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  1. I used to try and emulate zico or boniek
  2. Says striker on his page
  3. 287 app 53 goals (give or take)...so not that great as a striker which surprised me, as I had thought he was better then that
  4. Wullie


    It sort of feels like those years, where we picked up older experienced players when we were in the old division, and it failed...forcing us to rebuild with at first Phil neal, and then more successfully under bruce
  5. You need to do a book signing somewhere mate
  6. Wullie


    The plan, which has been jointly agreed by the new ownership and the EFL, includes restrictions in respect of transfers fees, player wages and agents’ fees. Any application to register players must comply with the terms of those agreed plans. That bit from the EFL is interesting, as I am betting these players that are signing, are doing so for a couple of grand a week, and their agents won't be getting involved for nothing
  7. Wullie


    think it is a younger lads rivalry, i only care when we play them, or they try and give me shit on the train ride into manchester....but that only happened once
  8. I don't want to be reminded, just no fight against aldershot
  9. Wullie


    Don't they still have to pay the creditors 25p £ to fully come out of the EFL embargo?
  10. At this moment, I'm not sure we have brought in better signings yet in enough areas. We know we were defensively weak in a few matches, but I have faith in IE
  11. Had me in tears did that
  12. Wullie


    Well, they have 5 weeks to: Officially buy and own the stadium. Buy the club and go through the various due diligence and EFL owners test. To pay all creditors 25p in the £. Get out of administration. Start to build a team... Tick Tock....
  13. Concentrating on leaving the Union....i'm voting Yes
  14. Not sure mate, I thought it was something the FA etc got behind
  15. Taking the knee is just as useless as the Kick it out scheme. Neither the FA, UEFA or FIFA have done any credible or meaningful work on it, which is a shame as they have the money and time to do something about racism in football.....but just an opinion
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