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  1. I am upgrading an Upper West U18 season ticket to an adult one for the Derby game, what's the easiest way to do it? TIA.
  2. If you have not seen his contract then you cannot state that as a fact.
  3. Expectation last year was relegation. Regardless of aim that was the reasonable expectation.
  4. Man United & Ipswich are the only clubs featured in Lovejoy. For that, if nothing else, I may go.
  5. It is more than a club, it's a business with multinational markets.
  6. Those who played as Bolton on Champ Man 2001 will appreciate the job Allardyce did in keeping us up that first Premiership season. I was always sacked before Christmas and can’t remember winning a game and as I later took Yeovil Town from the Conference to the Premiership was no slouch.
  7. Never been to Ipswich and as I think they are going down and we are going to win I really should turn out this time.
  8. Jimmy Armfield and Phil Neal turned the direction of travel round, Ian Greaves and Bruce Rioch had the advantage of taking the club on when it had this momentum. Parky has changed the direction of travel so he could be top 3 by the time he’s done. Allardyce is a clear number 1 for me.
  9. Would be interesting to see your and other more mature supporters like Casino's top 3 BWFC managers.
  10. Oh way oh, Preston can you hear us Oh way oh, singing songs about a penis Oh way oh, Bolton’s turning fucking gay
  11. “You can take the lad out of Liverpool but you cannot take the Liverpool out of the lad”.
  12. You are underestimating Elton there, you don’t know what you would be sitting down on.
  13. It’s the song Earth Wind and Fire should have written.
  14. He's more famous for playing the organ,
  15. An element of our support seems to have a fascination with black men’s penises, we had the Ngog song and now this one.
  16. After the play off final at Cardiff a few of us had a drink and a chat with some Preston fans, good lads. Not too longer later we were in the segregated queues at the train station and the very same lads were mouthing off and giving it the classic “come on then” gestures from behind a barrier.
  17. Proper bloke as well, doesn't hide behind a lawyer/spokesman when in the shit.
  18. Not the easiest read with a Sunday morning head but worth ploughing through. The strange thing about the whole issue is how quick the FA were to ditch Allardyce. It was like his appointment had been foisted on them and they were looking for any excuse to get rid rather than him being the man they had chosen a little over 2 months earlier.
  19. You see that mindset all the time. Every signing the manager being slagged off makes that is successful is lucky whilst those that don't work out are 100% down to him.
  20. Whites man


    Bumrah is a quality bowler but sounds like Jamaican slang.
  21. With the "mature profile" of the passengers on that minibus are there toilet stops scheduled every couple of miles?
  22. Elton John got a knighthood for doing that.
  23. So shit he has won league titles and both European trophies.
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