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  1. If in January anyone would have told me we would be in an automatic promotion place with 4 games to go and it was in our own hands I would have asked them what drugs they were on, we would never make it easy so let's enjoy the ride..... Eieieio.
  2. Let's hope half a lion can turn it on tonight, been disappointing last couple of games, he could be the difference!
  3. They need the win as much as us so they will be pushing forward, hopefully play into our hands!
  4. Some Portuguese accent that.
  5. If we don't go up automatically we would smash Trampmere this time, the difference between us and them is huge now.
  6. Go at an electric pace for the first 15 minutes to try and get a goal then they have to open up and we can pick them off at ease.
  7. glennboltw


    I wonder what the thought of the Barnet fans were when fit? Wonder if they saw the potential?
  8. https://djbhearing.co.uk/ I use this guy, £60 but well worth it, don't need to use oil to soften the wax he use a suction machine to get rid of it all.
  9. From the first minute I felt relaxed watching that knowing we was going to win, not had that feeling for years.
  10. I think we must have a good outfield player capable of being keeper of needs be otherwise its a massive risk week in week out.
  11. Yep, very underwhelming.
  12. Ownership may have changed since then, it may have been Adamson's in 2018 I can't remember now.
  13. OK fair comment, can you remember who you dealt with? Was it Zulf or Karin by any chance?
  14. Wife used to work for Eric Smith at the bottom of chorley new/old road, we've sent a free of our friends to them.
  15. Got completely out boxed, and wants to fight a Pro Boxer.... Just go a hide under a rock and never come back out.
  16. I know, he looks a fresh a daisy.....Credit to Smith but Canelo is just another level.
  17. Kearsley roundabout..... As a kid coming home from me holidays from Cornwall knowing where I am and knowing I'm back home in Bolton.
  18. Great cheers, my next worry is for her to be spayed.....weve no kids so this is our baby 😂👍
  19. Thank her for me and we will have a 3rd booster 👍👍
  20. Spider.... Do me a favour and ask your Mrs what her opinion is on giving a Rottweiler a third Parvo injection at 6 months old? I've read loads of different things saying black and tan dogs require a third booster for Parvo.... Cheers pal.
  21. Need a bigger heart than that, shouldn't take a knee.
  22. Wife would go mad, already got a border collie and rottweiler 😄
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