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What makes you a boltonian and why you love it

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No Being able to have a giggle at organised religion knowing full well it’s just a bit of fun, with likeminded knobheads. Thats what makes us boltonian.

Hating Man Utd

Fred Dibnah - first series in the 70's. Nothing is more Bolton than that.

Just now, Casino said:

I doubt youri was even born

She was on the early countdowns, wasnt she

Lived on junction road opposite Deane Church.

In the converted school house / chapel.

As a teenager  .

Right bottle on her.

Occasionally went in the Stags Head . But usually in the Tavern.

Yes she was on countdown.

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14 minutes ago, embankment said:

Is that a referance to Miss Isherwood  ?

Erm no - she did a bit of bird - I only need a chink for the full house.

And Spider and Miami - I'd have three if a certain ratbag hadn't took me to the cleaners.

One had a weed farm next door - on Green Lane ffs.

My pied-a-terre is full of smackheeds - well around and about. Lots of silly bother - but my door is unlocked.

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