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  1. Gonna miss it all tomorow (Might get back for last 2 races) so thought I would have a few combination bets E/W L15 on 11 Mar 2014 - 1:30 Cheltenham - Win Vaniteux @ 10/1 EW @ 1/4 1-5 11 Mar 2014 - 2:05 Cheltenham - Win Trifolium @ 4/1 EW @ 1/4 1-3 11 Mar 2014 - 2:40 Cheltenham - Win Alfie Sherrin @ 8/1 EW @ 1/4 1-4 11 Mar 2014 - 4:00 Cheltenham - Win Cailin Annamh @ 11/1 EW @ 1/4 1-3 Trixie on 11 Mar 2014 - 3:20 Cheltenham - Win Our Conor @ 9/2 11 Mar 2014 - 4:00 Cheltenham - Win Quevega @ 5/6 11 Mar 2014 - 4:40 Cheltenham - Win Foxrock @ 7/2 Also have a couple of Week Long EW L15s Our Conor @ Guaranteed Price (4/1) 11th Mar 2014 - Stan James Champion Hurdle At Fishers Cross @ Guaranteed Price (13/2) 13th Mar 2014 - Ladbrokes World Hurdle NON RUNNER MONEY BACK Last Instalment @ Guaranteed Price (7/1) 14th Mar 2014 - Betfred Cheltenham Gold Cup NON RUNNER MONEY BACK Arvika Ligeonniere @ Guaranteed Price (6/1) / Sizing Europe @ Guaranteed Price (12/1) 12th Mar 2014 - BetVictor Queen Mother Champion Chase NON RUNNER MONEY BACK All the best!
  2. Went Cheltenham on an all expense do last year, fantastic day. Gutted Im not there this year. Some of your selections have been smashed in Gaarp. Some very good value there. I dont even know where to start tomorrow. Taking on Hurricane Fly with Our Conor but thats about it at the moment.
  3. If you are coming from Bolton do M6 A50 M1. Thats how we always get up to Bolton from Leicestershire
  4. In + 2. Almost like a home game for me.
  5. Eagles dropped completely. Hmmmmm.
  6. richbwfc

    Jock Yoof

    Essex lad banned from City Ground for life. Dunno what they did.
  7. Interesting read that Traf. Especially as I backed Hurricane Fly in a big Ante-Post Lucky 15 for Cheltenham around this time last year. I have learnt my lesson and haven't had an ante post bet since.
  8. Cheers Traf. The results speak for themselves so far so tempted to follow. Only problem is I cant get on each day so not sure if it is worthwhile. I had already picked out Ballywatt and Bin End at Leicester myself. Ballywatt has already been backed from 11/4 to 7/4 on Will Hills too.
  9. Hi Traf, Is there any difference between part 1 and part 2 each day? Or just purely down to the timing of posting? Ta.
  10. Official Posh Twitter "Pitch very wet but still playable at 1115"
  11. Germany cost me a fair sum yesterday. In a double with Italy and a -1 handicap trixie with Belguim and Italy. Thats life though.
  12. Cheers Traf. I think I remember last year you saying course form is very important at Chester too?
  13. Sorry, I've been up in Bolton for the weekend without access to proper internet. Thanks for the input guys. I'm not sure I would want to stake 10% of my bank as that seems like a lot and more than I have bet before in one bet (bar the odd occasion). Maybe going 5% would be the way to go and then the principle of withdrawing once the bank has doubled. Or halving my original bank and then using the 10% stake. I've made a lot of improvements to the way I bet recently, notably not going for big wins with Lucky 15s or Patents etc. but sticking to Singles or in some exceptions the odd double. I also like making use of the place market in racing rather than going E/W to find some "value". I do need to start cutting out the volume of bets though and hopeing this staking strategy/bankroll management could help with that. Why does this "system" say Win only Bolty and never E/W or Place?
  14. I know a few guys on here take their gambling quite seriously so I was after a bit of advice if possible. I have managed to build up a pretty decent bank over the last week or so. Well decent in my eyes anyway... I was wondering if, by choosing sensible "low risk" bets and good bankroll management, would it be possible to win say 5% of your bank each day in order to withdraw this. I know its a very open ended question but thought I would put it out there. What would be the best way of going about managing a bankroll in order to attempt doing this. Should I never bet more than 10% of the bank? Is this too much? Stop once I have reached 5% of the bank for the day? Stop if I have lost too much of the bank in 1 day? Only choose bets of a certain odds range? Any help at all would be helpful if folk are willing to share. If anyone knows how to attach a rubber to a cricket bat handle that would be helpful too...! Cheers.
  15. Everyone was saying 4 points will do. Nothing has changed there we just have less games to get them from. At 1-1 we looked like the team that was going on to win but Spurs were always gonna be dangerous on the break with that pace and we never have been able to defend against pace. Still in this. 4 points.......!
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