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  1. This is where we need a redzone type thing.
  2. €150m signing on fee helps though,
  3. The most important penalty against us was probably Readings in 95.
  4. I hae no doubt that you heard this. Kent heard a player (unknown) talking to someone else (who may, or may not be one of the follwing: Another player, a butcher, H from Steps, or some guy picking up his daughter) about Dapo & Santo's outlook on the move. Unless I have completetly misread it, he didnt hear Santos, Dapo and A.N.Other player disussing their plans. If I had, I apologise.
  5. Well, overheard one anonymous player, disussing other players, at least.
  6. 5 in 7 against Bayern. Bayern won all 7, scoring 19. 23 in 16 starts in the Champions League. Not sure if he can do it on a rainy night in Bolton Stoke Burnley though
  7. Didnt realise he had left Forest.
  8. wasn't Bannon (and Danns) the ones resposible for Davies wanting to stop bankrolling the club after they rolled into the hotel early hours on matchday morning ? Allegedly, of course.
  9. He's not Worst XI material until he complains about having to buy his own water.
  10. His dad played against us in the Barry Knight game, didnt he ?
  11. I didnt think he was at the time, didnt he become a 'name' later on ? Looking at it, he wasn't on FIFA's list until 1995, we played Brescia in '93.
  12. He's too busy knocking one out over the vids.
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