly first half we were knocking it about OK. Other observations: - Madine looked inert even against York; - Proctor - looked willing but not sure if he's got that goalscorer's instinct - early days but have a fear of him being Madine #2 - I'm definitely still not Josh Vela's biggest fan - Still laughing at how tiny Samizadeh is My twopenn'oth anyroad...
  6. Such an eye-opener for me that day - I'd experienced what I thought were fraught/savage atmospheres before then - and was obviously well aware of what it meant as a fixture - but in terms of evil atmospheres this was a whole new level. Made ever so slightly weirder that nobhead here decided it would be a good location for a first date. Errr, as it happens it didn't last...
  7. Absolutely no way. Easily good enough for this level, if used right. More likely to be one that leaves and prospers, leaving us to wonder wtf we were doing with them while they were here...
  8. Mounts I normally agree with you but I'm absolutely aghast you thought Vela did ok. I thought he had his worst game in a Bolton shirt. He just does NOT want to know - looks like a sh!t-scared schoolkid wishing Lennon would either sub him or send him to the 'safety' of full-back asap. It's probably not the game to single players out, as so many came out with fck-all credit, but he stood around marking space for so much of the game - what p!sses me off even more is he obviously has talent, but seems perfectly happy to let the game pass him by - a couple of times he even pointed at the man on the ball to go elsewhere as if to say don't pass it to him. And when you're in the sh!t, and you need players to dig in, that's what p!sses me right off as a fan. But I think I'm even MORE pissed off at Lennon for not seeing what was blatantly going on, and acting on it. If ever I needed convincing Lennon hadn't got a plan (I didn't), then Saturday was it. Don't get me wrong - Vela ain't on his own. It's an absolute clueless, heartless, directionless fcking mess. And yes, wider issues are likely to impact performances to some extent, I get that. But - I can't get past the view that if you were on that pitch, you'd not be able to ignore the immediate fact that umpteen thousand people CAN SEE YOU'RE CHEATING. And that, in and amongst all context of 'the modern game'/'players don't care', is quite frankly fcking disgusting. As for people in the crowd spitting bile at Feeney when he was trying his (limited) bollocks off and providing our only realistic attacking outlet, well words fail me...
  9. 'Habit' is definitely the word. Never a 'super fan' but like many others I stood religiously on the Burnden terraces throughout my teenage years, along with some regular local away days, and then moved to the Reebok, got my ST each year, etc., etc. Never thought I wouldn't go - whatever happened in my work/home life, going to the match was non-negotiable. And then my dad stopped going, and mates I'd stood/sat with for years got families and new priorities, and then a couple of seasons ago found myself going alone, which wasn't anywhere near as much fun (Yes, I'm *that guy* trying to wangle a conversation with you ). And now I go more often than not, and primarily when I can coerce someone to coming along to share the pain, but many Saturdays I find myself listening to the wireless and 'supporting' from afar. It wouldn't take much to get me back religiously - but definitely the social ritual and sharing the experience with mates plays a massive part in the draw...
  10. 100% definitely. Might stop me screaming "put your foot on the fkin ball!!!" every two minutes from the ESL...
  11. Damien Muff Steve Bloomer Clameron Jerome Nicky Beaver Robbie Growler Shefki Coochie Ben Snatcher Glen Hymen (doesn't work, I know...) I'm 'ere all week....
  12. Enough is enough on Beckford. It just ain't gonna happen. It's not even like he's a lazy cnut who knows where the goal is.
  13. We weren't watching the same game then.
  14. That was as bad as I've seen for a while. Dervite and Ream are fucking dogshit. Basics just aren't there. Whatever positive elements Lennon has injected, they weren't on show tonight. Dreadful.
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