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  1. I see the sponsor nonces are already out in force complaining about "the shade of green".
  2. Haha! Was thinking that myself.
  3. He probably heard them on GBNews...
  4. Go on. Post the link.
  5. By saying I neither agree nor disagree? 😂
  6. Our system of Democracy is a fucking disgrace.
  7. What questions? It was 2 of the hosts chatting.
  8. Not much better now she's back. "Rishi Sunak is basically a breath of fresh air, because he's far too rich to be corrupted". Fuck me. I'll probably give it a miss from now on.
  9. I neither agree nor disagree. I just think his level of "failure" has been massively exaggerated.
  10. If conceding a goal is a "fuck up", then yes he made a few. So did Trafford. So does the best goalkeeper in the world.
  11. We only lost 1 game when he was in goal last season, and that was against Aston Villa. Don't get me wrong, I'm not sorry to see him leave. Just think his "failure" has been massively over-egged.
  12. Didn't realise she'd taken a break. Makes more sense.
  13. Pretty much how I interpreted it, and was quite disappointed by it really. I don't have particularly strong feelings on either side of the debate about JSO's tactics, but it didn't come across well at all.
  14. Those aren't "major weaknesses", they're just not part of his role. We're in League 1, trying (and mostly succeeding) to play expansive exciting football.
  15. Not necessarily related, but I know you're a fellow listener - the News Agents podcast seems to have shifted a bit lately. The haranguing of the Just Stop Oil woman the other day was a bit unnecessary. Asking if she'd support anti-Abortion protestors seemed a bit odd.
  16. He's easily good enough, and has exactly the right attitude.
  17. You must be taking the piss?
  18. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/23566308.bolton-wanderers-ceo-neil-hart-fear-factor-tv-deal/
  19. Should force a bunch of immigrants to stay in there for a bit and give them free mobile phones and wifi. The boats would be turning around and heading back to France within a few hours.
  20. In what circles are Holmes and Wooton "relevant"? They're both claiming they've known for years that Schofield was a wrong-un, yet they haven't said anything until now?
  21. Stayed at Norbreck Castle on my own a few years back, last minute. Fuck me. There was blood splatter on the walls, encrusted pubes in every nook and cranny, the freezing cold faulty shower looked like someone had done a shit in it, and god knows what else. Walls were crumbling, cieling tiles missing or falling down, carpets were like walking on moss, mould all over the shop. Couldn't believe it hadn't been condemned. Think it was £15 for the night, but I wouldn't have paid 15p if I hadn't been completely shit faced. Bar was full of families playing Bingo, presumably staying there for the week. Had to have 4 showers when I got home the next day, and I can still smell it to this day.
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