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  1. Always expect the unexpected. Nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition.
  2. Don't be fucking silly. You missed the bit about keeping Solskjaer and hoping City give them another thrashing did you?
  3. It makes me feel slightly dirty but I've grown to like him as a pundit. Straight talker, pulls no punches and keeps his bias in check for most of the time. In this case though I believe that he is misguided. That club needs a top level manager to compete with the other top level managers. All this shite about 'we tried that with Van Gaal and Mourinho and it blew up in our faces so we will stick with Ole' is a load of bollocks but, I sincerely hope that is what they do. More days like today watching them squirm would be most welcome. I hope City give them a repeat dose in a fortneet.
  4. Just catching up after over doing American football over the weekend. That Lazio-Inter game was a good watch with all the shenanigans!
  5. Still in shock losing so badly to those mutants with a starring role for that odious cunt McLean. Class is permanent. They have none and never will have.
  6. Best of luck in getting him off it mate. I saw some report the other day that there are 333,000 gambling addicts in the UK. Never affected me that way - I don't find it difficult to leave it alone for a few months at a time.
  7. Great post. Those 1-0 defeats at Cambridge, Sunderland and Wednesday may come back to haunt us at the end of the season but, ATM, my mind keeps going back to last season when we didn't hit top gear until mid January. Not being wildly optimistic but we have seen enough to inspire confidence already this season. Much to be grateful/thankful for and, as you say, we are close to being a very good team.
  8. If your lot had been through what they'd been through you'd have been down in the mid 20k's with not a turban in sight. It will be good to see them overtake you as well as that mob from east Manchester.
  9. Proper football fanatics Newcastle fans so I have no problem with the sun shining on them for a while. Potentially now, another brick in the northern wall of football supremacy which only Chelsea realistically have any hope of interrupting.
  10. Any points would be good but I suspect we might win this. Fingers crossed.
  11. One of my earliest BWFC favourite players. At his best could be described as a wizard (or higher if you believed the Warby's banner!). My old man used to say it was worth paying the money just to watch him alone. Used to see him gardening at his house in Harwood on my travels to and from BCGS. I was in awe and felt I should at least bow my head being so close to the great mans presence. RIP Freddie. Never forgotten.
  12. Great goals. We'll be thereabouts at the end - I feel sure of it.
  13. I like a bet. I have it well under control - nothing wild and if it's not available I don't have withdrawal symptoms. Not in favour of the ban but concede that gambling firms and adverts seem to be omnipresent these days so a reduction to an acceptable level would be warranted. Total ban? No. I am with MK on this one - sanitisation along the lines of all of the PC/virtue signalling/gesture politics bollocks being rammed down our throats all the time these days by the 'Thungberg generation', tree huggers and other assorted naysayers and doom mongers. Fuck the fun police and the miserable legion of sanctimonious cunts who seek to destroy the excitement which draws us to events like football matches in the first place. Aldous Huxley could have scripted this. I wonder where the savage lands will end up being where we will need to visit to actually live a little?
  14. Play walking football with a Charlton fan and he predicted the result last night (he actually said 'I can see you lot winning 3-1 or 4-1, we are absolutely shit at the moment). Glad he was right! Saw all the goals on Gillette Soccer Special. Looked like a great following for a Tuesday night away game darn sarf. When we start our run in January the rest will wonder what's hit them! Onwards and upwards.
  15. All been said earlier in the thread. Absolutely ecstatic when he signed for us and his debut at Deepdale will always be with me. It almost looked like Ewood Park did on that night because so many Bolton fans wanted to see the great mans first game for us. Absolute gentleman; Bolton fan; World Cup Winner. What else could anyone need in a CV? RIP Roger.
  16. Not convinced that Sunderland are as good as they think they are. Suspect we will come away with something - possibly all three.
  17. Watched Metz v PSG this morning. Fucking hell, what a last 5 minutes that was! Talk about how to lose a game through meltdown! Tell you what is really starting to piss me off this season (all leagues it seems) and that is the persistent and voluminous feigning of injury to break the rhythm of a game, most often the rhythm of superior opposition. Needs stamping on along the lines of the previous campaign against 'simulation'.
  18. RIP Jimmy. A character and a legend.
  19. If he plays Ake, I reckon Radcliffe will be right about next weeks game. Lukaku would monster him. I also reckon the DMB's will get it together as the season progresses. I truly hope I am wrong about this!
  20. Swap Massives and Liverpool around and that's where I am at.
  21. Already over it. I just know we will bounce back. We all know it.
  22. Just watched it all again. That same fucking dust which seems to hang around my computer from time to time got me again.
  23. Some player though Alonso. Good luck to the lad. Looks like he will end up with the full set of winners medals.
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