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  1. Steve Howey, how he passed the medical, could barely trot never mind run.
  2. Summerbee could barely walk never mind run but could still put a hell of a cross in.
  3. Unable to add a child's ticket to one adult for Stockport, even though the child's membership is set up and on my list. Apparently they are ineligible for a ticket. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. McLean would be one of the ones leaving a bomb in a pub rather than engaging Paras in a firefight.
  5. Everyone apart from Bryan Small wasn't it?
  6. So she accepted the 'hush money' then continued her campaign?
  7. I saw you kicking off with a steward at the Reebok at a Reserve/Youth Cup fixture this season. Hooligan!
  8. Noel Blake still knocking about?
  9. Do you own a pair of grey marls?
  10. Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi. Got a "Bolton, Okocha YES!" from a police officer when he saw my top during a 'frisk'!
  11. It's worse when your job is to pay the workshy b@stards. Especially when you discover they earn more than you do by sitting at home watching Jeremy Kyle and drinking White Lightning.
  12. He did throw his boots into the embankment. FACT. He was probably pissed up anyway.
  13. I was driving over Hunger Hill at about 8.20 this evening and saw a Chinook heading North, seemingly following the motorway. I assume it was top anti-terrorist lads heading to Glasgow.
  14. I'm sure Bedi Buval is a midfielder. Is he the black lad that they wheel out to do Golden gamble now and then?
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