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  1. I thought this would be a topic on Bolton transfer moves, I couldent give a fuck who signs Kane unless it's us
  2. There is summat about the Chelsea Manager I cannot take to he creeps me out
  3. Oh yea forgot about Evans, changed my fucking mind now 😳
  4. Well done Leicester, I actually feel quite emotional, so glad they won it
  5. Renewed mine the old excitement is back
  6. I was there, I remember being in a pub on the way into Wrexham with a big statue outside covered in Bolton scarves when the players coach went past, it erupted I ran on the pitch at full time hugged Phil neal he asked us to behave :lol: good days
  7. I didn't even know they had a football team until this season 🤔
  8. Wigan fans make me piss they talk like they are a big club, fucking mickey mouse club
  9. It does feel different this promotion I am more emotional and I truly think its because It feels as though we have our club back, fuck the Andersons COYWM
  10. I love my club I am so emotional tonight
  11. I am very drunk and very happy 😊
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