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  1. Burnden Pies


    You're probably right. Absolutely stinks how the EFL seemed to go out of their way to get Derby to avoid a points deduction though
  2. Burnden Pies


    Wycombe chairman saying he is going to sue Derby / EFL for wrongly avoiding a points deduction last season for 'accounting irregularities' if, as now seems likely, points for this are going to be added to the -12 points for impending Administration. Speculation that this will be a minimum of four points for the irregularities, up to the full nine. Wycombe were relegated by just one point. As many pointed out at the time it was just unfair that Derby merely had the points deduction commuted to a fine of £100k and deferred to a later date (which now won't be paid as Derby are going into Admin). The whole thing stinks to high heaven and I hope Wycombe get some sort of belated justice, whatever that can be. One almighty fuck up from EFL as per. The difference in revenue between the Championship and L1 is being quoted at the £10m mark.
  3. Burnden Pies


    Never liked Derby and Forest. Right cocky bastards with a misplaced massively overblown superiority complex. Cloughie was just a once in a lifetime flash in the pan lads. He's dead now
  4. Last time I looked FV weren't staffing the bar. It's the same number of bar staff as it ever was, irrespective of ownership. It's just much shitter now, that's all
  5. When we were in the PL and averaging over 26k a game it was nothing like as bad as it is now. So your point doesn't really hold much water when crowds are now way lower
  6. Wouldn't matter if they were giving the ale away for free in the NSL at the last Sarurday home game, the bar staff hadn't got a bloody clue what they were doing. I know cos I suffered every minute of it
  7. Burnden Pies


    Yep. Been taking the piss for years these men
  8. My brother lives in Adlington and after the game had to get two buses to go about three miles.cos the service bus has been scrapped. He said that tmrw he's going to have a pint after the match and get the c6pm train back cos it was such a ballache
  9. God alone knows what it will be like in the NSL. Girl last week literally didn't know how to work the till. I moved over into the card only queue and was asked by her colleague whether I wanted to pay by cash or card! Sweet Jesus
  10. We're back now. So fuckin watch out you cunts
  11. Superb result that! COYFWM!! And I'm now tentatively saying 'The Whites are back!! Love 'em
  12. Burnden Pies


    Derby have got away with taking the piss for donkey's years. Time they finally got reeled in.
  13. SGT was a fantastic pint of Tetleys back in the late 80s / early 90s when the landlord was an ex copper I think (had a slight scouse accent but I didn't hold it against him as it was an A1 pint). He also sold Ye Olde pasties. Last time I went in the bar staff had faces like slapped arses, the customers were a weird unfriendly clique and the ale was undrinkable. Such a shame
  14. The same scousers that Klopp had to beg not to brick the Citeh team bus for the third time last season / season before. They are the ffn ultimate in chippy self regarding hypocrites. Hate them with a passion
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