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  1. 11th, but never seriously threatening the play offs.
  2. Norwich, Burnden, League Cup. The night scientists discovered zero degrees kelvin.
  3. Almost a carbon copy of Croatia in 2018. Disappointing, but hopefully forgotten & forgiven by the time the WC is over next year.
  4. ZiggyStardust


    Did the EFL appeal against us not getting a points deduction regarding Doncaster ? It seems about 20 years ago.
  5. Must admit, always like a yellow away kit. Especially with a collar.
  6. Who is this ? The best available, would not be affordable. And those that are affordable, are not the best available. Maybe Gilks is the best available thats affordable, and Dixon is an adequate backup.
  7. is Delfounso still here, or was he on a one year contract ?
  8. Hancocks a twat. However, Him having an affair, and others not being able to see loved ones, are not related in anyway. Unless of course, he was breaking covid rules or restrictions in some way.
  9. Morecambe have also just offered ST Holders from last season a FULL refund. Please donate my full season ticket refund to the raise the roof / stadium improvements campaign Please can I have 21/22 season ticket/s and donate any additional refund to the raise the roof / stadium improvements campaign* Please can I have 21/22 season ticket/s and receive a refund for any remaining balance*
  10. Although, I'm not sure if the reservation was ever meant or stated to be rolled over to the following season, or was for the duration of the 20-21 season, in the event the stadium opened back up. Other wise they were potentially not selling a large number of seats this season as the st holders from 19-20 hadn't renewed. Not much help now I know, But I'd have contact the TO when they first went on sale to find out the ins and outs.
  11. I'd try today, as it appears there was no sales yesterday.
  12. you was able to get your st seat last season. you may not have been allocated it in reduced capacity admissions. If you didnt renew last season, there isnt a seat to renew, or someone else bought it last season. Speak to the ticket office.
  13. Previously, you have said Zaha doesnt kneel because he is a tory. Proper Gymnastics indeed. Context.
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