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  1. Been a big part of stabilising us and I imagine it’s very time consuming with low reward as I think he kept his day job too. Wish him well.
  2. Would like Brentford lincoln Morecambe
  3. Ruined as stated above. Will give it a miss like most other games. Didn’t even know it was cup final day till someone messaged this morning.
  4. I’m sure he had a flair up with one of our kids in that first game. Wasn’t a good look
  5. If that’s true I’d be a big fan of us pioneering going back to 2 year kits
  6. I’d like to keep him. I also suspect if Evatt wants him we will. The loan signings we made were all out of contract this summer other than Jackson I think and I suspect that was for a reason
  7. Some cheery souls on here
  8. tomski

    Keith Hill

    Tranmere are only relevant when we are shit. They are becoming less relevant to me again (good news) Allardyce would only do Salford for a DOF role and loads of wedge. It would be a sad ending to his career. Can’t see it
  9. Nowt I’d guess? They are all welcome to each other
  10. I voted and was accused of being posh. I’ll be going back again.
  11. They’ve flitted between the 2 for years I think
  12. Aye far too simplistic to blame music and games. Plenty more changed over time.
  13. Sad stuff. RIP young man especially if it’s another Wanderer.
  14. Would normally be pleased for Man City after they’ve done so well as a new team at the top table but they and the others blew that good will with me the other week.
  15. Really encouraging numbers
  16. Come on Bolton. I’m only seeing a win here and glory beckons
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