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  1. Me and my kids loved it! I'm just a bit perplexed by the Lincoln fans joining in!
  2. Lincoln got a corner in the dying seconds, and he had a bit of handbags with one of their lot, then threw the ball to the halfway line. Excellent shithousery.
  3. Thomason's shot at 2:15 in this lads video.
  4. That would depend on what his/her preferred pronouns are.
  5. Didn't put a foot wrong really, apart from that. The ball sat up beautifully, and his body shape made it look like he was about to score a screamer. Nearly hit the stadium roof.
  6. Thought Thomasson had another good game, but that shot he had in the first half was hilarious.😁
  7. Or just go to the ticket office before the match and they'll sort it all for you.
  8. In hindsight, I think you're right. Whoosh.
  9. I know. Unlikely he'd return within a fortnight of his resignation though.
  10. Unlikely as he resigned as Oldham manager a fortnight ago...
  11. Left out because he was still recovering from injury when the squad was picked.
  12. Having said that, I fucking loved that season we beat them 2-0 Home and Away, then 3-0 in the Play-Off final, with Ricketts coming off the bench to score in all 3 games.
  13. Don't mind PNE as I know loads of Preston fans and they're generally alright. Also can't forget how they helped our staff out when the shit hit the fan a few years ago by donating £2000 worth of shopping vouchers, and tried to avoid any resulting publicity. https://www.lep.co.uk/sport/football/preston-north-end/pne-news/preston-north-end-believed-have-helped-out-unpaid-staff-bolton-wanderers-donating-ps2000-worth-shopping-vouchers-667023
  14. £75 just for the shirt, not the full kit. Get to fuck!
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