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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. This guy's attitude and application (or abject lack of it) is shocking and has been for a long time now. It really does boil my piss. Wish he would just fck off and go steal a living somewhere else
  2. Burnden Pies


    Exactly. Stinks to high heaven
  3. Burnden Pies


    Scandalous. Wycombe were relegated by just one point. Even more scandalous was how the FL bent over backwards for the bent Derby bastards last season
  4. Not the best hand admittedly but even so he still managed to drop his cards all over the floor. And those post match interviews, and in that pretend Manc accent too.. Jesus mop
  5. No. But they do have a carrr parrrk they could flog
  6. Fantastic memories of being in MRN that day. SJM did very well but tbf the defence were immense at protecting him as much as possible. I remember thinking how small / slight he looked when he put on the gloves and took up his position. Fab days!!
  7. More and more PL clubs are just proxies for oligarchs and dodgy regimes now. Think we'll stick with FV and our Sharon
  8. Soon be renamed the Gallows Gate End and the new Khashoggi Stand
  9. With the queues and clueless bar staff there's no need for a ban
  10. Burnden Pies


    Probably more to come due to the irregularities on the accounts. Accounts that should have been submitted last season and if they had those points would have been deducted then, meaning Derby would have been relegated. Morris himself says the accounts are 'about £4mil out', and if true that's a four point deduction. Enabled them to stay up last season I suppose
  11. Burnden Pies


    You're probably right. Absolutely stinks how the EFL seemed to go out of their way to get Derby to avoid a points deduction though
  12. Burnden Pies


    Wycombe chairman saying he is going to sue Derby / EFL for wrongly avoiding a points deduction last season for 'accounting irregularities' if, as now seems likely, points for this are going to be added to the -12 points for impending Administration. Speculation that this will be a minimum of four points for the irregularities, up to the full nine. Wycombe were relegated by just one point. As many pointed out at the time it was just unfair that Derby merely had the points deduction commuted to a fine of £100k and deferred to a later date (which now won't be paid as Derby are going into Admin). The whole thing stinks to high heaven and I hope Wycombe get some sort of belated justice, whatever that can be. One almighty fuck up from EFL as per. The difference in revenue between the Championship and L1 is being quoted at the £10m mark.
  13. Burnden Pies


    Never liked Derby and Forest. Right cocky bastards with a misplaced massively overblown superiority complex. Cloughie was just a once in a lifetime flash in the pan lads. He's dead now
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