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  1. I am upgrading an Upper West U18 season ticket to an adult one for the Derby game, what's the easiest way to do it? TIA.
  2. The vast majority of folk who attend just walk around the stalls, dropping the big name and costly chef demos/shows will hardly effect numbers and make a chunky in road into costs. But there is bugger all chance of some business pragmatism when there’s tax payers money to be had.
  3. If you have not seen his contract then you cannot state that as a fact.
  4. Expectation last year was relegation. Regardless of aim that was the reasonable expectation.
  5. Man United & Ipswich are the only clubs featured in Lovejoy. For that, if nothing else, I may go.
  6. Well I will be sticking it to Osama Bin Ladin and going on the piss in Oxford this weekend.
  7. It’s a proper apology not “some of my actions may have caused offence to some people” flannel knocked up by her management team.
  8. You often hear that but how have they won? Their aim to establish a worldwide Islamic caliphate not stopping me going to the Trafford Centre.
  9. It is more than a club, it's a business with multinational markets.
  10. Those who played as Bolton on Champ Man 2001 will appreciate the job Allardyce did in keeping us up that first Premiership season. I was always sacked before Christmas and can’t remember winning a game and as I later took Yeovil Town from the Conference to the Premiership was no slouch.
  11. Never been to Ipswich and as I think they are going down and we are going to win I really should turn out this time.
  12. Sorry Ghana but sometimes this board is like Mumsnet but it looks like your post has been lifted directly from the Loose Women website, apart from the last bit obvs.
  13. Jimmy Armfield and Phil Neal turned the direction of travel round, Ian Greaves and Bruce Rioch had the advantage of taking the club on when it had this momentum. Parky has changed the direction of travel so he could be top 3 by the time he’s done. Allardyce is a clear number 1 for me.
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