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  1. Played dead first two corners we had and generally whinged like a little girl
  2. That number 8 of theirs should be ashamed of himself. Horrible ale house team. And as for that weak as piss ref, Jesus...
  3. Lies, damn lies and statistics...
  4. Haha yes it was! There's something really good happening at BWFC, you can just feel it
  5. 20,064 according to Sky. Very good that
  6. Haha what a bunch of touchy mongoloids
  7. Any club with a giant prawn on their badge shouldn't be taken at all seriously
  8. As a birthday treat I stayed in the Whites Hotel after we beat Middlesbrough to stay up. it was Gudni's last game for us and he spent the evening having a meal in the hotel with his wife, which really touched me. Anyway when he was making his way out I plucked up the courage to go over and I thanked him for all that he'd done for BWFC and to wish him every success back in Iceland; he shook my hand, looked me in the eye, thanked me and said he'd loved every minute playing for us. Utter class that fella.
  9. No one is saying everything is Liverpool fans' fault - and this clearly seems to be the case here. However, what really annoys people is that time and time again LIverpool fans very rarely take ANY responsibility for anything. If once in a while the people representing them were to say 'we have more than our fair share of dickheads' or even 'we have SOME dickheads' than I think more people would be sympathetic. Instead we have this narrative shoved on us that 'Liverpool fans all good, everyone and everything else bad', and it's aided and abetted by a shit scared media. It's bollocks and we know it. I also find it a bit odd that all this bad luck just seems to disproportionately follow Liverpool fc around.
  10. I remember the day after the publishing of the Hillsborough Report (the last one) there was a 'phone in on R5Live. Amongst the expected flurry of calls was a chap who was now retired but had previously been the head of security at the port of Dover for many years; anyway he said generally the worst English fans for trying to travel to the continent without tickets and general scamming (we would say jibbing) were Liverpool fans. He was then unceremoniously cut off by the radio host as what he was saying was obviously going against the grain of the conversation and was adding an uncomfortable element to it. At the time I thought it was really unfair and that I bet whoever initially took the call at R5 Live and put it through to the host probably got a right bollocking later.
  11. 100%. They are self regarding hypocrites of the highest order and that's why they are so disliked
  12. I must have missed that in the Hillsborough enquiry
  13. He'll be excommunicated and banished from "the 'Pool" forever. How dare he speak facts. He will also probably be expunged from all subsequent news and media outlets; doesn't fit the narrative see
  14. Agreed. So he should just stick to that perhaps
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