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  1. Dixon Baps-Aimson-Johnston Gordon-Lee-Thomason-DJ Xav-Doyle-Dapo 3-4-3 They're playing the kids, shoot on sight at Crellin. 4-0 win on to next week
  2. When we played them in the 1-0 away last season at the final whistle Evatt could be seen having a good chat with him on the iFollow cameras with Stockton nodding in agreement could have been a we'll come & get you if you don't go up. Heavily linked with him in the summer for what ever reason he signed a new contract at the shrimps & we ended up getting Baka who could be really good in this division but he's a proper sick note it seems like. Personally weren't arsed in the summer about not getting him as he helped them go up but didn't have the best goal returns in L2 last season but this season he's top scorer in the entire league & scoring bangers for fun. He'd get in most teams in this league on current form wether he can be consistent is another story, Evatt obviously is a big fan of his & Doyler at 33 would be better suited as a super sub coming on the last 30 against tired legs when they're getting sloppier & stretched. A no 10 will do very nicely aswell, seeing as IE says Sarce was going to be upgraded on anyway he should have somebody lined up but we seriously missed a boat on that Twine on a free he would have been perfect but atleast we got Dapo aye.
  3. Credit to Evatt for noticing we couldn't get near them first 20 mins, playing around us with easy switched to 3 at the back with wing backs & overloaded the wings with pure intensity it was very promising even without our best attacker Dapo. When Dapo is back surely we have to have have him, Kach & Xav as the interchanging front three. Thomason was a man possessed today even with a yellow so early, Kachunga stepping up massively game by game & Amaechi is evidently eager to make an impact having the freedom on the pitch to pop up all over. Santos was excellent in his half back position, Aimson has some very dodgy hit & miss distribution but that header off the line was heroic. Obviously with our situation we was going to tire badly & with no bench to freshen things up compared to them you've got to be happy with a point hoping to build on a positive performance. Great game of football
  4. Since we went 3-4-3 we've been a breath of fresh air offensively
  5. Just the most predictable thing ever, stay in the match go in at HT 0-0. Like many away matches this season, concede such a shit scrappy goal which you know is game over. Thought Wycombe would be a lot better than they actually are, they also very low on confidence but they've got a great bench for the level especially McCleary. We'll always lose scrappy games like that because we don't have players who want to get in the box and get on the end of things. It's Dapo vs the world & it has been even before the injuries bar maybe Baka who has been efficient but is a sick note. Dapo is the only player who's any threat in the entire team as soon as he releases the ball you know the move is going to fall apart as the other players just haven't got goals in them at all whether it's Doyle, Kachunga, Isgrove whoever is making up the front trio. 13th isn't bad at all & with the run in we have I'd be more than confident but with Gethin, MJ, Sheehan, Baka especially out it's gonna be hard watching Johnstone a defender low in confidence partnering a 19 year old prospect in the heart of the midfield with the same. We kind of knew on deadline day when we didn't bring some bodies in that it was risky, we went from central midfield being our strongest area of the pitch to having one senior in Lee fit who ironically is known as the most injury prone one of the lot!
  6. Thomason got left in the shit more like, you can look shit when you're 19 & exposed trying to patrol a whole team. If you're anchoring the team it's usually for the older heads who know what's around them. At least he was giving his team mates some during the game, all the others couldn't have give a fuck. Soft as shit!
  7. We may have to sell Dapo, get the coin & strengthen all other areas of the XI. Can't get far being a one man team, all they have to do is double up on him & that's us beaten.
  8. Unlucky lads, we nearly held on from the 27th minute there at Anfield. You know, Klopps Liverpool are relentless & with crossers like Trent-Robbo putting balls into your box it's inevattable that they'll break through... we was? playing mid table non league Stockport? Didn't win one fucking 50-50 all game, fluked a 3-1 lead then didn't cross the half way line and we love participating in defending crossing drills. Quigley is x2 better than all our strikers put together and we're a fucking L1 team supposedly. No doubt the excuses will the magic of the FA CUP and all that bollocks but we rolled over. They absolutely dominated us all game. The worst part is that 120 minutes will have took out a lot before this buys schedule with a squad falling to pieces. Kachunga was basically playing Right back.
  9. Well like a week later Lee, Thomason, MJ & Geth all signed new deals. Three obviously being central midfielders so Sarce probably got told he wasn't going to be offered a new extension so demanded to be let go now instead of seeing the season through.
  10. It was fresh to see genuine pace on the break near the end when we had Dapo-Kach-Xav on the pitch, Baka put himself about and got a goal which will do him the world of good too. Good to be getting options back as it's a busy period coming up to get us through to the window. Isgrove was MOTM although we didn't have much to defend against... Crewe were absolutely hopeless. The perfect match to regain some confidence and get three points on to shake the monkey off our backs of the dreadful league form we just put in.
  11. No point him hanging around that tier if he's scoring goals for fun from full back, obviously too good for that league
  12. Extra pace & explosiveness is a must because apart from Dapo there's not really anybody who can carry the ball not to mention nobody offering any runs in behind to stretch defences. Doyle presses but doesn't know whether he wants to come deep or make a run behind, Baka offers a lot more than Kachunga although they both seem to like to take the easy option of turning back & playing the ball safe inside. Whether it's Politic or Amaechi or in a perfect world both they can hopefully really spice up our front line because if they start confidently then defenders can't just double up on Dapo then... they'll have three tricky talented bastards to keep at bay but for now it's easy for teams to do so on Dapo as they know Isgrove, Doyle, Kacha ect have hardly got a goal in them nor any individual brilliance so they can be left free although it's good to see Dapo adjusting to roaming finding the space on the pitch to affect the game.
  13. Deanu

    SW away

    Didn't look behind him, looked like Doyle shit himself from the defender who put him off
  14. Even though we haven't picked in wins in the last two prior we've not played badly at all but that first half tonight we was shocking we were letting ourselves down because we know we're much better than that! Thankfully Dapo's magic got us in at HT with something to build on & you just knew Evatt would let them know them standards aren't the same as the ones they're capable off. Second half the intensity was there, the bravery on the ball, the duels, the link up, the ruthlessness. It was night & day! Dapo is so dangerous every time he gets the ball with being able to go on either foot... also the vision and cheeky lobbed ball to put Kachunga in behind? He's developing at a meteoric rate that lad. Safe to say Lee made up for them two sitters at Newport! Absolute class from him, the assist was some pick out aswell... has to start Sat after that impact. Real composure from Sarce but he is a weird one he's invisible for a good hour but then he just has them spells when the game is becoming more open where he pops up everywhere his energy just dominates teams in the later stages. Rico was a rock... got to love the crunch to win the ball then the ring around a rosey in the last min to authorize his dominance. Gethin was superb too, did well up against a tricky winger & seems to be improving his crossing!
  15. Doesn't help when we concede first mostly every single game! That's the reason why we have such high possession because the other teams just allow us the ball & they can just sit in to see the game out with a whole half of killing time. We did have our chances I can't believe Doyler missed that chance. Johnston had one ruled out, Gethin pee rolled a guilt edged chance. We didn't punish them and we allowed a player who'd previously scored 6 in over a 100 games bag a brace past us. Evatts still a young manager and he's still learning. We might be like how Plymouth was last season in this league... Good football but really naive & shed a shitload. Wouldn't surprise me if we beat Sunderland well when theres no pressure on us next weekend. Really need Baka and Amaechi back just for the pace and physicality off the bench which has absolutely nobody on it too chance the way a match is going.
  16. This is where we need somebody to come on and make an impact. Looking at our bench there's absolutely nobody
  17. Nothing wrong with letting players leave provided the right money comes in for them. Brentford have had to deal with it for a number of years, Peterborough, at a higher level over recent times is Leicester. It just shows that you're being run really well & are having success. It's about using the money you get wisely and scalping exciting talents from beneath you in the pyramid on players who fit the bill
  18. Me & my brother always disagree on Doyler. At times last season he was dropping too deep and drifting to the wing too much but that wasn't his fault... he was surrounded by shit at the start. He did what he was brought to do, score the goals to take us up. Evatt also knew he would be able to step up to L1 too, after witnessing him bag 21 in 26 in his Chesterfield team IE captained to gain a big move to Cardiff. He's getting older but he never relied on rapid pace or strength, he's just supremely intelligent with his movement & very good off the ball. Them two Ipswich lads Burgess & Edmunson? meant to be highly rated from Accy & Rangers but they got an absolute lesson off him. He's not as clinical as we expected but with the amount of work he gets through he's bound to miss a few due to tiredness. Fully expect him to get 15 or more this season & fuck me when he get's a pen you never doubt him!
  19. I still have nightmares of Crellin, Greenidge, Delaney, Comley, White attempting to play out from the back
  20. Vale's manager at the time of signing him said he wanted a left footed winger & turns out they use wing backs. They don't even play with a 10 either... it's a 3-5-2 with a flat midfield. Thier fans wanted to try a new formation as they was sick of having no goals a few weeks ago but results are starting to pick up. To the surprise even Proctor is banging them in for fun so it looks like DP won't get a look in until they hit a desperate spell where goals/results dry up. Doesn't look like a good move for him... especially with the contract situation. Has Greenidge been abducted by aliens? It's like he vanished from the planet after Cheltenham.
  21. How nice of Dapo to keep his numbers down last season just to allow us to be the ones sign him. Him & Sheehan are just different calibre to the shit we've seen past few years. Real quality in front of goal on top of all the chances we've been creating due to the repetitive patterns of play we've developed from growing together is just great to see. Everybody can see how much these lads care & never let their heads drop no matter the situation on the pitch which is mainly down to Evatt as they'll just keep playing OUR game until we get our rewards. Doyler was fucking superb today, looks so much sharper & just look at the way he continuously brought the ball down under pressure to lay it off to the runners even though he gets a bit of shit for that part of his game. You know it's a mad fucking game when big RICO is on the right flank putting Becks type crosses into his centre back partner to rub salt in the wounds. Over the moon! Get revenge on all the teams who fucking battered us when we was in the shit! Slightly concerned about our fullbacks letting wingers hit the byline and put very dangerous balls in across the face of goal but we dealt better second half with that. COYWM IESWA
  22. Cant really moan at that. Ref was a prick but we conceded first and that allowed them to just sit in to soak up all the pressure. Didn't test the goalkeeper once & looked easy to defend against. Not much movement off the ball & totally predictable. Our crosses from wide areas were poor too, sloppy & slow throughout today. They defended well & made things difficult but we wasnt brave enough on the ball. We definitely need one or two more to come in with Baka & Amaechi outl
  23. Cambridge have been solid but we haven't half made it easy for them.
  24. Whoever would have went through will probably get fucking battered by a top 6 club anyway. Take it on the chin, they'll always have a shit fan base and be a rugby town. Our first XI are fresh for Cambridge let's go and beat them well at the weekend. Keep picking the points up where it matters
  25. Kieran Lee has missed many sitters, good player but can't score for shit. Del is a waste of a spot in the squad he isn't a winger, doesn't score many up front, goes missing as a playmaker so what is he? Would have rather kept Arthur over him
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