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  1. Can home fans pay on the day..? Asking for a friend
  2. At what point does this get the green light?
  3. How do i donate my hard earned...? 💰 💵
  4. Just pour a drink and enjoy the night. Jesus
  5. Just done it, Got us as Champions
  6. I remember at the time saying it would be the end of transfer fees with clubs just needing to wait for a player's contract to end and then, "sign him on a Bosman" Not like me to be wrong 🤔
  7. Birmingham away in the FA Cup was on TV, I'm sure.
  8. ^ They just need a trailer for a couple of minutes to prove it's working at their end - and at our end.
  9. Good point. I want to pay and watch but it all seems too technical for me. I was the same with itunes a few years ago, but once I took the plunge with my first album, I was spending hunderds
  10. +1 Cookies, Streams, Accounts, Cromecasts, Registering, HDMI cables, Androids, HD, Subscribing.
  11. First to spring to mind was Watford away after being 3 up. I'd never have got the scorer without Google - Gary Porter.
  12. Their 3rd went in as we were celebrating our 4th. I thought it finished 4 - 2 till i watched the highlights a few days later
  13. Which of the interviews did he do first? I know the radio one was posted first, but was it done before the TV one? Just wondering if the radio one was actually later - and he'd had a drink in between.
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