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  1. https://twitter.com/UndrTheCosh/status/1384557672893140993?s=19 SJM spot on, this is what football needs to get back to.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56772427 Very harsh on PM imo, can't see that he did a lot wrong in the video
  3. Oladapo Afolayan from West Ham linked on twitter. Mate of mine played with him and called him a "big time Charlie" if you replace Charlie with another word beginning with C. Hopefully he's wrong.
  4. Looks like Wigan have got him, can't understand this one.
  5. I've looked into this myself. You can either get one of the Nyrius WiFi boxes but they are expensive and don't have great reviews. Your best bet would be to get a hdmi ethernet extender, you would needfind a way to run an ethernet cable between rooms but its much cheaper and works. You would think there would be better technology for this. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Extender-Repeater-Function-Ethernet-Satellite-60M-RX-TX/dp/B00YC3BWL2
  6. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhys_Bennett Rhys Bennett's Wikipedia page says he's signed. I know anyone can change it but it seems to be happening with a few of our signings before they are announced.
  7. Hi very rarely post on here but a friend of mine who plays non league knows a few lads who played under Campbell at Macclesfield. Apparently when the captain suggested the system wasn't working during a losing streak he was brought in front of the squad by Sol and asked how many England caps he had, the players were then told if they question him again they could "f*ck off" and would be out of the team. Obviously this is third hand information but it seems to line up with rumours about his ego. Hill used these sort of humiliation tactics last season and seeing how that ended, it definitely fee
  8. RT @Nigel_Farage: The South African land reform process is clearly not legal or transparent as @Theresa_May suggests.It is absolute theft…

  9. RT @itvanglia: The wife of England Rugby and Leicester Tigers rugby player Tom Youngs has given her first TV interview speaking about her e…

  10. RT @curtiswoodhous8: Trump was voted in by his people fair and square and is delivering on the policies he was voted in for. We voted on br…

  11. RT @_doggsy: Just watched Atletico Madrid win the Europa League Final 3-0. Don’t play very attractive football though do they. Their fans c…

  12. RT @BBCRMsport: Want to know just how ballistic @TheJackDearden went when Aaron Wilbraham popped up with the winner for #BWFC?Get the vol…

  13. RT @OfficialBWFC: FULL TIME: Wanderers 3-2 @NFFC. WE ARE STAYING UP, SAY WE ARE STAYING UP!!!Football. Bloody hell.#BWFC 3-2 NFFC ???? ???? h…

  14. Regarding Holden would we still not get a fee for him due to him being below 24? Surely using him for the last year of the contract to get us out of league 1 and then letting him go to a big club next year would be best. Burnley got about £6.5m for Ings plus a 20% signing on fee from Liverpool, plus remember the ridiculous money West ham got for hall from us. Don't understand the urgency to sell him when clubs are trying to get him for peanuts.
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