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  1. Sure he is a lovely kid but that hair cut makes him look like a prick. If I could offer him some advice it would be to head down the barbers pronto. On the football front, the lad needs to get experience and he's not going to get enough playing u21s
  2. We need a leader and in this division he would still be a very good player to have he is probably thinking where his future lies. He won't play that much at West Ham this season so he either sits on his contract or tells them he wants football for a good few more years. If he wants football at some stage he's going to have to take the hit of a big drop in his salary, coming back where he is loved by most must surely be a decent option
  3. I think it's worth taking them away to help new players integrate and means the management have control of there activities 24 hours a day for decent period of time
  4. Two to three new solid defenders needed and a physical presence in midfielder, would keep c Davies but he is to injury prone so for that reason may be best to look else were. Keeping clough fit will be key. Keeping Alf would be nice but wouldn't want to use to much of whatever budget we have on him
  5. Just keep winning and who knows, can see a few teams up there having a bad run at some point over the next 5 months
  6. Think he will do a job personally
  7. Lingerie penaltys now that's a half time event we would all stay in our seats for
  8. Would have him back without a second thought
  9. Owen coyle played for Ireland but born in Scotland
  10. not sure what would be so bad about brown getting the job, he has experience of taking hull up and keeping them in the premiership for the first season, he is no less qualified than any of the other applicants. Just because he has history with us should not mean we should be ruling him out, when you actually look at his record in management he is not that bad a candidate.
  11. would have him back as long as he cant bring his back room staff with him
  12. Want pulis, would be happy with McKay but will end up with jimmy
  13. Would be happy for Phil brown and jimmy Phillips to take charge
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