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  1. Last King Of The Cross (with Tim Roth) Black Snow (with Travis Fimmel of Vikings fame) Rain Dogs Watch out for Blue Lights set in Belfast and The Steeltown Murders set in Port Talbot.
  2. This here deadly tornado? Don't they build homes with steel frames? The wreckage resembles broken matchsticks. We have a problem in the north of this state with cyclones. All council building regs up there insist on steel frames. Hard to believe that a country as advanced as the US would build in an area subject to an annual tornado season from what looks like balsa wood with weatherboard cladding?
  3. A beer hall putsch coming in Clachnacuddin. Mark my words.
  4. The usual suspects would have been hovering over the letters f-a-r-r-i-g-h-t on their keyboards. They must be terribly deflated. Said to the missus when the news broke down here "Don't be surprised if this is Sunni/Shia or some other internal dispute".
  5. No matter which way you slice it, not many go to that footballing giants backyard and get a result. To do it with 10 men for a good chunk of the game makes it more notable. Southgate out. Cheers for the advice Gonzo BTW,
  6. No worries son. I'll be observing.
  7. Really? Like you I would be surprised. Just another 'far right' hysterical scare by the usual suspects.
  8. Only going off the odds bookies keep giving me for their matches mate. Benfica are a great team at the moment. Would have loved to see a Napoli v Benfica Champions League final.
  9. Bloody hell V - I thought you'd have something set up at BWFC (Boreham Wood)
  10. Which footballer is he shagging?
  11. But maybe the penny is starting to drop that you aren't dealing with a minority opinion which can be sarcastically laughed off or discussion shut down in the usual way your side of these debates seeks to do. All the 'gammon' and 'racist' jibes in the world won't change that uncomfortable (for woke types) fact. Not watched the Davidson thing but got the Warren one through Whatsapp. Not grim at all - simple common sense IMO. Lineker out.
  12. Watched the Arsenal V Sporting game. Not sure how Sporting didn't win in normal time. Cracking goal they scored - Portuguese football is under rated.
  13. His application is fyled away for now
  14. Probably mate but not on match days it seems!
  15. Not a place to take liberties but, having had contact with the Klapper 33 crowd (different bar they frequent now just around the corner) when in Frankfurt when the 2008 Euro final was on (one of our factories in the Frankfurt area) not surprised to hear they went and had a go. Folk on here go on about nazi's. They should visit Alt Sachsenhausen and see what real ones look like. Some giant skinheads, ripped and covered in swastika tattoo's etc. Absolute nutters. You'd need a local with you to get in. "Auslanders Raus!" and all that. Them v the Camorra would have been some battle. The video's I have seen only show them throwing garden furniture at the police. Where have I seen that before?
  16. You are getting there see! If it was only one choice for you then your schizophrenic tendencies might abate. Tally ho!
  17. My heart is never wrong. Neither is Boby.
  18. Nothing with only two choices for Spider FFS. Turns him inside out.
  19. No one. A decision from the heart. I don't like big government for a start. There is no bureaucracy bigger and therefore worse than the EU in my opinion so it was a no brainer. Does that answer your question adequately. Small government and low taxes. Won't be happening in mainland Europe any time soon.
  20. As long as it's not a plain 'yes or no' eh?
  21. Spot on mate. Back the the hypocrite reinstated by the BBC. Apparently wants to let in all illegal migrants 'looking for a new life' but doesn't want to be one of the UK taxpayers who pays the appropriate amount of tax to assist in paying for their needs once they get here. Some champion for some of the gullible on here.
  22. Johnny, you seem to be very astute. Take no notice. I don't and that's what rankles him.
  23. Right then, I'll reconsider the fatwa
  24. Expect better from you sir. Not some of the other clowns but from you, yes.
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