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  1. Good luck and best wishes to Happy, thanks for the update on his situation and the latest on the site. I'd be glad to make a monthly contribution to help restore the site to its former glory and keep it there. Is there anything that can be done to help Happy?
  2. I've had Plantar Fascitis twice and it's a bastard. Six month recovery the first time, relapse about 18 months later followed by a seven or eight month recovery most recently. The medical bods don't seem to be able to agree on whether wearing shoes or going barefoot/minimal support is for the best. My takeaway from it is that the arch of the foot probably weakens due to wearing footwear causing the issue, at which time it needs the support. After recovery it's probably a good thing to slowly strengthen the arch by slowly building up the time spent walking around barefoot. Only my interpre
  3. Nice one. Just watching the second half, is it still 0-0?
  4. I remember reading the same thing in Shoot and being equally thrilled. RIP Paul, thoughts with his friends and family.
  5. I got through on 01204328888 a couple of weeks back. Good luck.
  6. 52, 57 Cheers Mantra 👍
  7. I'm stuck on the last page and can't get back to see the latest covered up thrupenny bits. I suppose I could go back to page 1 and work my way through but life's to short.
  8. It's IE's choice of course, he's the man who stands or falls on the decisions he makes. I'm only saying what I'd do if it was my choice and listing why I'd do it. In Evatt we trust. 🙂
  9. I renewed by phone a couple of weeks back. Maybe it's just gone to voicemail and they haven't updated the message since lockdown was eased?
  10. He's got Bolton in his soul, loves the club and is still only 26. He was impressive enough playing for us in League One as part of a poor side to prompt Forest to pay a decent fee for him. If it were my choice I'd get him in for training as many have said previously. If anybody can get him ticking it's IE, the Cloughy of old would definitely suit our new style.
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