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  1. Tbh i can’t remember Manderic coming in, but we spent a lot of the time having a drink outside. Iirc it was a bit of a trek from the ground and we would never have found it if we hadn’t had the help of our Pompey “guide” I remember Tony Kelly was in there & that Westie who wears the daft Pompey hat. It was a top day out, apart from the match obvs.
  2. Err whichever way you dress it up, he’s fucking shite mate, never a Lge 1 player as long as he’s got a hole in his arse. If he joined Sarce at Stockport i doubt he’d make the starting X1
  3. Agreed. We’ve played 14 games and been outplayed 3 times. A decent transfer window should see us finish in the top half this season - when you think that we were 20th in Lge2 this time last year, mid table in Lge1 would be a decent enough campaign.
  4. The Newcombe arms was fantastic for us a few years ago, but it helps if you have a Pompey invite. Lots of Portsmouth lads knew Fearny from the England scene & a good few had travelled up to Bolton for his funeral a few years previous. They were expecting us the day we went and they couldn’t have been more welcoming,giving speeches to welcome Bolton fans & buying us beers etc, there were some rum looking fuckers though from the old 657 firm. A top day out, that ended in defeat.
  5. 110% backing from most genuine Bolton fans i would imagine, the rest can fuck off.
  6. Is it me you’re looking for? Er no i’m alright thanks
  7. Katchunga should consider changing careers cos football isn’t for him. I think he’d probably be better suited as a DJ or a nightclub singer, maybe he wouldn’t make as much of a cunt of himself every week.
  8. Really? I thought he was cack. Funny how folk see games differently.
  9. Yeh that was a low point last season. We’ve come a long way folks - embrace it.
  10. Politic would make a great impact sub for us, he just adds something a bit different. Why IE can’t see that he offers more than Katchinga or Delf is beyond me.
  11. Katchunga reminds me of a shit Jardel - and he was fucking woeful. I don’t get the shit Isgrove is getting after todays game, he worked his bollox off and was way better than Brocky. Not quite sure why Sheehan was hooked as he was playing well imo. We’ve stopped the rot & we’ve scored 2 goals from open play….. it’s a start at least.
  12. After a ticket fot the ESL if anyone has one going spare.
  13. The bounceback starts today. 3-1 win
  14. How much is a taxi from town to the stadium?
  15. People speculate Traf, including yourself. Totally agree with you regarding Sarcs fitness & stamina, not good enough for Lg1.
  16. Who knows who was to blame for the Spat, but from where i’m standing IE comes out of this without much credit imo
  17. Just googled "Captains sacked by their football clubs" and up pops Fernando Hierro.
  18. Dapo can’t be far off Shirley?
  19. Jack Wheelchair - tickled me that.
  20. Sarcy didn’t seemed to have the right physique for a Lg 1 or Lg2 central midfielder imo - too chunky. He looks more suited to National league or Lorry driving or summat.
  21. “Hey boss, they said you’re a cunt”
  22. Fuckin ‘ell , how many people saw Doyle Sarcy & Brocky strolling through the city centre?
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