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  1. Power to weight ratio made them pretty quick. Unlike the Robin. The fact that the latter were favoured by fackin' Rockers because they could drive them on their grease monkey machine licences meant that I could never take to the Reliant brand. Always associated the marque with them diabolical twats. Cunts ran me off the road in one up near Rivvy Barn. Ploughed through a blokes privets and disturbed his Sunday morning Pimms
  2. ??? If no team ever made mistakes, the 0-0 draws would become tiresome. Man City make mistakes. Bayern Munich make mistakes. Real Madrid make mistakes. Thank fuck they do or football would be even more boring than many Premier League games have already become. I'm off to watch the National League highlights show now to keep myself grounded. The entire operation of BWFC is purring like a Rolls Royce with a few miles on the clock. We can move on to a straight from the showroom model once we are back in the Championship which looks absolutely inEvattable to me.
  3. Very fair and very accurate. Worries me this feller. Tell yon pie eater I have already given the proprietor of Effie's kebabs a piece of my mind. That'll teach 'em.
  4. Raised a smile that did. I expect they'll fuck everything up and be booted out after one term. This expectation is based on decades of observing the glaring inadequacies and misguided ideology of socialism. I have been wrong before. 1973 I think it was.
  5. Not afraid to speak his mind. I don't always agree with his views (obviously did in this particular instance) but have to respect a man who is unafraid to put forward his opinion in these days of social media crucifixion.
  6. Perfect. There's a cracking hotel just outside Frankfurt (in Maintal) with a 5 minute gentle stroll to the train station. Hotel Doorm (doom as we called it but it was very good from a facilities, bar and food perspective). http://bestwestern.worldexecutive.com/locations/germany/maintal-dornigheim/4105.html Reasonably priced and centrally located. We got all over Germany from there using that DB travel card deal they were flogging - can easily get anywhere from Frankfurt Hauptbanhof. If I was going I'd be using this place again. I'll be watching in front of a big screen (possibly in San Pedro de Alcantara) with a pint of Estrella Galicia in my hand.
  7. Now come on. We have won the virtue signalling award at the last few tournaments. Southgate out.
  8. Out next round after a closely fought game at Old Triffid (and possibly a replay) boosts our coffers would suit me.
  9. The centrists who believe in turning over the result of the biggest democratic vote in the history of the UK? No thanks. I'd rather take my chances with the inept red rags. At least you know what to expect and what will inevitably follow their election to government. Many of us have seen it over and over again but they are not stupid enough to try to reverse the referendum result when they know what effect that would have on the so called 'red wall'. Let them have one term like that cunt Albanese will manage down here.
  10. Absolutely. You can see what biased presidents of republics can do in France and the US. Constitutional monarchy is the best system ever devised. Don't listen to leftie troublemakers, especially those with a penchant for stealing hubcaps.
  11. I am expecting the visitors to have a harrowing experience. 1-0, 7-0, any sort of win will do for me.
  12. I have. A bitter fucking DMB at yet another club having more financial clout than them.
  13. They can throw all the stats out they want. Geordies should have won 1-0. Disgraceful decision. PSG are not the new champions of bribery after Juventus cleaned up their act a bit are they? Another nail in the VAR coffin hopefully. We don't need an extended period to arrive at shit and incorrect decisions. They should just let referees get on with it as they are more than capable.
  14. Ace when they take stuff seriously. Straight bananas. Dodgy Chocolate. Butter Mountain. Fuck off.
  15. The bubbles cost us a fortune when we were in the EU the lazy bastards. Retiring at 50 and swanning around in the sun? Just knock the value of this lot off what they owe us.
  16. Who do you think isn't?
  17. It's the new 'racist' innit. Designed to shut down debate. Like the other one, it won't work. Labelling protesting mums and dads outside illegal immigrant hostels close to their homes as 'far right' is a fucking joke. Concerned about the welfare of their children. 'Far right'. Reet.
  18. Thankfully there are those on here who could be classed as politically aligned (to an extent) with you who see the danger in 'shutting down' anyone with a voice who the likes of the British Board of Communists would label 'far right'. Thin end of the wedge along the lines of those stupid fuckers currently in power in the US who have weaponised the judiciary. Hopefully one day it blows up in their faces.
  19. Likely but would they outright condemn it? When you say 'here' do you mean Wanderersways or the UK? I suspect some of the intolerant thug marchers waving Palestine flags and wearing Hamas headbands would more than justify it. I suspect they would cheer with exultation as they did when the October 7th atrocities became news.
  20. Always a voice of reason from that side. Have a 'like'.
  21. RIP Tel. Absolutely brilliant.
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