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  1. I'm optimistic that they can't do a 4th Saturday on the trot!
  2. Brum at Blackburn same day, they have to change at Bolton. Bolton have to change at Blackburn & wait half an hour! Interesting day out ahead.
  3. It's a yes from me, purely selfish reasons
  4. Got a season pass for National Express now!
  5. Didn't know where his goal was again! 🙄
  6. Yes. Hence why I'm asking if anyone has a seated ticket.
  7. If anyone hears of any spare seated tickets please let me know, unfortunately can't stand for any periods of time. Ta muchly
  8. Fook it, going to Cricket instead then. @Marc505 , fancy a night out round Notts?
  9. The full Road Runner back catalogue has recently been sold. I think the supporters trust bought it, try them
  10. I dare say the BWRG can help, I'll send you a DM Cambridge 👍
  11. At least someone is talking sense! Were we at our best? No However credit to Sheffield, they did their homework, so we couldn't be at our best. I thought they were very well drilled, got the opener through a bad mistake & poor recovery. The game was always going to go to whoever scored first. Need to get something at Plymouth if we want to be up there amongst the front runners.
  12. Which is also in the Fanzone!!
  13. Was always going to be, it always is! Stoke away at Huddersfield too, be interesting after the game when not everyone can get on that first train back to Manc.
  14. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Baka yet, his movement & dragging defenders with him was superb & made the space for the goal opportunities. Thought he had a great game
  15. I was one of the first in, still took 20 mins to get served! They don't know how to serve hand pull. Not enough tables to sit down a kid 'reserved' the table whilst the adults were queueing for ale. It needs beer Keller style long benching tables to stop that shite! Open air, not allowed to smoke or vape! Needs better signage, then get informed, have to go out to smoke walk round & queue to get back in! If it's at capacity, you won't get back in to your pint! Shambles decision. All it needs is a fenced off area near the exit that you can smoke in & be a pariah! Plenty of space to do it. Work in progress, it will improve but its not for me, I'll leave it to the ST geniuses with no experience to advise further, pfft. Disabled toilet was leaking all over too, easy fix though. Bar staff need to learn to just pour ale because it'll be sold, quicker service needed, agency staff aren't the people needed, time should solve that hopefully.
  16. All clear & loud in the West stand 👍 A lot better than recent seasons
  17. We started it under Anderson but didn't continue it til today. It's exactly what we should be doing, isolate them & don't let them get behind their team. I see Seff Weds have been given the whole end again, over 5k of them & less home fans in Crazy corner, even after the trouble from last year! It's wrong. The gap should be in the South Stand lower & keep them away from the home support, not the other way round!
  18. Nice to meet you pal, short but sweet, as I said meet up with you pre Morecambe for a pint & chat. That today was well worth your trip, all the best 👍
  19. What a performance, what a great day! Could've been 6 When your 3 bowt up and Bodvarrson comes on as a sub, you're excited for more. Great squad, strength in depth, exciting times ahead. Finally got the Wycombe Monkey off our backs. What's not to like, watch out Vale, we're on our way
  20. Please tell me you had money on that?
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