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  1. Now that is shit. The Bodvarsson one is good though
  2. In his defence he was taken ill during his midweek trip to Greece with Norn Iron, so maybe we can forgive him for having an off day
  3. Katchunga did ok, but i still find it hard to get my head around how he’s keeping Dapo out of the starting X1. Dapo makes things happen, even on an off day.
  4. The site is showing no tickets available in the ESL tomorrow? I’m not having it.
  5. Yep, he looked by far our best player at that time in Lge 2.
  6. We’d probably be better off with zero expectations going into the WC.
  7. I thought there was a danger they might have made an example of you, after the news of our massive increase in banning orders was released last week. Anyway, thankfully they didn’t & all’s well that ends well. Now behave yerself - or rather, don’t get caught again. 😀
  8. Happy medium 2pm would be ok imo. Time for a few beers before the game and would still be light leaving the ground.
  9. Love watching a game at Chorley FC, a pint or 2 on the terraces and a decent chippy, usually a good atmosphere as well.
  10. Dixon still taking the knee even during the penalty shoot out.
  11. Has Morley touched the ball yet?
  12. We’re just going through the motions so far. Much improvement needed 2nd half. COYWM, it’s Tranmere ffs.
  13. Neither of which we are doing so far.
  14. Nice little run from Beck
  15. Funny enough The Posh might have got the point they came for if they’d continued to play the football they did in the first 20 mins. The longer the game wore on the more they resorted to shithouse tactits to try and hold out for the point. Loved it that it took a stroke of luck to win the game. There was a loudmouth Peterborough fan near Tesco fuel station ballooning about how lucky we were. Your team got what they deserved pal - FUCK ALL
  16. I reckon we were in the same pub after the match, yeh there did seem more Whites in than normal - nice to see. Didn’t see any irritating Tics in. Onwards and upwards
  17. We don’t give him much service to be fair.
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