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  1. surely he can't replace Chris Eagles on the right wing.
  2. Brilliant post.....Owen should read that to the players before kick off, COYWM.
  3. David Cameron has just mentioned the premier league matches on Saturday. Confirming that the Spurs game is off and he expects the rest of the other Premier League games will go ahead BUT WITH AN EARLIER KICK OFF IF THAT HAS BEEN AGREED!
  4. Norwich,Swansea, QPR, Wolves, Wigan, Blackburn, will all finish below us......Love Shrek
  5. Since we finished 7th bottom......That's 6 teams worse than us!
  6. There you go again with survival! I think Eagles can be better than Taylor has been for us and Mears will be good competion for Steinsson.
  7. Do you ever have a good word to say? Go support (or criticise) some other club!
  8. One lad at work once asked me did I know a telephone number for a local Taxi firm, I promptly replied of course 9 double 9 683....When he was given three options he replied Taxi please!
  9. never tried anything like that. I only do close up magic
  10. Easy mate. Never been called one of then before.
  11. If you like the royal flush trick take a look at this card trick one of my favorite's http://youtu.be/GErpOl3KG_w
  12. That's where my magic career started!
  13. Don't try to work it out just enjoy it....by the way check out my webpage www.glennpayne.co.uk.
  14. Makes Farnworth sound nice....market town?? Have they been to the market recently.
  15. It comes under accidental damage cover but we don't have that!
  16. Any of you guys do drain repairs? Had a blocked drain today for the 2nd time in about 4 months so I got out the jet people to blast away the shit etc and had a camera put down the drain to find out the cause. The camera showed that the drain had sank therefore causing a build up (the drain had also cracked). He has yet to come back with a quote but a guess I will be paying top dollar. Does anyone have any advice or know of anyone who does this kind of work...Cheers.
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