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  1. I think it’s been bob on. You were offered a refund if not keen. I appreciate everyone’s circumstances are different but I wanted to be money to go to the club and I’m fairly sure it has. Renewed
  2. I’ll go with that. I think on the flip side is if it wasn’t religion the loopy types would find another mechanism to spout their bollocks
  3. Nowt will happen. They are being applauded for being sore losers. They’ve a generation who can’t handle not winning everything and they can’t handle it.
  4. Love Braza. It’s a little hidden gem
  5. Love it. Come on Bolton, let’s get the job done and then push for something more. Bolton 1-0 Exeter
  6. Can echo Carlos and Nics points here. Data is the big commodity in my work these days more so than selling product/brand I work for.
  7. Really bizarre that you’d think about either 2 on securing promotion. Enjoy the day, they don’t come round often with the wanderers. COYWM
  8. Was going to say. Will be like the good old days. Shame it’s the subject matter that has delivered it mind
  9. Are you referring to all people?
  10. Aye people quaffing at other areas of Bolton is a bit fierce
  11. Whilst you jest they probably will be presented with some award
  12. Man U have always attracted lots of twats
  13. All for women’s football. Can’t see a reason to exclude anyone from playing. Couple of observations I’ve made fwiw. No issue with women commentators. Viewing of a match has never been decided on who is commentating (I excuse Gary Rat boy on this) I don’t particularly find the women’s game interesting but I could throw multiple men’s football scenarios o also have no interest in. The but I do think is a bit silly is when they announce who is commentating as four time premier league winner or 3 time fa cup winner with females as I think it’s probably more embarrassin
  14. Wowsers. Can’t believe any Bolton fan has enough success points to palm off a promotion celebration. I’m impressed by him ha
  15. Its 12 with his height
  16. Job done 1-0, Tranmere and Morecambe won’t win and it will be all over
  17. Typical rag skid mark
  18. Media will cover it up with this pretend St George’s day tomorrow.
  19. Just read this and still not sure what it’s about other than @Rudywas camp but now is glam and @Not in Crawleyis looking for his new @bolty58 with @Escobarp
  20. Nicely summarised as always
  21. And Salford. They are pathetic
  22. Don’t need to tell me. They’re gimps mate
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