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  1. Weren't the Boohoo boys interested in buying the hotel when we were in administration? If so perhaps that's the connection this time.
  2. Thanks for the replies chaps, I'll give it a swerve.
  3. Just had an email from the club offering 24 cans from Flavourly, 2 free glasses, a snack and free delivery for £29.99. I'm tempted but not really a fan of tinned beer, has anybody tried it?
  4. Can't see Declan John's name on there. I thought it might be because Swansea are in the play offs but on checking there are plenty on the list from other teams that are. 🤔
  5. Just renewed mine, the wife's and grandsons. Bird in ticket office said we'd sold 3500 up to now.
  6. If we want to be challenging at the top of the division having quality cover for all positions is vital and players with a good left foot are in short supply. I'd have 'em both, Jackson looks good going forward and can provide cover all up the left flank.
  7. If I recall correctly Delaney and Tutte were probably our most consistent players up to January, tallest dwarf contest I know. If we can get players who are better then I suppose they can go, same with Miller, but living sustainably we need depth of squad without paying big wages and they're three players who may be able to do a job for us if called upon in League One. I agree about the others you mentioned though and don't think many of them will still be here next season.
  8. Ace that mate, saw it and watched it in my Facebook feed last night and then couldn't find it again.
  9. Congratulations to you and your family mate. Michael James Brittan has a ring to it.
  10. Very disappointing today but let's not forget that only a couple of months ago going into the last game of the season in 3rd position with automatic promotion in our own hands would have seemed like an impossible dream. If it was down to me I'd bring Jackson back in place of John next week, I wouldn't actually have left him out today after his performance left week. I also think that Lee is playing to far forward and leaving the defence vulnerable. Other than that same team same formation.
  11. How long has not getting out of the way when a keeper kicks the ball out of his hands been an offence?
  12. Dapo's been great but he's had his card marked by the ref and is knackered, time for Elbouzedi I reckon.
  13. Mr Riddle has already been on earlier denying it was him. I'm not sure but still think Hughmungous, I can't ever recall any positive comments at all from him.
  14. Fonz gone quiet again, fresh legs needed, Arthur?
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