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  1. Did you not read the article? https://www.bwfc.co.uk/news/2021/october/wanderers-launch-official-membership/
  2. Pretty sure you can hear Steve Evans properly bollocking his players in the last few seconds of this...
  3. They were in last week's unfortunately.
  4. A football is there to be kicked - kicked hard An opponent is there to be kicked - kicked hard Run hard, in various directions If you've not spewed up, we're out of the Cup Kick Shit Tackle Kick Another shit And that's the Bolton way.
  5. Really, so I must be deluded. I'd be interested to see the stats, but from what I see, Isgrove seems to retain the ball or find a White shirt more often than anyone else does. His final ball might be poor, but we're not exactly spoilt for choice. Maybe I'm totally wrong. I'm not saying anyone else is shit in comparison by the way. Far from it.
  6. Isgrove is probably our best player at the moment.
  7. Most important goal of our season that.
  8. Bent: Chiefly British Slang. morally crooked; corrupt. 😉
  9. This week gets even more bizarre! Ken Anderson is reffing today's game!
  10. This'll all be forgotten by 5pm tomorrow. 💪
  11. Or a bad apple in the cart being discarded after one too many indescretions?
  12. No further than WanderersWays....
  13. You never know, Evatt could be the modern day Brian Clough. I think he might be. No nonsense. You're either in, or you're out. Even Clough's sides went on the odd bad run. Keep the faith.
  14. Got to agree with what Jack Dearden & co said on BBC Radio Manchester. Further explanation is needed here. I personally don't give a fuck, because what's done is done - but it's got the rabble roused, and speculation is always more damaging than the truth.
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