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  1. Reinvest the whole lot into bringing Ryo Miyaichi back!
  2. MK apparently want 3-5M for Twine who's a few years younger that Dap, had a better G&A return whilst also winning the L1 POTS. Think we'd accept 2M with a few sell ons & bonuses for Dapo if that's the case.
  3. Looking forward to seeing a fully fit, full pre season & sharp Dempsey fingers crossed. He had a slow start especially as the attacking midfielder which he was signed to be likely due to lack of sharpness and fitness but for many of his cameos from the bench he made us considerably better especially against some of the tougher midfields to compete against like MK, Oxford, Wigan all away. He's a proper throwback centre mid which I like, main thing going for him is he can do a bit of everything so will give us some much needed balance. Gets stuck in, tenacious, can play a bit, another leader, box to box... hopefully Evatt can unlock it. The midfield Sheehan was playing in was far too open especially alongside Sarcebitch as they both wanted to be the attacking roaming midfielder but it left MJ way too exposed hence the mad scoring games early on in the season although it was exciting. See how he comes back, if he has a good season contributing well whilst staying fit he should get another year. Lee for me is up there as our best presser, he may not press as intensely or as much as Dion & Dapo but Lee just knows when to go all the time bang on. Misses a few sitters here and there but he brings so much to us off the ball aswell as being efficient on it. He was key in the pummelings of Charlton & Sunderland but it'll probably be a Hoolahan at Cambridge type management of him where we'll save him for the harder games.
  4. The U21 forward loan from the prem we're working on most likely will be one of Sam Greenwood/Louie Barry/Troy Parrott/Mipo Odubeko. If it was one of Palmer or McAtee from citeh we'd be absolutely laughing though but think they'll have ultra high demand from the champ. We've built some solid relationships now with clubs & have helped develop the likes of Dapo, Traff, Fossey, Kioso etc the only one who didnt work out is Amaechi mainly due to he was hardly ever fit. Clubs know we have prem facilities, best pitch in the league, play good football & Evatt whilst trusting young players is a superb coach.
  5. Massive loss for Argyle that, reuniting with Lowe at PNE you'd expect? Probably been tapped up by him
  6. MK's L1 targets will be many of the same ones ours will be seeing as we are very similar in philosophy & play style. Twine goes to the champ that's a healthy bit of cash to get a jump on everybody in terms of recruitment this summer, reckon they'll go up through the autos next season. Soulless club but got a decent project on the go there.
  7. It's some little plastic scouse shithouse "liverpool" fan on twitter who for whatever weird reason has some form of weird agenda & obession against Evatt. Ian must be piping his Mrs or something because this individual has been at it for about 6 months under all Iles articles spreading weird rumours about how "Evatt is a gambling addict who bets on his own matches & is involved with matchfixing... oh yeah supposedly Blackpool got him banned from all the local casinos... court date never comes round though & always gets pushed back. What an absolute chode.
  8. Drab game but first legs usually are, Ross Stewart 25 goals this season? Rico absolutely bossed & pocketed him in both games leaving him without a sniff. Not to get an Evatt on but we're better than both of these under the conditions we can put out our fully strong XI out with no injuries. Humiliated Sunderland 6-0 with our best XI & managed a 1-1 draw with Weds admittedly totally outplayed by them but f me missing all of Santos, Dapo & Fossey they got us at the right time.
  9. Our midfield is stacked but if we do bring another one in as much as I like MJ, an upgraded version would be the next step. A shithouse unit who does the dirty work, imposes himself with his physicality & get around the pitch well. Somebody like a Dominic Ball who's just been released from QPR? 6'2, 85 champ apps in the last 3 seasons, only 26. Hard to picture us still eyeing Hartigan he was heavily linked but that was before the signings of Morley & Dempsey. Presuming we play Dapo as the 10 in the 5-2-1-2 then only two of Morley/Dempsey/Lee/Sheehan/MJ start which means competition is going to be bloody strong in that department but if we want to go up then we will need to assemble the depth to push through the injury crisis & with our high energy style then rotating will be needed at times. It's going to be a very interesting window to see what Ian thinks we need to level up, not expecting many through the door for the first team after bringing many of the summer targets early in Jan but have a postive feeling we'll bring in the specific types to help limit certain weaknesses we're perceived to have to opposing teams.
  10. Just comes off as a right fucking bully that miserable prick. Remember last season when they shithoused us at our place when we hadn't gelled & he was going on about how he wouldn't change any of his players for any of our overpaid players blah blah which was hilarious considering we had the most accomplished L2 striker of the last few years in Eoin Doyle who was coming off scoring 25 goals for Swindon the season before of course you wouldn't take him 🙄. Then when we dicked them on the last day to go up & the busy fucker was trying to step to Evatt on the touchline all through the match giving it the big one for the sky camera's. Loves it when he goes viral by having a pop at the interviewer every week too, couldn't be fucked having a wankstain like that as our gaffer.
  11. Iredale natural full back, Geth was a full back when we signed him so theres a certain attacking nature to them to bomb on whilst being natural defenders. Evatt wanted two wide centre backs in a back three from the first day he arrived but he had Delaney, Taft & an ageing Baptiste attempting to do it. We did see positive signs second half of last season when we went back to the back three with Johnston/Geth the ones stepping into midfield & providing more threats of deliveries whilst joining attacks linking up supremely well with their wing backs wether it was John or Fossey so if Iredale is another Geth then it'll be a great fit.
  12. Can't say I recollect him from our games but he's certainly at a good age at 26 like most of our XI, versatile, 6'3 to provide some aerial ability, coming off a solid season. Be happy with that
  13. All expected & as straight forward as it should have been so well done Evatt. No sentiment in the decision making & time to really push on with the quality levels all throughout the squad if we're aiming for promotion. Baptiste(age), Amaechi(injury prone luxury player who doesn't fit into our system who's one of the highest earners), Tutte(injury prone), Gordon(potential but very upgradeble) , Delfouneso (can't even get in a shit L2 team), Greenidge(If anybody seen Barnet lose 6-0 to Wrexham the other week my god, Reiss had a bloody mare at fault for nearly every goal), Edwards (injury prone), Alexander (potential but Huchinson was ahead of him) & Fitzmartin (Good in the academy by all account, gl to the lad)
  14. It was a lovely goal on the eye but looking at it through our perspective Johnston made Barry Bagley look like fucking Messidona ffs. Pretty sure he was the same lad who just let Declan stroll inside unchallenged & get a free shot off to score but on the ball he did look tidy.
  15. In regards to Dempsey he joined us whilst semi injured & Evatt said he'd been recommended to sit the last few games out as recently as 10 days or so ago so but went against the advice which looks to have hampered him again. He's not got much time on the pitch but when he has got on he's a right combative jack in a box type midfielder, fingers crossed he like all the others get a solid pre season with no setbacks to show their value to us from the jump.
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