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  1. hampsons sayers and the pound bakery are the same company. nothing to do with warburtons at all.
  2. I know, passing around at the back doing fook all! Even Charlie Adam looks dog shit.
  3. NONE....he even said six months himself!
  4. cheers that's great its worked.
  5. I have a message on my lap top saying i have 5 viruses. can anyone recommend any free downloads. Cheers.
  6. Ticket price's ect for the stoke end are as my link http://www.stokecityfc.com/page/NewsDetail/0,,10310~2318427,00.html
  7. I think everyone who wants to goto the semi will get a ticket....the problem's will start for the final, some season ticket holders will miss out mark my words!
  8. I hope the person who gets the tickets actually took part in the competion in the first place......it took me an hour to find the answer!
  9. Remember being stood in a bar talking to some pissed up middle aged man about a website I had never heard of called Wanderers ways....Think he was a mod but can't remember his name!
  10. Looking grim for the Wigin....they all thought Blackpool were on freefall.
  11. It's getting boring now...you have made your point so leave it.
  12. Enthusiasm is temporary.....class is permanent...thats what's got us to 30 point's
  13. Thats Blackpool fooked if he goes, think they have lost 4 out of the last 5 with him.
  14. Where's the best place/cheapest place for part worn tyres these day's and open on a Sunday. Thanks in advance.
  15. Swindon away in the 90's when the half time announcer said "that was the worst decision I have ever seen" when Steve Mc Mahon went straight through on Jason Mc Ateer and recieved a straight a red....Anyway we scored a late winner to win the match one nil so went to the local pub for a beer and the locals didn't take kindly to us and quickly shown us the door with flying ashtray's and bottles.......The half time announcer also got the sack!
  16. I remember that....saw your mum and brother in the Horseshoe the other week.
  17. Report your story to the Bolton News and try to shame the fuckers that did this!!!!
  18. RIP to the great man. Words cannot describe how much Bolton's son will be missed. Thanks for the memories.
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