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  1. After last night: Scored first : 6 (W5, D1) Conceded First : 10 (W4, D1, L5) No score: 3 Last time we scored 1st : 1st Oct (v Lincoln, W 2-0) Conceded 1st 7 times since, with a couple of 0-0 thrown in.
  2. Stays the same, this could be the night that Carlsberg make football. Oh Bollocks.
  3. Tell you if not in 3 weeks: 49ers (A) Chargers (A) Bills (A)
  4. The pressure was put upon them by themselves. 'Yeah, I'll wear the armband. It will make it look like I really care about the issue, and make me an hero. My employer will pay the fine. Whats that ? I may be get a yellow ? oh, I don't care THAT much about the cause'.
  5. The Jets had 2 (TWO) yards of total offence the entire second half yesterday. Zach Wilson may, possibly, be one of the top 50 Quarterbacks in the NFL.
  6. DAughters school is. But only for those that have PE at the time. Those in 'normal' lessons carry as on as normal.
  7. They are not even trying to hide the corruption and cheating now.
  8. MIami vs Tampa Bay got postponed a few years ago, due to an incoming storm. Both teams were forced to have their bye week that week. It was week one, so they had their bye week, before they had played a single game, then had 16 weeks on solid.
  9. its about 12 posts above you
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/63674631
  11. Noticeable, that against Morecambe & Port Vale, he did put Dixon the bench. Not that I would infer that they were the types of team to do just that, you understand.
  12. Officials not reviewing the (non) catch at the end of regulation that allowed the Bills to kick the tying FG. Buffalo (sucessfully) playing with 12 men on goal line defense in OT, and the officials not spotting it. Buffalo having a 17 point lead. And blowing it. These things happen, but when everything goes for you, and you still lose, it may haunt them a while. As it should. Meanwhile: Enjoy that champagne, Mercury.
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