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  1. Top support today & the fans deserved better. If Pompey had a decent striker we'd have been 3 down before half time, and Pompey were an average side. Ref gave us F all (again); but truth is we were ok for 10/15 mins in the first half and out of ideas thereafter. The subs put us even more on the backfoot instead of bringing a difference to the game. Nearly every time we got around their box we gave the ball away with a weak/ sloppy pass. Doyle needs a big fella up front to play off or he ain't scoring this side of new year..........
  2. Probably be in the IKB Guildhall Walk early doors, Frogmore & John Jaques Fratton Rd and Shepard's Crook just prior to KO. Being a bit cryptic, but if you see a man falling off a horse, chances are it's me. For all who are travelling, have a safe and pleasant journey.
  3. Where are you all drinking?
  4. Offshore


    Can't agree more. Sat in the boy's stand watching Bell, Gregg Farrell and John Conelly with my dad who is now 85 and was heartbroken when his club was dissolved. All this prior to going to Burnden with my grandad and having my head turned to be a Wanderer. I think nights at the dog track also swung things toward all things Bolton. My dad was also Colin Bell's decorator. Did his and his sister's house and also the Bell and Waldron in the 70's. (As well as Graham Gouldman's place).
  5. shady shit. crack on.............
  6. beat pompey away next week and everything is fkn roses again...................
  7. Definately in, if I can get two tickets on open sale . And for Rudy, they've now got a roof on the away end.
  8. I had to sleep on this one before commenting, such was my anger/disbelief at the utter incompetance of the ref & linesman. If those 'lost' 2 points cost us at the end of the season then they should be struck off the officials list forever and thrown into a volcano. On a positive note, we played them off the park at times and could have won by 2 or 3 goals. We should have beaten Cambridge as well, and there's the worry, outplaying teams and not scoring or winning. We need to fix that quickly. From a Burton point of view, fair play to them, they defended resolutely and reminded me of our early days in the prem, although I think the fella who got sent off should have been booked way before his first card. In summary, it'll be reet.
  9. Going to Haydock (which he hates) tomorrow to ride Nando Parrado for Cox at a massive price. His only ride of the weekend.
  10. Donning the lifejackets here, started drinking much earlier than planned! Ref bottled a stonewall penalty on Isgrove. Santos immense, with Beckhamesque vision and passing. GET THE FUCKETY FUCK IN!!!!! 3-0 Gonna be messy offshore tonight...
  11. Lads will do us proud today. EIEIEIO!! Might have to have a walk around a garden center or summat though, at least till 80 mins gone.........
  12. Ex fuckin' actly! COYWM!!!!!!
  13. At least we get our money's worth being a Wanderer. I'm not going to sleep properly all week now. We never take the easy route do we? In a couple of seasons time when we're pissing the championship, we'll look back and laugh about how we took it to the last game to get out of league two. ........But who the F*** was marking their man who scored the winner? That said Exeter did deserve the win.
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