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  1. I fookin love Benidorm. Next time I'm there I will pay this place a visit. I assume its not been open too long, as at the moment it just looks like a white box with some BWFC pics on the wall. Hopefully they will get time to do it up a bit, but I imagine it's bloody hard in Benidorm to make money from a bar. The location won't help, as its a good 10 minute walk from the main strip and the beach.
  2. Yep, all sorted now thanks.
  3. Does anyone know what Twitter account the mstreams bloke is using at the moment? Sent him a message and he usually responds pretty quick, but not heard anything back. The website is offline as well.
  4. Yep, pretty much unwatchable for me. Jerky as hell.
  5. Just switched it on and wondered the same thing. Both teams playing in their away kits. Probably to increase sales of this blue shirt.
  6. Last day in the office before lockdown, we were talking about who'd win in a fight between a lion and a silver back gorilla. Close one I think, but if the gorilla could land a clean hook to the head, the lion is in trouble.
  7. I've found iFollow to be spot on this last couple of months. The co-commentator on our games is decent as well, seems to read the game very well and makes sense with a lot of what he says. A lot better than some of those you get on Sky and BT.
  8. The thing that winds me up is when someone will write three paragraphs describing an issue they have, then simply end the email with "please advise". A very none subtle way of batting the problem off to someone else.
  9. I worked that night as well. Went on until about 3am. They spent some serious money on that do. Badly Drawn Boy was a right cock.
  10. Thanks for the help, but think I tried that a few months back and had no luck. I could watch the England game last night, only on SD and with a small amount of buffering. Which is better than I thought I would get. Probably off to BT when the contract is up with Virgin.
  11. I'm using Surf Shark with Mstreams.
  12. Virgin are being a massive pain in the arse with VPNs. Fucking them off in new year when my contract is up. Does anyone know of any other broadband providers being similarly arsey about VPNs?
  13. It's a shame the Shrewsbury EFL trophy game isn't this midweek. it would be pretty much a friendly, trial a back 4 and see how it goes. Playing wing backs is all well and good if you have players in tune with each other. A newly formed team, as we are, it just seems like an open invitation to attack down the wings.
  14. Goals. Lots of them. Lewandowski, Gnabry, Coutinho, Neymar and Mbappé is a ridiculous amount of attacking talent. Bayern have the better defence, so will win it.
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