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  1. Daka of Leicester scores hat trick after being 2-0 down.
  2. More hills than Rome in that city, loads of skinny girls compared to our lot.
  3. Got the 13 station stopper back to Piccadilly, hammered with Bolton and no complaints about the express being cancelled.
  4. Glad the Globe don't sell loopy juice anymore. I would've been tempted.
  5. It would've been Tues 19th Aug 80.
  6. That's brilliant, managed to get a cheapo trip on the train to Nottingham a few years ago for nearly fuck all.
  7. Are you sure you didn't book for Stockport 😃
  8. Train prices are complicated, been on three different sites for fares ,and everyone are from Piccadilly.
  9. Was watching the replay before I started typing.😀
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