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  1. Fucking hell this is hard going watching this
  2. Come on five to go ! might even get a season ticket next year !
  3. Fourth division players ..... if they could do that they would be playing at a higher level ...
  4. Brownie could whip them in but his piece de resistance was the curling ball up the line !
  5. So it’s been a couple of years Clayton powis still a racist ? are there any new , leaving aside the many many cunts who were here before , cunts or people who get offended over easily ? say by being called a cunt . and yes I know I’m one🙄
  6. I'll be there in spirit....supporting by the power of the force ..... 2-1 last min pen...
  7. Fuck it wank yourself silly anyway.
  8. FIFA in being bent shocker.
  9. ATM. Not usually seen in football but hey .....megalolz.
  10. Once ,when I was about 17/18 ,I was chatting a bird up in the brass cat at last orders, and was doing rather well,when I asked her how old she was...she replied 14, I walked away thinking if I'd shagged it I could end up in jail......she didn't look a day under 18.....
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