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  1. I’ve switched over to the Forest v Sheff U game, theres a bit more committment than the Liverpool match.
  2. I think he meant that wouldn’t be a first for you? He made a mistake, which is hardly surprising 😀
  3. Yeh those figures look more accurate i’d say.
  4. A bit surprised RovRum pipped us to 3rd, but they were top of the league for a long time. For a team that was playing outside the top 10 most of the season, our away followings have been brilliant.
  5. Anderson = The Putin of the football world, ie a total cunt
  6. I bought an additional ST for my grandson yesterday , then emailed the club to try and get it closer to mine and my daughters ( ESL, IL3,) i got an email back saying all seats in that area are taken & 6 seats away is as good as it gets. Looks like ESL is gonna be very busy.
  7. I honestly think we’re a better side than Sheff Weds or Sun’lun. It’s all kick and rush/blood & thunder, the balls like a fuckin hot potato.
  8. They haven’t sold season tickets for IL1 & IL2 for next season. After ‘placcy bottle gate’ against Wigan,they even stopped selling tickets for IL1 & IL2 on a match by match basis. Not a clue how someone gets to sit in there next season.
  9. With the impressive firepower of Dion, Bakayoko,Bodvarsson and Dapo - it's hard to be anything but optimistic. Tighten it up at the back and we'll be there or thereabouts..
  10. Thrown out 0 Refused entry 0 Mingling in away end, must be 12 maybe more Arrested 0 Pitch invasions,probably about 10 maybe more Bans 0 In the main i go for the footy + the craic.
  11. Hindley born and bred, but a proper Wanderer.
  12. I saw Syd play, very steady and fairly quick. He played first team football for us for 12 years and made over 400 appearances. Rip Syd.
  13. Was he the fella that had mega inside knowledge of our demise/takeover? But in the end he knew 2/3 of fuck all.
  14. This nailed on - Dapo is far more effective out wide then cutting in.
  15. Why would we struggle if they aren’t over physical & bog standard football wise? Over 2 legs i’d like to think we’d be more than a match for any of these 4 sides in the play offs.
  16. Watched the first half, i’ll pass on the 2nd half. Bag o’ shite, hardly any football being played.
  17. I wonder which Championship side would give Traf the number 1 spot? None would be my guess, so i doubt he’d move just to sit on the bench. The lads 19, he wants to be playing every week.
  18. SOL holds approx 48k, Hillsborough approx 38k, i’m guessing both legs have sold out. Like you say, crazy figures for 3rd tier football.
  19. MK have won the last 4 meetings between these two teams. Not tonight though obvs.
  20. West Ham have been poor so far. Might watch 2nd half of the Rangers game. On mute obvs, so i don’t have to hear Sweatyspeak
  21. We’re on our way back make no mistake - Sharon knows it, Evatt knows it and most of the fans know it. Theres a real feelgood factor about the place & i’ve not enjoyed a season as much as this last one since about 1997.
  22. Not that arsed really. Hope they beat Madrid though.
  23. Yep nowt to argue with there.I reckon they’ll drop points at West Ham away.
  24. It wouldn’t surprise me. Hows it sustainable with crowds of 9k a week though? In the Championship that would possibly rise to 12k if they give out free tickets out to kids, flids & bids, but Wigan Athletic will never make anyone any money.
  25. Yeh ref gave Madrid everything tonight, now they’re celebrating like they’ve won the final.
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