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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Happy Wanderer - Rest in peace 😢😢


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Thanks to Burnden for this info on the other  thread


Just seen a post on my neices fb , turns out she is mates with Happys daughter ..... I don't know how to post a link here but this is what the post says ..


7h  · 
In July 2020, my dad was diagnosed with a stage 4 glioblastoma - an aggressive brain tumour that has no cure, out of absolutely nowhere. We had no idea and overnight our lives were turned upside down. In August 2020 he underwent surgery, and then started chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and was lucky enough to be selected for a immunotherapy clinical trial. Thankfully, my dad is still with us a year on, but this condition has a 5 year survival rate of 20%. Glioblastomas affect only 0.00321% of the population. Or 3.21 individuals per 100,000. 
My mum has been absolutely amazing throughout this whole last year, from driving him to the other side of Manchester for his treatment everyday to giving my dad his medication each morning and night- she is such an incredible woman and I am so proud to call her my mum. 
To top it off, she’s running 5K everyday in October for The Brain Tumour Charity- a charity focused on research surrounding brain tumours and aiming to boost the survival rate past 5 years, and hopefully find a cure. 
If you could donate anything, it would mean the world, not only to my family, but also hopefully make sure in the future that no one has to go through what my dad has in the past 12 months.
Thank you ❤️
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Late to this. So sad to hear about happy and hope hes battling as well as he can.

Said it before but there cant be many other football forums as strong as this one, with as much history and a hell of lot good stuff come from the place, friendships, charities and the likes.

Fair play for keeping it all going Neil.


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58 minutes ago, Ani said:

This site has £000s in the past for good causes, let's blast this one out of site, he really is one of our own. 

Has anyone contacted the club ? 

Plenty of WW also on that FB group which seems to be headed by former poster,  MrsC. Sure they could mention the fundraising. 

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