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  1. The next General Election is almost certainly going to be a re-run of the EU Referendum. "Muslims!"
  2. Which MP's voted against their conscience?
  3. Probably not. But as I've already asked - do you really not see the hypocrisy, and how that deminishes his position?
  4. His comments are probably right, but fuck me. Do you not see the hypocrisy at all? If someone robbed you, then said "nobody should rob people", would you forgive them because of "the substance of their comment"?
  5. Dapo is on fire for FC Pauli tonight. Not that we have any reason to care.
  6. Absolutely mind-blowing that she was our Prime Minister.
  7. Could you be getting mixed up with Ken Morley who played Reg Holdsworth? He lives in/near Chorley.
  8. Thought we'd re-signed Sarcevic for a second. (It's Toby Brittan) https://www.bwfc.co.uk/news/whites-beaconsfield-sponsor-whites
  9. They don't give a fuck. How are Jacob Rees-Mogg and Lee Anderson allowed to present programmes on GBNews? This country has been turned into a fucking circus.
  10. Absolutely. She's chasing the dollar now by speaking at Republican events in the US, coming up with all sorts of conspiracy theories for them to lap up. Her latest one is that she was ousted from No 10 by Trans-activists.
  11. You obviously haven't taken into account what Lindsay Hoyle did the other day.
  12. They might not, but it's another tiny step towards a level of condemnation that makes them think a bit. That's how this shit works.
  13. Probably the nearest he ever got to being 'dignified' in his life.
  14. I've only renewed 2 of our 3 this year as one of the sprogs is flying the nest in the summer. 😥
  15. And the son of a KGB Agent, against the advice of British security services. Still blows my fucking mind that.
  16. They couldn't be worse if "Be more corrupt than the current Government" was a manifesto pledge. It would take a gargantuan effort.
  17. Thank fuck they weren't penned in or the death toll would have been in the hundreds, if not thousands.
  18. Not at all, but unless there's evidence to prove he's lying...
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