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  1. I’m with you till scousers and the beegees
  2. They don’t like the mad max
  3. What are you looking for?
  4. I’m booked in for a couple of sherbets at my new local 12:30-14:30 before we take on Grimsby.
  5. We will finish 2nd on goal difference
  6. I’m a coke head
  7. Manny road. My dad has a picture of Nat outside a turnstile on the manny road stand that I’d say was/would be fairly iconic
  8. They will be spewing that a brown chap is in charge. Morons. This hasn’t finished. Do they have the ground/training ground etc
  9. I like how the media won’t talk about this thread
  10. Don’t bother it’s shite. The wife of heisenberg may be one of the most irritating characters known to man
  11. Go for Gibraltar day ha
  12. It might be a daft but genuine question? Wouldn’t you want to celebrate England in England on that day? ignore me I see sweep beat me to it?
  13. Haha. My brothers birthday. Thank you for the reminder.
  14. I went through similar this summer. Bit like @stevieb and not @steviec says it will be sent to everyone and start of the process. Offer will come at consultation 1 I suspect. I suspect they will know who they want rid of already and this is a tick box exercise. Seems a daft way of doing it to be honest.
  15. tomski


    I said he was decent before anyone else but for mere mortals he was 38 and being asked to perform a job in a division above his level. Luckily Phil only knew one way to play and Wilbraham was part of that. in regards of Maddison I don’t follow all the weird shit he does so it doesn’t bother me unless @Ghana White sends me it which has been known. For someone who hated Eagles I’m a bit meh to this bloke and felt IE probably used a bad choice of words describing him as a maverick only highlighted more since yesterday.
  16. How gay does Blackpool’s badge look haha fierce tangerines
  17. Young people are knobs.
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