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  1. Donning the lifejackets here, started drinking much earlier than planned! Ref bottled a stonewall penalty on Isgrove. Santos immense, with Beckhamesque vision and passing. GET THE FUCKETY FUCK IN!!!!! 3-0 Gonna be messy offshore tonight...
  2. Lads will do us proud today. EIEIEIO!! Might have to have a walk around a garden center or summat though, at least till 80 mins gone.........
  3. Ex fuckin' actly! COYWM!!!!!!
  4. At least we get our money's worth being a Wanderer. I'm not going to sleep properly all week now. We never take the easy route do we? In a couple of seasons time when we're pissing the championship, we'll look back and laugh about how we took it to the last game to get out of league two. ........But who the F*** was marking their man who scored the winner? That said Exeter did deserve the win.
  5. Staggering around the house singing to Tight Fit......A win away, a win away, a win away..........other half not so happy as I am......
  6. About 8,000 at Cardiff, things got a bit naughty outside . Coach was 'bricked' on the way out of Cardiff, couple of windows smashed. Fucking freezing all the way home. They scored from a free kick iirc. A real grass cutter from what seemed like the halfway line. We were all in a paddock down the side of the ground as building work was going on. Free and plenty ammo for the inbreds. Everytime I went for a pint in the ground (good old days), a copper at the side of me said, 'get me one' and gave me a quid note. He was well goosed by full time, one of the nicest coppers I've ever met, at footbal
  7. Cardiff 22/April 1978. Middlesbrough 27/Feb 1978 FA cup.
  8. WON!! Feck Yeahhhhhh!!!! Hitting the stella & 13 crimes............
  9. Nothing (well almost); gives me more pleasure than seeing fat geordies crying in the stands after the last game of the season......and that miserable cnt shearer getting uppity on motd...
  10. After a very enjoyable easter sunday barbie at my daughters place & being able to see grandkids etc for first time in ages; also aided by stella, prosecco, & red wine. we'll FCKN DO 'EM!!!!! 0-4 . Gowling, Morgan, Greaves & a penalty from Dunne..... Time for bed said Zebedee............boing!!
  11. No. Moaners will always moan. We're fckn ace us. Todays result coincided with a Naked wines delivery, so maybe looking through red tinted specs, but every club who have to play us are shittin' themselves.................
  12. Thanks for everything Frank. One of the best on and off the pitch. RIP. Now go and have that chat with Elvis.....................
  13. Who's that coming up the hill boys? Bolton's coming up the hill boy's They all laughed at us They all mocked at us They all said our days were numbered! Born to be a Wanderer victorious are we...............
  14. sorry to disappoint you, but I'm neither rich nor gay..................
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