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    Maybe because of posts from you to him like this perhaps? Just a thought.
  2. As I've said IA is not a shirt designer or manufacturing company and have sourced unbranded shirts from a supplier to be customised for the club. The manufacturer may well be NB but that certainly doesn't make IA an and offshoot of them as Iles stated. Iles has certainly been told since by somebody important enough to tweet a retraction to what he's said and delete it from his article - how often does that happen? So clearly someone high up was unhappy with his misrepresentation! I've no doubt that anybody has intentionally meant to mislead but it seem obvious from the star
  3. Iles wrote 'offshoot' in his article that he's since deleted and which he now 'apologises' for. He also posted this in his match day blog - 7:54pm Infinity Apparel - who are an offshoot of New Balance. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/17952618.bolton-wanderers-0-blackpool-0-matchday-live-blog/ Infinity Apparel and New Balance are not connected to each other, so not an 'offshoot of' and not 'part of'.
  4. What was it you were all saying?
  5. I'm not having a pop but are you sure about that or simply repeating what Iles said in his blog? Doesn't seem to be any tie up between the two companies that I can find? Infinity Apparel seem to be an offshoot of Infinity Incorporated, and that company is 75% or more owned by a Mr Darren Cohen. who again doesn't seem to have any link to New Balance either? The only secured creditor for Infinity Incorporated is the bank. There is a tenuous link between the two via John Moores University where New Balance works in partnership with them and Infinity Apparel supply the sportswe
  6. At a guess I would suggest there isn't any sponsorship money as such but rather a reduction to the settlement debt owed to PBP. Possibly PBP even had a big say in the shirt final design too.
  7. Sluffy


    I agree you keep such thoughts to yourself. I disagree that anyone should be assaulted if they didn't. Would a woman get a slap if they said the same? Would say a fifteen year old get one too if they got goby? So why would anyone want to slap say an eighty year old bloke then? I was brought up that "words will never hurt me" although sticks and stones might. We are getting on for being almost a quarter of the way through the twenty-first century for Christ sake, I thought we'd left this Neanderthal behaviour way back in the nineteen seventies and eighties? I
  8. Sluffy


    Maybe you are absolutely right, nobody knows seems to know but the ST did put a tweet out (which I copied and posted on page three of this thread) that STATES that the Fanzine is being OPERATED as a PARTNERSHIP between the ST and Football Ventures I read that as them having something of an official / contractual arrangement (whether written or implied) - and hence my question as to whether the ST was able to still do that considering it's apparent breaches to its own constitution. I guess we'll find out soon enough
  9. Sluffy


    I wish it well and hopes it meets in full the various expectations of those who would wish to frequent it. I'm not sure why this thread turned into something of a shit-storm? It started off about the ST's questionnaire about what they were gathering information on about running the Fanzone and I merely posed the question of whether or not, due to them breaching their own written constitution, they could legally do so? Seemed a reasonable - and obvious - question to me. I've not been negative, I wasn't being condescending, I wasn't trying to be clever, put the ST down or any
  10. Sluffy


    I'd say it was in respect of a Supporters Trust survey which happens to be about the Fanzone and was specifically asking who from this site would represent the forum in respect of a single question on the ST's questionnaire (of which the ST hadn't contacted this or other sites as far as I'm aware, even to ask if anyone from those respect forums the ST questionnaire named would even like to provide a representative to take part in the first place!). The thread indeed morphed into a more general discussion about the Fanzone but the thread was indeed started in respect of something the ST wa
  11. Sluffy


    Serious answer: Obviously I won't name names but I've been on BWFC forums for years and have been involved in modding and/or creation of four of them during that time. Over those years and in my capacity as a mod I've had to cross swords with numerous people for many reasons in order to keep the peace or stop people going too far over the line, for the best interests of everybody else on the sites. The vast majority of people accept it (some reluctantly) but one or two couldn't and have gone on to have a pop at me whenever they can ever since, some of these internet vendettas th
  12. Sluffy


    I'm aware of who Riggins44 was, an extremely odd bloke I found who seems to desperately seek attention through confrontation and abuse on social media and who has been banned countless times on Twitter to my knowledge. He was for a time an acolyte of Bower, Smurf, etc, under his many user names one of which Stan Bartolome had been mentioned a time or two on here iirc. He's one of those who adds #FBPE to his twitter name and rages about Brexit all the time - or at least he used to - probably still does Each to their own and all that but not someone I'd particularly like to have a pint
  13. Sluffy


    Not at all! There's hundreds of threads on here, only one or two of them are about finances and that's where we keep financial discussions to, that's not unreasonable is it? You do realise that what's been talked about above has nothing at all to do with finance don't you? It's been about the ST's involvement with the Fanzone , which I believe is on topic. In fact quite a bit of what I've posted has been in direct response to Casino's questions about the ST. If he's happy with the thread then I don't really see what the problem you seem to have about it is?
  14. Sluffy


    Scientia potential est.
  15. Sluffy


    I think you most certain were - Hurst defends himself against links to Phil Gartside. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/14231621.new-supporters-trust-chairman-this-is-absolutely-not-for-personal-gain/ Mr Hurst has since sadly passed away - https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/17373697.tributes-paid-to-business-visionary-richard-hurst-who-has-died-aged-73/ I've no idea if Allanson is somewhere in the background at the ST or not. I doubt it though. It does seem that his solicitor offices have accordingly now been finally closed down by his professional body -
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