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Uk Riots

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If this is a SEB, I don't care. I ain't trawling back through 33 fooking pages. Some of them non PC but don't shoot the messenger. Received from a mate in Middlesbrough this morning.


I?m not just any looter I?m an M&S Looter


After rioters loot Carpet Right. Police say Tottenham now has Rug dealers on every street corner.


I wish I was poor enough to have a Blackberry to organise a riot!


The rioters broke into Highbury police station and stole all the toilets. Police have nothing to go on.


A Police station in Huddersfield got broken into last night and looters stole all of their Satnavs. Police are now looking for Leeds.


F#@$ing scrotes and chavs, destroying our community and giving our country a bad name for no reason! And all this on my birthday too! Makes me sick! On a brighter note, I?d like to take this opportunity to thank my uncle Winston for the 42? plasma and new pair of trainers.


Manchester police say the looters are not from Manchester. Hmm, they must be United fans then?


Three nights with no riots in any Scottish cities. Conclusive proof that Glaswegians don?t watch the news.


Following the recent riots across the cities in England? the French have surrendered.


I was watching the news with my wife last night. ?It looks like the Kaiser Chiefs were right.? I said. ?Yeah, very funny,? she replied. ?I Predict A Riot.? I said, ?No? Everyday I Love You Less And Less.?


During last night?s riots, Paddy and Murphy broke into Ladbrokes and lost ?50


Been out in the riots tonight, best night I?ve had in ages. Just need to clean all the blood off my baton and shield now.


Why would anyone want to ruin their own country? Oh yeah it?s London, and none of them are in their own country!


After the riots and looting in Tottenham, Boots did a stock take in their local store?. All that remained was fake tan.


To be fair I wish everyone would stop stereotyping all of the rioters as blacks. I definitely saw at least one white person on the news and he was just as bad as the rest of them. He was nearest to the camera and had stolen a Sky News microphone.


Six shots fired in London, all missed. Police are looking to question Fernando Torres.


Unfortunately for the chavs and blacks, you can?t steal GCSE?s?...


I saw a black guy carrying a TV down the street yesterday so I smashed him over the head with a shovel. I?d just like to take this opportunity to apologise to Argos and wish their delivery driver a speedy recovery.


Bad news, the rioting has spread to Ireland. Poor Paddy has just smashed his laptop screen, after trying to loot eBay.


Sky News: Police to use Plastic Bullets. F#@k me, the Recession has hit us harder than I thought.


Can we make sure the ?Before? and ?After? riot pictures of Croydon are clearly labelled, as it?s confusing to tell which is which?


Police are using water cannons in London tonight with a touch of Persil to stop the coloureds from running.


Just seen the manager of PC World on the news ranting on about how the thieving black bastards that plundered his store, should have their f@#$ing hands chopped off, or be hung by their dicks from the nearest tree! Wow! I thought. Now there is a guy who really needs to change the name of his shop.


Just heard that the Met Police are going to be releasing CCTV footage of all the looting in Tottenham. Can?t wait to see it in high definition on my new 70? plasma TV?


I wonder how many black policemen are praying that all the good stuff isn?t gone before their day off?


Why are all these people in London behaving like they?re from third world countries? Oh wait a minute???


I wonder if the first thing David Cameron says to Nick Clegg after coming back early from his holiday is ?I leave you alone for two f@#$ing minutes!!??


Gavin from AutoGlass has a right job on his hands now.


News: ?Government condemns riots and looting? Well done government ? that?ll sort things out, big style!


I said to my mate ?We?re in the middle of a huge recession, we?ve got Noel Edmonds on TV and we?ve got rioting on the streets of London. It?s like being back in the 80?s? He said ?Yeah, what?s next, Liverpool win the league?? Oh how we both laughed.


My son just said to me, ?Look at all those coppers on the news just standing there, letting the niggers do whatever they want.? ?Now son, I?ve told you before: you can?t say that word anymore, it?s not politically correct.? ?Sorry Dad, I meant police officers.? Good lad.


Say what you like about North Londoners, but their efforts in doing the place up in order to make the Man City & Man United fans feel at home for the Charity Shield match today is wholly admirable.


London police have released CCTV footage of the youths involved in the riots in Tottenham last night. Anyone that recognises any of the teeth should call Crimestoppers immediately.


Following the riots in Tottenham I think it?s important to remind ourselves that not all black people are stereotypical thieves and arsonists. The vast majority are in fact drug dealers and rapists.


I?m thinking about going to Tottenham/Enfield tomorrow to get a new TV but I can?t make my mind up where to buy it from. The Red Lion or The Fox and Hounds?


An Aldi store was devastated by fire last night. A spokesmen for the store said the extent of the damage could run into tens of pounds.

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