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  1. 33/1 double on bolton and spuds! like printing money...................
  2. yes https://www.bwfc.co.uk/news/2020/february/pay-on-the-day-available-for-blackpool/ thanks
  3. excuse my laziness. can we pay on the gate??
  4. i quite enjoyed to be fair. each to their own i guess.
  5. they can consider mine as a donation to keep the club afloat.
  6. greed, my arse. its supply and demand. dont like it, dont buy it.
  7. Blind you lot. It's a shocking tackle.
  8. he did. after he was fouled. broken leg that, id argue maybe even a red card.
  9. bollocks. he is head and shoulders above zouma. and darcy is not the answer to a leaky defence that make mistakes.
  10. this is the best solution. if folk cant see past the end of their nose, then fuck em off.
  11. HomerJay

    2 up top

    we did not play with two up top. we played with ogrady and politic wide, generally. but i would say, each were told to support murphy more than previous games. basically more 433 than 451
  12. Where you at a different game????
  13. can you imagine the groans from footballing gods on the stands, if we sat back?
  14. are they really anything to do with him now?
  15. theres no such thing as pay-as-you-play
  16. Any bid for any player and they are off. Not even a discussion if we want it or not.
  17. worth a read https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/18166772.adam-chicksen-discusses-bolton-exit-not-bitter
  18. isnt that a given considering every player is a free transfer that couldnt get a game elsewhere.
  19. thats crazy... i think he's done ok... he is certainly better than brockbank.. bunney on his way back?
  20. HomerJay

    Keith Hill

    when i saw the interview(s), i really did wonder what the hell he was wittering on about. I think he reads too much into the odd social media imbecile. keith, just get on with it, ffs.
  21. HomerJay


    hahah, been bugging me for a while. i think theres been about 4 matthew taylors in last few years.
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