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  1. Aye. Let’s see if it gets done first
  2. That rules Harrison out then
  3. Is this up the tics fella oldham or Wigan. I always thought Oldham were the latics?
  4. Will Electric cars be exempt? I remember this. Thought it was pie in the sky stuff
  5. Didn’t even realise till I read this. Meh. Never had an issue with folk celebrating it as it’s an excuse for a pint but never felt the need to join in.
  6. Please do a one for here. @gonzocan draw the groups for the sweepstake for old times sake and I imagine he’s nowt else to do
  7. Aye know him similarly. I don’t think he makes a 16 like a few mentioned above
  8. Anyone off here? Has potential to be good!!!
  9. Do we think a lot will go down to Crawley if and when it’s on
  10. Fucking ace that game. I was mistaken as top boy and removed by police at Kings cross station and escorted all the way to the game
  11. I misread this as a thread about Dennis Politics family.
  12. The saviour seems like he could be the best wind up ever. Still not convinced. His twitter involves 60% of his 5 tweets taking a picture of a hat. Seems odd
  13. Still not convinced. Also the average Wigan fan I’ve come across will be delighted at who their new owners are!
  14. Dirty bastards the pair of em. Was horrific at the time and still is.
  15. Feel sorry for the people that bought homes. It’s a right shitter. Id let it go as they look alright and I don’t think they swallow up the land.
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