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  1. For some reason, I was expecting you to mention the Royal Navy. Outskirts of Bolton still has some great places (Bradshaw a particular favourite of mine). Chorley sound all round.
  2. There are those who saw this coming decades ago. Not the specific details such as vape shops and crackheads. Just the general decline in both civic pride and maintenance plus the inexorable rise in the arrival of interlopers which some will try to convince you is good for the economy. Don't listen to these well meaning but utterly deluded fools. Get out while you can. The land of 30,000 chances never looked more attractive.
  3. Easy. Proposing National Service for long haired fucking layabouts blagging their way through meaningless university courses or hiding under the banner of the 'arts'
  4. Now give over. https://nypost.com/2020/11/02/harris-equality-of-outcome-video-slammed-as-communism-pitch/
  5. Honeymoon period. Let's see where this is at in January 2025. TBF, already done a couple of things he'd get a tick from me over. It's when the looney side of his party and the unions unleash that things can head south very quickly.
  6. Throw the gates to the kingdom wide open and invite them all in. That would fix it according to folk like you wouldn't it?
  7. ...and the 'comrade' I suspect that you are referring to must be top of the pile when it comes to utter morons.
  8. You need to get your hearing checked pal. The first word they are saying to you is 'Cassie'.
  9. People wise, fair point. Snowdonia is sensational though. Shame there are Welsh folk there.
  10. He'd need a fucking brain transplant first of course. "I think it said Abby somebody. That was it! Abby Normal"
  11. Yep. You'll be referring to Ned Kelly?
  12. You missed out Ireland. May as well have the full set of national anthem booers along with your other shower. Jose would do for me. If we got to the stages Southgate miraculously managed, there'd be silverware at the FA by now.
  13. A slap on the wrist and some counselling? Batton and Radcliffe were nearer to the correct verdict.
  14. Logic eh? It will never catch on.
  15. Huh? Lost me there. Are you looking for advice on sexual lubricants or were you implying that these JSO public school revolutionaries are offering us some help? Just watched the long haired fucking JSO layabout on GMB this morning. FFS, everything which is wrong in our youth sat there spouting utter bollocks. Hair clippers and a bout of national service (preceded by a kick in his bollocks preferably) would do nicely.
  16. You have to be kidding. Think of an umbrella for a start. How about "Swedes 2 Turnips 0". Still, you're only around 14 aren't you?
  17. Not too thick. It detracts from the texture of the eggs.
  18. You could see it coming from that shower of shit (the FA) though. Probably the most controversial virtue signal they could muster.
  19. bolty58

    Euro 24

    First loser material. Let's see how many are clamouring to employ this so called genius. He'll end up with some quango at the FA. Director of Diversity and Inclusion or similar. They'll find something for him. Even then, would he have the resolve to go on the attack?
  20. A new label. Beltin' Just in from a live soul gig on the CDS so will resist the urge to post a drunken retort. I know exactly how to get the green eyed monster to show his face with that ignored anus ignoramus. I think he was having a go at another poster but I wouldn't expect the likes of you to grasp it.
  21. Through all of the childish fits of pique by leftie types, just imagine how entertaining the retribution will be if Trump wins. The squeals of anguish would usually be enough but the current situation offers so much more. A dish best served cold and all that.
  22. It would be good to hear that HMP's currently face a shortage of Vaseline, KY Jelly, axle grease, cooking oils etc. for the immediate future.
  23. The Pfizergate crook. Hopefully another crack in the foundations.
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