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  1. He didn't kick a ball for Celtic & was playing in some Scottish Sunday league with Ronan Darcy on mud pits so it would have been hard to gauge what standard he was still at after a few years of his development were spent playing at a rubbish standard. In hindsight it was a risk worth taking on a free but it was easy to think our midfield was one of the most technical already having Morley/Demps/Sheehan/Lee going into this season. I think for our midfield we want one of Morley/Sheehan starting (Not both) as they both want to do the same job from deep, Demps for his drive/energy & one of our main targets this summer should be trying to find a proper fit for the attacking midfield role because Dapo didn't work there... Shola didn't work there... we need somebody who's game is to support the front two but also enjoys getting shots off a bit like Twine for MK last season & Chaplin for Ips this season. When we're trying to break teams down, looking devoid of any ideas that's where that kind of player can grab you a goal from just having a shot & our midfielders did say Evo was telling them to shoot more from just outside the box.
  2. I know Derby have that ex Rotherham manager who knows how to get out this league with some prime parky ball but not sure on their situation are they still "one player in/one player out" under the new ownership? They have a very ageing team & will need some key signings to keep pace the entire season. Barnsley fair enough due to how well organized & horrible to play against with Duff but hopefully they lose one or two of their better players like Andersen. All the three who have come down look deep in the shit, maybe Blackpool now they have Critchley back who's been there & done it with them might have them spring a surprise but they've undone their hard work they initially done under him but at least them three look like they haven't got much money to blow us out the water to signings. Great to see the back of Ipswich with them spending over a mill each on Davis/Broadhead/Clarke they were literally taking the P*SS at this level my god McKenna literally had unlimited resources compared to the other teams at the level the fact he still didn't win the league is crazy to me. Sheff Weds not going up last season I thought they'd lose players & struggle yet what did they do? keep Bannan in L1 & bring in Rotherham's two best players who'd just got promoted in Smith & Iheikwe so it's probably best they went up to get them out the way. Will be our third season now back in L1 so we have the yard stick to gauge, apart from replacing Traff/Brad we're in a strong position with the squad we've built just need to make sure we get this summer recruitment bang on. Full trust in Evo/Markham/FV to mount a serious challenge for autos next season
  3. I'm not saying they'll stay up next season but they've obviously made shrewd signings with next to no money so I expect them to find some gems with the lottery money they've just won with their recruitment network. Kenilworth road will likely cork out a few upsets too especially if teams turn up to that little ground expecting an easy win. Seeing both them two teams playing for a place in the top flight having spent not much money should only inspire FV & Evo even more.
  4. If it's true that Kane Wilson from Bristol City is available I'm hoping we'll be all over that, the sort of RWB who looks made for our style of play. L2 POTY not long ago with 17 goal involvements from wing back & still only 23.
  5. No doubt we got an awful lot out of Lee for somebody who was meant to be injury prone, arrived when we were struggling massively near the bottom of L2 & has been a big part of all the good rebuild of the past three years under Evatt. He was our most intelligent presser along with being the more likely to ghost into the box unmarked to get himself a goal from midfield, just a shame he's not younger but a great player. Even though he could get a good move still he'll most likely rock up at Salford/Stockport to stay local. Happy we offered new deals to Bod & Sheehan I wanted us to retain them let's see if they accept . MJ had it triggered by apps but not the worst to keep around for depth & to fill in when needed.
  6. Comes across as a top guy & did work very hard but apart from the final goal at Wembley there weren't much to write home about. I get his pressing was one of his best attributes but let's face it 2 goals in 70 is just not good enough especially in this third tier. As always wish him well for his future, hopefully he finds a good club & a place to enjoy playing football. Seeing way too much fake sadness over it on Twitter though most of them acting like we've released a club legend like Jussi or SKD 🙃
  7. Dixon - Release (A second choice but not a reliable one if we needed to call upon) MJ - (Release, wouldn't be opposed to keeping him for another year as a back up but if we can get an upgrade then let him go) Sheehan - (New contract, won't get a better player for the wage) Thomason - (Good lad but he ain't a starter especially against the better teams in the league but we're going to keep him as he's Evatt's project) Isgrove - (Easy release, never let anybody down but just simply too far out of the picture) Kacha - (Release, sure he's a nice lad/presses well but he's probs one of our top earners seeing as he's ex prem & truth be told we need upgrades) JDB - SIGN (I don't care if he plays with one leg he'd offer more than the others who try to partner Dion up top) Loans Shola - (Don't want us to try bring him back, luxury player who doesn't effect the games he plays in. Can't finish at all & doesn't run at defenders) Dan - (Really good lad it seems but we need better options up front. I personally wouldn't sign him. we need to be aiming for better)
  8. Their goal was BS, comes from a second phase of a FK where Toal gets his ankle clipped yet they benefit from a wrong decision in such a season defining game but don't help ourselves with the defending... 9 of our lads, not one gets out to stop the cross & all just wait for them to put a ball into our box. Not saying that's the reason we lost though, 180 minutes with like one shot on target across both legs shows we were far too safe & pedestrian in possession we didn't show one bit of urgency. Barnsley weren't much better by any means but they're always a threat from long throws & putting the ball in your box at every opportunity, where we're hell bent on scoring a perfect goal. It is what it is, it ain't been a bad season at all in fact it's been very progressive season I think most would have accepted a cup win at Wembley & a top 6 spot before the season so we've made bigger strides from last season. JDB getting injured really fucked us from Jan onwards, he was flying with Dion as the front two where as Kachunga/Dan/Victor/Shola/Jerome no matter who plays up top they just simply haven't cut the mustard when we needed one of them to really step up for some sort of consistency. Evatt knows the problem, he acknowledged it post match our defence has been great this season but we've lacked goals we scored like half less than Ipswich all season & 10 of them came in two back to back games. We need to really hit the ground running with these summer signings so we ain't playing catch up in Jan like we have been doing, if Argyle can win the league then we bloody can.
  9. Can't say we deserved the win, honestly speaking. Only one shot on target all match & Traff made some smart saves to keep us in the game. Michael Duff is one of the frustrating, shithouse managers that we struggled to overcome when he was at Cheltenham so always going to be a tough one especially now he has better players. Seemed like we were beaten to most second balls, struggled to win the midfield battle & offered little going forwards although looked a lot more of a threat when the subs were made. Morley, Sheehan, Kacha specifically weren't really at the races but we go to Oakwell still in the tie with having a win there this season so got to say we're in with a chance. Barnsley will no doubt take it to us Friday so it's on us to pick them apart, we're capable on our day.
  10. Geth is a big miss for the versatility & organization he provides but he also seems to turn up in the big games but thank fuck Toal came back in time. That lad Andersen for them who's a doubt, he's the one who got the early red & gave the pen away because Dion just kept spinning in behind him so I'd assume Dion would relish coming up against him again if he is deemed fit enough.
  11. Would have taken Stockton the start of this season coming off his 20 odd goals when he was flying but this season doesn't reflect well on him even if he did get double figures he only turned up the last month or so. Alfie May would cause carnage with Dion as a front two but he'll probs be this seasons version of Mullin who cashes in for a Wrexham move or if he wants to play at championship level then could see him going Argyle. Bolton splashing 500K on Victor makes me believe that all our eggs are on him to deliver the goods in terms of forming a proper partnership with Dion especially if we remain in L1 next season just can't see us bringing in another marquee striker if that's the case.
  12. Deanu

    Oxford (A)

    Tough watch but grinding out back to back wins at this stage is fantastic especially away. In terms of the match I thought we'd blitz them when we got the first early on as Oxford looked awful but we just kind of stopped playing from half an hour into the game & gave them a lot of confidence to come at us... luckily they couldn't finish their dinner. IMO our midfield three today were miles off it as soon as Oxford bypassed our front two's press they always had around 40 yards of open space to drive at our back 5 which had no protection. I know they're 20th but they did beat us 3-1 at our ground in the reverse fixture where we are usually formidable so it was always going to be a very tricky match realistically.
  13. That's why I put a draw in-play at 13-1, Johnston carried the defence all game & we were fucking wank in possession. Bloody stupid foul inviting pressure
  14. 75% possession, one shot jheeze!
  15. Cameron Jerome to roll back the years today with a hatty.
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