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  1. But for ESPN we could have played the game on saturday bastards!
  2. Beehive watching Meat Loaf tribute.....not bad!
  3. I was at the D.W stadium on saturday and there was one official coach (and I don't think that was full)
  4. I know we are it's the others I am getting at! where are they when we play well and deserve a point?
  5. Last week we got beat at Wolves and every man and his dog was on this site criticising Megson, the team, the fans basically everything, today we not only matched but COULD have beat the Multi Millionaire's of Man City. Give credit when credit is due, well done you white men onwards and upwards.
  6. Shock result of the season, sneak a one nil, get battered for 89 minutes SKD rocket header from Taylor cross in the 90th minute. Megson still blames fans. COYWM.
  7. Tell him to his face the next time you see him
  8. Have to agree with the greenhaulgh's comment (I have to cause I work there)
  9. Well next season don't bother getting another season ticket, for that matter of fact don't bother coming again we can do with out you! Come on you white men!
  10. I have sky t.v in my living room but my other half has the 42"plasma in the other room. Is there anyway I can watch sky through the plasma t.v ie feeding a cable through the two rooms (don't fancy a magic eye thing) I understand I will only be able to watch the channel that the sky box is connected to. Thanks.
  11. Yep cheers for that just checked myself
  12. Having looked on Bwfc website I notice the Wigan away game is on the Monday night, a Wigan season ticket holder today phoned there ticket office and they said it was still on the Saturday. Could anyone please confirm the correct date. Thanks.
  13. Hey I went there.......p.s whats a calculator.
  14. Thanks thats really helpfull advice. Unfortunatly she is not in a union so that information has given us a good platform to get her money. Thanks again.
  15. Another anti Megson thread here Traf do the honourable thing and close it!
  16. Mrs has come home from work today and has been told the company can't afford to pay the staff's wages for the month. They have also said that if you continue to come to work they can't guarantee to pay her, if she walks out will she get sacked? or does she continue to work? Help please!
  17. Lee just been replaced, winning 2-0 another helping hand in the goal, looks better and better this boy!
  18. Winning one nil at half time..Lee with the assist, he ran down the right ring passed the ball inside and the striker finished. Good goal.
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