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  1. N Manc folk may have to watch out.
  2. Go on then, I will post my fave Oasis song up.
  3. I wouldn't have minded sampling Kate's bush in the 70's
  4. Some brilliant examples of ripping other peoples songs off, fair play. I like this one.
  5. I wondered what Fat Boy Slim was doing to poach that song.
  6. I was always a Blackpool Mecca lad in 72, the free coaches from our district and the loose women on the way home who would give you wank was well worth the 50p.
  7. Castaways Club in Hindley used to blast this tune out in 1980, but at the time the mainstream was Jazz Funk.
  8. I was gave a good ticking off from that fat Romanian girlfriend about supping cans whilst watching the cup final.
  9. Lancaster, seeing some old mates again before they get Dead.😄
  10. On the train Tuesday with my Railcard, trying to squeeze has much as I can out of the fucker, hardly used it.
  11. Ha ha, looking back, I bet you would've fucked me off on the first day being a staunch lefty.😄
  12. I was your sat nav taking you all the places in Liverpool when you'd not got a jar of glue. 😄
  13. Yeah, did he come up with the name for this band ?
  14. Who the fuck walks round a town dressed like that ?
  15. Proper Iggy and the Stooges influence and pre punk.
  16. The B side of Starman by Bowie was hammered on the juke box in my youth.
  17. Milk is the cure after eating a big fuck off meat and potato pie from Greggs.
  18. Nicest beer garden weather in Leigh today all May.
  19. In your eyes Wigan have no right to exist.😄
  20. I think Charles Dickens must've been ripped off by somebody with hebrew extract in Victorian London when he wrote Oliver Twist.
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