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  1. Think I'll buy me a football team
  2. Used to love doing that - like bunkering in for a test match. Fooks chance now like but I did manage to get out on the course yesterday - not that anything resembling golf was happening mind
  3. Absolute top notch that yesterday. Just shows how much effect pressure has on em. Spieth is a beast. His recovery is out of this world at times - looking very good if he starts well tomorrow but Kisner keeps impressing. Rory continues to frustrate - want him to do well but he really needs to sort his head out
  4. Yes that was a nice little surprise last night. Two weeks in the Seychelles beckons
  5. You can look at 70s qualification failures all you want but I don't think anyone could really argue that having more young English talent playing at the highest level is not going to help the national team. I never blamed foreigners - that they are playing with more diverse talent is a bonus
  6. It was the chewing and squeezing through teeth . . . Come on, you'll not find a decent fella with those kind of antics, young ladies
  7. Aye, no bitterness here - good luck to em. Now if only they can work out how to have sex with non-family members and we're cooking on gas Either way, young English lads are getting more game time at top levels which is helping the national team. Never was rocket science was it?
  8. Cheers - not a Sky mon so usually get a week Now TV jobby for the majors. Prob just watch highlights and wait for the weekend coverage and save a tenner and I could listen to Alliss' sexist rambles all day Didn't the BBC get another one of the majors last year - PGA rings a bell?
  9. A comeback ha ha! Never knew it was a thing - that's tonight's entertainment sorted then
  10. Do you think it shows that nurturing English talent can yield good results over splashing cash about on Johnny foreign types? Also had a decent manager there and settles set up for a good few years which must help
  11. Made me think of two girls one cup that Possibly the most horrific thing I've ever seen and that's including some twisted stuff
  12. I fancy Rose . . . he's a love! A win gets him world no.1 and he's been in pretty decent form last couple of years - due another major. I've not checked but is it live on BBC? Last year I bought a Now TV package then realised it was free - doh! Escobarp - well jealous - would love to be there, mate
  13. Hmm? Bangkok Lady Boys? It's a fine line
  14. Honestly don't know. You'd have to assume so or else Fifa really are dropping a political bollock (like they gave a fook). They do have a wome's national team though so . . . I know non-Qatari folk don't have to wear hijabs and cover up but are expected to dress modestly - which is fair enough. I doubt there'll be any ale at games though.
  15. I know ye jest, as did I when I posted this on a similar thread a while back, but all giggles aside it's a valid point. In terms of promoting equality anyway - which is surely the point and beef of all these folk? Fifa are just trying to back the 'right horse' to clean their image up a bit. As for Qatar, we won't be seeing any women - certainly not Russian porn stars in skimpy outfits. It really is gonna be shite
  16. Aye, just show us a handful of Cromwellian sourpusses instead, or fat middle aged men with their guts hanging out. I'd say kids instead but surely there are going to be data protection issues around such images soon as well? As I type this a lovely butterfly has flown in and around the cherry tree in our garden. I gaze at it as it's a thing a of beauty; have I objectified it? I suppose so. Point is, hetero men will always objectify women, just like all people objectify what is beautiful to them; it's in their nature and part of what keeps the species alive. I'm pretty certain my Mum used to watch John Barnes solely for his ball skills n all . . . As ever these things are really about fat, ugly birds and their jealousy and hatred of prettier women and the attention they receive for it.
  17. I don't know . . . I'll happily say he caused teams more problems than anyone else really, which is why we aren't quite good enough. His end product is abysmal, considering Jones on the other hand should have started every game in a back one. Rock
  18. Iceland's supposed to be similar . . .
  19. I've been trying to ignore it all what with the WC but it does all sound quite worrying. Just keep thinking they've done OK so far so will just have to trust them. Not a bean I can do about it either so no point worrying myself into a frenzy - mind you I'm not watching it every week these days so . . .
  20. Me n all! Just saying to the Mrs last night that any winnings would go to the holiday piggy bank. Soggy cucumber sandwiches and Aldi lager on Weston pier it is then
  21. Yes and no. He can't kick the ball in the net, obvs, but his system lacks the ability to be more responsive. Players are mostly young so you'd think that will also come with experience. He also has to work with what he;s got and he has overachieved to be fair. Had he a world class play maker at his disposal . . . What I like about GS is that he clearly thinks and reflects - he'll learn from this and I don't see him going anywhere for a while
  22. Difference for me is the stability and unity from grass roots up and the success of the youth teams - something we've not had in my lifetime (ever?) We've followed the German model and it's already bearing fruit. Never felt so positive about a tournament exit
  23. Aye I was annoyed at the decisions, especially the clear corner but that's just how it goes - clutching at straws to think they would have impacted the result but you never know I suppose? I hear what you're saying but it didn't surprise me - they adapted and we didn't have an answer. What is most gutting was the missed chances - we should have been out of sight but that underlines the slight lack in quality we have against the top teams. A different day we may have won.
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