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  1. Right, we were comfortable at HT last week, lets not fuck this up.
  2. We didnt in Worthys goal against Ipswich.
  3. I woul;d have has the Early discount last year if it existed, and its still cheaper, so tr may have gone previously. The early prices (ESL at least) are ~15% chaeper than full price, so 5% Early, 10% Loyalty (plus 5% Lifeline). Mine works out at 19% less than full price. I can live with that.
  4. It may be me who has not read it properly. I may owe you an apology. I cant see the usual early purchase discount, plus the loyalty. It appears the normal early purchase has been renamed the loyaly bonus. I read it this: Those who has ST last season (whether the asked for a refund or not) have the oportunity to get them 10% cheaper if they get them by 6th June. Everyone else, full price. Lifeline is the normal discount. £715 for our 3 last year, £660 this. *Also, any supporter who held a season ticket during 2020/21 season and
  5. Thats what we have. Those who got a refund, or didnt have a season ticket, pay headline prices. Those who has a ST, and didnt ask for refund, get the additional 10% off (after early purhcase discount, lifeline discount etc).
  6. at 50% discount, we would need to double ST Sales. Could you really see us selling 16k season tickets in League 1/2? We're not Bradford you know.
  7. So for arguments sake, let’s say 6k £300 ST’s are renewed, £1.8m at 50% £900k So you want the club you support to write off almost a million dabs to reward your loyalty. Why not just get Sweaty Ken back in charge It would appear they expect Sharon to foot the bill, and provide free entertainment. If only there had been an option to ask for a refund.
  8. Cambridge. Draw today and next week, Cambridge lose next week, we go above them. Morecambe: Draw next week, we need to draw, we could have lost and gone up. That goal was massive.
  9. And Wigan stayed up taday , the cherry on top
  10. that goal was massive, we could have gone up next week with a draw, if Cambridge lose (assuming Morecambe beat Bradford). Now we have to win.
  11. 4-4 is good, we can still go past Cambridge tomorrow, but it takes one option out for both Morecambe and Tranmere, hopefully de-motivating them in case we screw up.
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