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  1. SGT was a fantastic pint of Tetleys back in the late 80s / early 90s when the landlord was an ex copper I think (had a slight scouse accent but I didn't hold it against him as it was an A1 pint). He also sold Ye Olde pasties. Last time I went in the bar staff had faces like slapped arses, the customers were a weird unfriendly clique and the ale was undrinkable. Such a shame
  2. Yes I know. Over time the traditional WC voice / presence in the Labour Party has become less and less. Add to that local candidates who reflect their community and understand it being turned down in preference for HQ 'approved' candidates being parachuted in instead, plus the party moving to gesture politics above all else. I get that this hasn't happened overnight, it's been a drift over years
  3. No further action against that WPC who raised her arm in salute and shouted long live Palestine - wtf is all that about?!
  4. There's a disproportionate number of people in powerful and influential positions who obviously hate this country, or at best are ambivalent about it. To these and their ilk this country and its people can't do anything right, and every other fckr can do no wrong. The most animated they get when others do wrong is absolute silence. I'm sick of it tbh, and I'm sure it's one of the reasons why so many traditional WC Labour voters are utterly disillusioned with what that party has become. I know I am
  5. Or I'll give yer summert to skrike for! And stop lolling about!
  6. The same scousers that Klopp had to beg not to brick the Citeh team bus for the third time last season / season before. They are the ffn ultimate in chippy self regarding hypocrites. Hate them with a passion
  7. 'He looks like he's lost a shillin and fon a penny' [looks down in the dumps]
  8. Jackbait [pronounced jackbit - a packed lunch for the working man / men in the house] Corporation pop [water] Giving a room, the cooker etc a 'good bottoming' [clean] 'His not backards o' coming forrads' [outspoken in a positive way]
  9. Tha looks [not lucks] like th'ave dropped off a flitting I were feign [thankful] for that We're avin us dinner for us tea [wtf?!] It's a pig in a poke What does thi favver? He gave backword [??] Kekking over [tripping up - I found out recently that the Kek was part of a clog so that makes sense] A face that could turn milk sour She's got more faces than't town hall clock His promises are like pie crust [ie made to be broken] Clemped dearth So, so many more I can't recall atm. Unfortunately so much Lanky twang now gone forever
  10. Who'd have thought we'd go from the horrors of Anderson to the delights of Sharon in such a short time. I honestly thought my club was going forever. I could never have dreamt we'd be here less than two years' later. Someone is defo looking down on my wonderful club and making sure it's getting back on track. And thank you so very much for sending us our Sharon to do it!!
  11. Not like the Italians to change their minds is it? 😃
  12. I think the UK sent Australia 500k + after the Italians reneged.
  13. Obviously not Man Ure - losing the European Sherpa Van Trophy to a team that had previously won the square root of feck all in Europe before 😃
  14. Genuinely hilarious 😃 Defo earned your £400k pw++ there de Gea!
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