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  1. Basically the Jews say it's their ancient sacred homeland going back 1,000s years, before being expelled, eventually to all points (hence the term diaspora). Over time the Arabs moved in, with various wrangles with Christians in the Holy Land (the Crusades) and others along the way. Things seemed to have settled down until the British Balfour Declaration in 1917 that committed to giving the Jews their national homeland in Palestine. Unfortunately I don't think anyone told the Palestinians. This became a reality in 1945 for perhaps understandable reasons. Ironically Palestine was a British prot
  2. I think it's more about competition for land and who has supremecy. Obviously add in the vast religious and cultural divide and it's a lethal combination. Not defending religion at all, but I think even without it there would still be big trouble in this part of the world anyway
  3. Is that where they go to a Wanderers match? Or is that Spring and Port Wine?
  4. Wycombe were a credit when we played them there with our kids. A class act tbf. On the other hand, as has been said, Derby have used administration several times over the years to get out of their financial obligations, thereby stiffing umpteen creditors, and then re-emerging with a clean slate further down the line again. The shenanigans with the owner buying the ground and players wages accounting swerves to get around FFP have to be called out, and the punishment should be this season not next. So fuck Derby.
  5. Haven't wanted to jinx us so not posted on here until now. So, in answer to the thread question.. FUCKING YES!! 😃
  6. Well it's obvious you don't
  7. Funny how your green and gold shit died a death when they started to win things again. Something similar kicks off again when they've now won fuck all for years. Strange how all those Sky Reds and prawn butty twats never mentioned fan ownership to me when they were gloating about winning the PL for the umpteenth time and what a shit irrelevant club BWFC are just a few years back. I hate those Munich cunts as much now as I always have. And shame on those pinkos on here who've gone soft as shit regarding those utter red twats.
  8. Well they can get to fuck with that. Cheeky greedy cunts. And to think that for generations Citeh defined themselves as the antidote to those crass, soulless money grabbing red twats on the other side of town. Well they're right up there / down there with them now by getting behind this money making scam. Shameful
  9. Part of me feels like I'll be glad to see the back of them tbh. Likes of Utd have been pushing for it for years. Hope they get their wish and it's an ffn disaster for them, the selfish greedy Munich cnuts
  10. A mental scar that will never heal. Thank you Coyle you utter, UTTER useless bag of steaming shite. Please don't mention that chancer's name again. Ever. Thanks
  11. Yes fair point. I just wouldn't want anyone to miss out by sacking it off too early. Jim's character also develops as the series goes on too. For me though it's Martin who steals the show. PR (or anyone else for that matter) going at just 54 is an absolute sickener
  12. Tbh I would start at series two as IMO series one isn't anything like as good as s2 onwards. Just my opinion
  13. Same here. Fabulous comedy. It just got better and better as the series went on. Shit on it indeed..
  14. Shit on it. Sublime as Martin in FND. RIP Paul Ritter
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