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  1. I believe his exact words were: "Gutted I can't be out there and send these f**king c*nts down."
  2. I don't want to speak too soon... But how have Bradford won six in a row? Couldn't pass gas these men... Don't miss this style of football, at all.
  3. This thread was a very "interesting", and telling, read. We have some proper bipolar folk in here. At no point on Saturday was I thinking that we weren't going to get it back in the second half. Not once. They left it a little later than I'd have liked, but even at 3-0 down I was saying that we would get it back in the second half. It was obvious to anyone with half a brain that the weather was having an awfully adverse affect on our game. Santos couldn't get a read on their high balls in the wind, and gave away foul after foul which led to both of their first goals (from free kicks). For their third, nine times out of ten Baptiste clears that, but for this one time it spooned off his boot right into the path of a Carlisle player with a clear shot on goal. Fast-forward to the second half, and Carlisle showed exactly what kind of team they are. Their tactics did not change an ounce, and they didn't know whether to stick or twist which gave us more of the ball (with the wind at our backs) and of course we put pressure on them. There was only one team going to score in that second half. Also, anyone having a go at Thomason... give your heads a wobble. He's 18, and we've already seen him come on leaps and bounds in each and every game he's played. Add that the fact that his goal put on the road to recovery in this game and he narrowly missed giving us a winning goal in the dying minutes. Sometimes, I despair.
  4. Don't you think maybe coming back from 3-0 down against one of the front-runners in the league classes as "stopping the rot"?
  5. Tranmere 2020 this lot. Without the long throw they’d be fighting a relegation battle.
  6. I'm quickly learning to hate that number 2 on their team. How can you get away with assaulting Crawford in the build up to that goal, after assaulting Jones earlier. The guy should be off the field by now.
  7. Haven't read through everything but: - Mike Riley - Cunt - They're all cunts --> WIN (for a good long time) MAXiMUS was entertaining for a time.
  8. Honestly, we've been the slightly shinier of two turds.
  9. I think life would have to be much worse before I start drinking at this time of a morning
  10. Cool. Thanks. I'll just stop watching now then, save myself some time.
  11. Referee is a bit pedantic, but it all seems to be going in our favour so far...
  12. Christ this match is making me sleepy.
  13. Much better second half, but Portsmouth players are assholes, to a man. Referee cost us that in the first half.
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